This page is for official decisions on particular cases - match date disputes, extra games to break a tie, no-shows, disqualifications, etc.

The decisions are arranged in the reverse chronological order.

29 May: Semifinal match between Adrian Fitzermann and Adrian Czychowski

Adrian Czychowski did not show up, and we found the reason he told us later not compelling enough to warrant re-scheduling the match. Thus, the match is considered +:- in Adrian Fitzermann's favour. Adrian Czychowski is allowed to play the match for the third place.

30 Mar: Mateusz Miśkiewicz

Mateusz Miśkiewicz (wbcmate) resigned from the WBC. All his matches are considered +:- , including the already played one.

28 Mar: Match between Martin Hobemagi and Vladimir Nipoti

Their match was interrupted during Game 2 because of connection issues experienced by Martin. The match has to be continued at a later date starting with Game 2 and score 1-0 in Vladimir's favour, as Game 1 was won by Vladimir and there was no sign of connection issues during that game.

27 Mar: Piotr Cych

Piotr Cych (wbcbombowy) resigned from the WBC. All his matches are considered +:- , including the already played one.

20 Mar: Match between Tauri Purk and Marek Hanzl

We agreed to Tauri Purk (wbceuro) and Marek Hanzl (wbcmazec) playing their match on a short notice (less than 24 hours) on Mon 20 Mar at 23:00 Warsaw time, as they otherwise would find it very difficult to arrange the match and we were available to video record it.

18 Mar: Change of the 48-hours rule

For the group stage, we have changed the 48-hours rule: It is now ok to notify any of us 24 hours before each match.

18 Mar: Outcome of the random draw

The groups can be seen in Section “Standings and Results.” For those who are interested to know how the experts evaluated each participant, what the resulting baskets were, who the top four players were, and how Rudolf Dupszki and Ilya Muratov blindly formed the groups, here are the details:

16 Mar: Outcome of the name verification stage: Disqualification of wbcevil, acceptance of Przemysław Wardach instead

Wbcevil has failed the name verification stage. According to the rules, we replace him by the next player from the qualification tournament from which he qualified (not counting the players who qualified later) – and it is Przemysław Wardach (wbcbrain).

All other participants, including Przemysław Wardach, are considered passed the name verification stage.

12 Mar: Random draw for the group stage

Here is a description of the exact procedure of the random draw:

The results of the draw will be known in a few days.

4 Mar: Qualification criterion

Qualified will be
- top 3 of the first qualification tournament (Sun 5 Mar 19:00 Warsaw time),
- top 3 of the second qualification tournament (Sat 11 Mar 12:00 Warsaw time), and
- top 4 of the third qualification tournament (Sat 11 Mar 19:00 Warsaw time).

3 Mar: Participation of Oleg Bulatovsky in the qualification round

Oleg Bulatovsky wants to start with the qualification round despite being on the list of players exempt from the qualification requirement, as he has not really played one-minute games before and would like to see where he is. Of course, we respect his wish and therefore have to announce that he is now considered not exempt from the qualification requirement. That is, he will be eligible to play in the group stage only if he successfully qualifies.

28 Feb: Exemption of Georg and Kuno from the qualification requirement

We have decided to exceptionally exempt Georg-Romet Topkin and Kuno Kolk from the qualification requirement, because they are participating in live tournaments on both qualification days. They are known to us as decent players - in particular, Kuno Kolk was the Estonian champion in 2015.

28 Feb: Our position on match date negotiations

Following a discussion on the Russian gomoku discussion board, we would like to clarify our position on match date negotiations between players: 

1. Both participants of a match first talk to each other to arrange it. If they cannot reach an agreement, we interfere and act on common sense. 

2. If we need to interfere, we will separately ask each player about his abilities and wishes concerning the match and make a decision. Factors that are likely to influence our decision in favour of a player include (but are not strictly limited to): 
- good will to find a mutually convenient date and time, 
- openness (e.g., readiness to explain the reasons for his limitations and wishes), 
- sincerity (absence of self-contradictions, tricks, manipulations, etc.), 
- being quick to reply, 
- being polite, accurate, and clear, and 
- having preferences compatible with common ones. 

3. If a player does not appear on time to play a match (within 15 min, as stated in the rules), we will make a decision about it. If it is the first no-show by the player and proper plausible explanations are promptly given, he is likely to be given an opportunity to re-arrange the match.