Here are the logos available to all who would like to promote the World Blog Surf Day event.  Thank you, BekAndrews, for providing these logos!  Please be sure to include the credit to Beka and the link if using the logos (like this - Credit:  Art by Beka).  Thanks!

Note from Beka:
I'll be making a few more color variations for ya'll! We've set up a form and spreadsheet with all the requests so far. You can see it here: LINK. If there's a color you'd like, please fill out the form below. If the color you want has already been requested, go ahead and request it again. I'll be making logos with the most-requested colors from the list.

Logo Color Scheme Requst


To save these images, right click the image and "save image as"--this will save a copy of the image to your computer. 

150 pixels wide

200 pixels wide


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