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Welcome to the  Global Mind!

Welcome to the World Brain. We use the metaphor of the Earth as a giant unitary mind to explore several ways in which we can connect with and learn about other people and aspects of our Universe.


   In a certain sense, the World Brain is more than just a metaphor.  Most of the things that have ever happened are still happening NOW.

The Big Bang is still going on. Bacteria are dividing and growing as they have for billions of years. Neolithic peoples are living as they have for thousands of years.  Lifestyles which appeared in and are associated with certain historical epochs are still going on today.


  This site intends to show you, using live streaming video wherever possible, that all these things are still occurring now. Live experiences of them will be displayed in a chronological sequence, from 12 billion years ago until now. 



First we will sample some live evidence of the Big Bang, as it is happening now. Then we'll find out what our Sun is doing right this minute.  Then we'll see some bacteria growing.  Then we'll move up the biological scale, to fish, mammals, primates, and then First Nations human beings. You will get a rare glimpse into the lives of people who rarely gain the attention of the industrialized world.


  Then we'll visit peasants, monks, potters, and others whose occupations seem stuck in a time warp. 


Then we'll come to people in the Developing World who are facing poverty, famine, and disease, and are bettering their lot through Fair Trade Artisanry, 'green' sustainable agriculture, microcredit enterprises,  and literacy and technical education. We seek to allow them to be seen as distinct personalities, rather than merely 'victims'.



Finally we'll look into the lives of others who do something unique and valuable, either artistically, ecologically, scientifically, socially, or culturally.


 Be forewarned that webcams in the First Nations and Developing World especially are notoriously unreliable, due to inconsistent electricity and telephone service, wear, crime, lack of maintenance, and politics. Even when the video cameras are not working, which is most of the time, we leave the links and photos up so that they can tell their story.     







BIG BANG!  Of course no one knows what the Big Bang looked like.  But it may have been a bit like the Kepler Supernova, seen here (a composite image from NASA's Spitzer space telescope, the Chandra X-ray Observatory, and the Hubble space telescope).What is known is that the Big Bang is still happening, and you are part of it.  Though we can't SEE the Big Bang, we can HEAR it.  That is, we can hear an audio spectrum from the microwave background radiation emitted by the original Big Bang.  This sound file was provided by Mark Whittle, Professor of Astronomy at the University of Virginia. Click here.



Our sun was born between 4.4 and 4.7 billion years ago.See what it's doing right now in this live view from Austria's Kanzelhohe Observatory. Click here.



Volcanos-- Vulcanism was an important part of our planet's beginning, and it continues today.  Here is a live view of the steam and boiling water in the crater of Japan's Aso volcano.Click here



More than 3.5 billion years ago, the first bacteria arose. The cells that make up our bodies are similar in many ways to these first prokaryotes. Many bacteria behave today much as they did back then.  In fact they're behaving that way right this minute, as you can see here.


Antarctica serves as a bellwether to monitor the effect of Humankind on the planet's fragile ecosystems. In this live view of the Australian Government's Antarctic Division research station at Macquarie Island, see if you can spot the penguins and other sea life, and track the temperature and wind speed. 

 Click here.


Here is a live view of the Pyramids at Giza in Egypt. If the image is dark, you're watching at night. Note all the saved pictures on their site, including some alleged UFOs that happened to visit the pyramid! Click here



This is a live streaming webcam view of the Sea of Galilee taken from the shore at here


In the city of Hebron west of the Jordan river, Palestinian women produce embroidery based on traditional patterns like this designer pillow. The products are sold through the Friendship and Peace Society, an organization founded to bring about dialogue among Muslims, Jews, and Christians.Click here



This is a primary school in  Vavilon, Macedonia.  If it's time for school and everything's working, you should be able to see LIVE streaming video from three classrooms.  We plan to set up similar arrangements in schools all over the third world, and in clinics, farms, Fair Trade ateliers, and other places where you can see how people are living in real time. This will connect young students with their peers in exotic cultures in ways which will enrich everyone. click here


 This is a kindergarten in Japan. During school hours you can see several live views of the children learning and playing. In the future we hope to create teleconferencing between young children in schools like this all over the world.  click here


Cards from Africa is a companyfounded to provide employment, hope, and inspiration to children from Rwanda orphaned by genocide, AIDS, or other diseases.  They use recycled scrap paper to make handmade cards for any occasion  which are sold all over the world.      Click here     



For more than 100 years the women of Narsapur, India have been making fine lace.  The Godavari Delta Women Lace Artisans Co-operative Cottage Industries Society Ltd. helps them earn a living wage and sell their products everywhere. Click here



In the Ozark mountains, Robert Briggs and his wife make Raku fired earthenware pottery.  For several hours a day this is a live webcam stream showing the artists at work; at other times a video fills in.  Click here    



Live video stream with sound of radio station BRFM in Kent, England.Click here



COCenter Television from Brazil Click here



Live streaming video from the Happy Wash Laundromat in Strasbourg, France. Click here



Live webcam view from an operating room in a veterinary hospital in Gdansk, Poland Click here



We are planning a live streaming webcam to be placed with a  semi-nomadic tribe  from the highlands of Papua New Guinea, where Neolithic customs still prevail.


In the hill country of Bolivia, we have a webcam recording the everday lives of these subsistence farmers. They employ environmentally sound practices enjoined by  WHO and the Kyoto Protocol, including recycling water and waste, natural fertilizers, and topsoil retention.



In Szechuan province in Southern China, we have a webcam in the studio of artists who make traditional Chinese papercut art in the same way they have for more than a thousand years.



There are a lot of highways in Poland, and this single page displays just about every one of them in real time video. We show this to make the point that if you can have a hundred road intersections on one webpage, you could also do the same with several refugee camps, or farms, or schools, or shops. We can introduce the peoples of the world to each other in ways that we are only beginning to here



A live view of the main church at Clonard Monastery in Belfast, Northern Ireland, a community of priests and monks that follows the Redemptorist Rule introduced by Alphonsus Liguori in 1732. Click on 'live webcam' then on 'Open in larger window'. The camera is on 24 hours, so you might see a Mass, or brothers in silent prayer. Click here



join Jalal as he drives this special taxi through the streets of Hyderabad, India.  This is one of only four taxis in the world powered by a compressed air engine developed by MLD inc. of France and manufactured by Tata Motors Ltd. in India. The car uses cylinders of compressed air as 'fuel' and its only exhaust is cold air which is actually cleaner than the outside air. Click here  


The Himalayan Centre for Buddhism in Kathmandu, Nepal is a monastery exemplifying the 1000 year old traditions of Tibetan Buddhism.  You could see the Gompa ceremony, the daily waterbowl changing, or monks going about their daily chores. 



In addition to seeing live video of this windmill farm in Meri Pori, Finland, you can monitor the wind speed and power output of the generating station. Finland is a world leader in researching and using renewable energy.Click here 



Mobile Loaves and Fishes is a social outreach ministry to the homeless and indigent working poor in Austin and San Antonio Texas, and New Orleans, Louisiana. This is a webcam placed on their truck as it makes its rounds. When they're not on the road the camera may show a living room with a paper pterodactyl mobile. Click here



Join a long haul trucker as he drives through the Eastern U.S.Click here


Justin 'wears' this webcam 24 hours a day, even while sleeping! You can see and hear everything he experiences, all day and night  .  Click here