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WBSD Participant Information

Date: Saturday, October 31, 2009

Theme:  Holidays & Celebrations--What is your favorite new holiday and how is it celebrated?

Deadline to sign up:  October 24, 2009

As Hospitalera said, "We only have a few--don't panic!"

*The idea is to create a fun event that shows Expat life around the world.  Participation is free and there are no prizes to be won, only new people/friends to meet and to generate a bit of traffic and back links for our blogs.

*This event is open to everyone who has an active, i.e. regularly updated, Expat blog and agrees to post a blog post on October 31st with a link to the next blogger.  This way we create a chain of blog posts that goes around the world, showing off the international world of blogging.

*The posts will need to be in English.

*There will be a link list available before the big day so that everyone knows to whom they are to link.  Please make sure that you are able to post that day or write a post beforehand and set it to auto-post on October 31st.  If you don't post, you'll interrupt the chain and the blogger that is coming after you gets left out.

Coming soon--a list of confirmed participants. 

Announcements, news, and updates will be listed, by date, on the "Announcements" page.

For those who would like to promote WBSD on their blogs, logos can be found on this page

If you are interested in participating in the next World Blog Surf Day, please sign up by listing your name (the one you use for blogging--not your real full name), the name and web address of your blog, email address, and your home country and new country of residence--in the Sign Up Section here!

*When including your blogging name be sure to NOT type in your full name.  Only type in the name you use on your blog.  For instance, if you write under the name of "Bob" on your blog, then insert that name into the form.

*We have a very strict privacy policy.  This list will not be used for any other purpose than for World Blog Surf Day. We will not send spam of any kind to your blogs or email addresses.

*If you have any questions or comments, please leave them on the form, or visit Czech Off the Beaten Path and leave a comment for Sher, and include the text World Blog Surf Day.


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