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What is WBSD?

World Blog Surf Day, or WBSD, was started by Hospitalera, and is meant to be an "around the world blogging day".   The idea works like this:  each participating blogger creates a blog post based on a common theme on a specified date (this time October 31, 2009).  Each participating blog leads to the next participating blogger via a link placed at the end of each post.  Readers travel around the world by following these links.  You can see how the previous World Blog Surf Day worked by visiting the WBSD2 Post Archive

The last WBSD, on June 13, 2009,  was a lot of fun for all of us participants!  The theme was "Food, "  with each blogger writing a unique post from his or her own food perspective (foods in my new country, new food I love/hate, etc)!  This led to a great variety of posts for the readers! 

Not only did we have a fun time, but World Blog Surf Day also drew more traffic to all of the participating blogs, and more backlinks!  All participants benefited!

Come and join us for the next WBSD on October 31, 2009!!!

Please click here if you could like more information about participating in the upcoming World Blog Surf Day!!  We're looking forward to having you come on board!!!  The more the merrier!!!