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posted Dec 15, 2014, 9:33 PM by World AIDS Marathon Kisumu   [ updated Dec 15, 2014, 9:33 PM ]

The race results for the 2014 WAM have been posted HERE

Transfer Your Contribution with mPesa!

posted Oct 20, 2014, 1:13 AM by World AIDS Marathon Kisumu

Please note that we are now Mpesa registered. Anyone who is interested in sending their contributions can transfer cash through their mobile phones to  +254 718 680 495.

New Posters: going up all over Kisumu!

posted Sep 22, 2014, 11:30 PM by World AIDS Marathon Kisumu

New Posters are here!

Skydiving for HIV awareness

posted Sep 12, 2014, 8:13 PM by World AIDS Marathon Kisumu   [ updated Sep 12, 2014, 8:22 PM ]

Alie Eleveld skydives over Diani beach to raise awareness and funds for the world AIDS marathon in Kisumu. Watch her epic jump then dig deep to support such a worthy cause..

2013 Donors, thank you!

posted Dec 7, 2013, 9:03 PM by Alan Rubin

You can find a list of donors here: 

Safe Water and AIDS Program Director Alie Eleveld Talks About WAM 2011

posted Jan 26, 2012, 11:13 AM by Alan Rubin

Safe Water and AIDS Project has for the sixth year been involved in the World AIDS Marathon organization.  Harber Charitable Foundation has been a loyal donor financially supporting the World AIDS Marathon. The year 2011 marks the sixth year of the World AIDS Marathon in Kisumu, Kenya. By now local residents and businesses in Kisumu know us well. Particularly in the early morning hours of 1st December, World AIDS Day, when all the runners wearing our signature yellow T-shirts gather in Jomo Kenyatta Sports Grounds.

Each years’ event results in an increase in registered runners and walkers who literally travel from all over the world (U.S., U.K, the Netherlands and others) and from all walks of life (pro runners, scientists, people living with HIV, young and old, commercial sex workers, gay community, disabled, Kenyan and Ugandan Athletes) to be part of the day.  With this growth there is also expanded HIV awareness within the local community and media.

The most important news, though, is that the World AIDS Marathon in Kisumu is playing an important role in helping to break down the barriers of stigma associated with HIV. Participants and volunteers alike want people to know that no matter what a person’s HIV status we can come together to support and encourage each other to live healthier lives.

The activities during World AIDS Marathon 2011

This year the National World AIDS Day celebrations were taken to Kisumu coordinated by the National AIDS Control Council which brought a big crowd to the Jomo Kenyatta Sportsground and a number of dignitaries among them Ministers and diplomats. Mama Sarah Obama came just as the previous years to grace the occasion.

 The following activities took place:

·         Full Marathon – 42 kilometers (over 100 runners)

·         Half Marathon – 21 kilometers (over 500 runners)

·         5 kilometer walk for HIV positive children and other vulnerable children (240 children)

·         Voluntary Counseling and Testing Services – Over 100 people tested for HIV

·         Treatment of Sexually Transmitted Infections

·         Male Circumcisions – 46 men circumcised at the Sports ground and many others referred

·         Condom Demonstrations and free distributions

·         Exhibitions

·         Two Orphan Dinners and medical treatment of 56 orphans

·         Entertainments

·         First AID coordinated by Kenyan Red Cross


The full and half marathon was flagged off at 7.00 am. Along the route every kilometer a water station where runners were served with safe drinking water by volunteers drawn from community self-help groups. They were community self-help groups trained on safe water systems promoting safe water to the public as well. Various organizations and partners supported with first aid, vehicles, food and snacks for the children, banners, t-shirts and registration of the runners. Along the route traffic police helped control the traffic. The children’s walk started from Kondele Sports ground escorted by the prison band ended at the sports ground. One of the HIV support groups provided catered for the children after the walk. Parents, teachers and staff from various organizations walked along to support the children. Over 240 children walked this year. SWAP engaged around 500 volunteers helping with first aid, traffic control, water stations, ushers, registration, time keeping and other activities.

Promotional efforts for the marathon were helped using a website provided free by Google:, a twitter feed:!/WAMkisumu, and a facebook page:

For the photo album, please click here:

 Alie Eleveld

Program Director

Safe Water and AIDS Project

Kenya's National World AIDS Day in Kisumu!

posted Oct 31, 2011, 10:37 AM by Alan Rubin

This year the national observance of World AIDS Day will be held in Kisumu along side the marathon and it's activities. This news will make this the biggest WAM event ever. We will post news about what this means as we get new information.

Huge out-pouring of support this year!

posted Sep 7, 2010, 12:21 PM by Alan Rubin   [ updated Oct 31, 2011, 10:33 AM ]

People are really comming together this year to support WAM. Here is only a partial list of donors. Thank you all!
Harber Charitable Foundation - Private Foundation from the Netherlands - Have sponsored marathon since 2006

PSI - Population Services International - International NGO Partnering with SWAP
Wygocraphics Kisumu - Doing printing services and some stationary for SWAP

NACC - National AIDS Control Council - National body alongside NASCOP

Miss Dala Fest -  event organizers

NRHS - Nyanza Reproductive Health Society - Male Circumcision interventions and research

Tuungane - Tuungane Project is USAID funded and is offering youth friendly services STI clinics, VCT and youth friendly activities

SMART Ladies - A Community based organization with many women who have volunteered to take a number of water stations.

New Video Added!

posted Jun 5, 2010, 12:16 AM by Alan Rubin   [ updated Jun 5, 2010, 12:19 AM ]

Checkout the video page for new videos. Just added video from 2007 Marathon!

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