Special Service Squadron World Cruise 1923-1924

Photo journal of the world cruise of H.M. Ships "Hood," "Repulse", "Dehli", "Danae", "Dragon" and "Dauntless" and  H.M.A.S. ship "Adelaide" November 1923 to September 1924 plus associated documentation.


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This site is acts as a portal to the official photo album from the British Special Services Squadron World Cruise 1923-1924 that was sold to the crew. The album belonged to my Grandfather, Albert Edward Scott, who sailed as part of the Special Services Squadron on HMS Repulse. I felt this should be available on the Internet as a fascinating historical document of the times.

All the 348 photos in the album above have been scanned, enlarged and enhanced. I have also included the certificate awarded to the crew on crossing the equator. Some of the original photos are quite small and are much better viewed after this scanning and processing than in the original album. I used Google's "Picasa Web Albums" to host the photos and have included the locations on maps to the best of my abilities! There are comment fields with each photo which I have used where I have found supplementary information. Please feel free to use the commenting tools to add any comments of your own. 

A complete crew list is available here.

Click here for the Photo album of Special Services Squadron World Cruise 1923-1924

Click here for photos from the book "The Empire Cruise" by V.C. Scott O'Connor

V.C. Scott O'Connor was a journalist who travelled with the Services Squadron World Cruise on the "Hood" and wrote his experiences up in a book, published in 1925. Further details are excerpts from the book are available here.

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