"ClassroomGiving.org" recently received several requests for help with school supplies, on behalf of classrooms in The Philippines, Nicaragua and Belize. We were not able to list those requests on the "ClassroomGiving.org" site for two reasons: We are not sure that Amazon delivers to those destinations and we are not able (yet) to vet those requests. We will certainly not accept third parties, who claim to represent classrooms abroad as destinations for givers to send supplies to.

We do intend to expand globally and would like to send a call to other organizations who help the cause of public-education in developing countries, to collaborate and partner with us in finding a way to vet the existence of classrooms who request supplies, and their need for such supplies.

Further, we are seeking to work with local or international shopping platforms which serve developing communities, and where a customer can receive verification of deliveries, for the purchases they made, in Areas which Amazon does not serve.

Please forward sincere solutions to: "give@ClassroomGiving.org"