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“I am very impressed by how quickly Joel responds to an editing request. His work has helped us tremendously.” – Jihong Bai, PhD, Neuroscientist, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

"I contacted Joel about proofreading my first book, believing all it required was a final going-over. His response was prompt and professional, and little more than a week after receiving my manuscript, he returned it with his edits and comments. I was humbled by their sheer number, but Joel's thoroughness and astuteness led to a tighter, clearer, and more engaging story. I feel very fortunate to have found Joel and look forward to working with him again. Indeed, I recommend him to anyone seeking copyediting or proofreading services." – Brad Magnarella, author of Escape: The Prisoner and The Sun #1

"Hiring Joel as an editor was excellent career choice. I came to Joel with an already completed story (I'll compare the book to a wonderful treasured garment) and with detailed and insightful touches, Joel made my story ready for public display (like a classic piece of wardrobe worked on by a fine tailor). Joel does not give a rushed, slapdash job but his work was prompt. Members of the press and publicity persons have also complimented Mr. Palmer's work on my writing. I look forward to working with Joel David Palmer on my book series." – David Kennedy Polanco, author, playwright, poet

"I have known and worked with Joel Palmer since 1982. I've always had the highest regard for his abilities. I recently found myself in a bind with a major technical report coming due and no time for me to complete it. Joel was able to develop the report from my very sketchy notes and submit it to me in final form over the course of a few days. Joel's work was outstanding. I'm looking forward to working with him again as an extension of our work team. Thank you Joel for excellent work! You have my highest recommendation without reservation." – George Hollins, University of Iowa

"I have worked with Joel for years. With his help, I am able to effectively and succinctly produce high quality papers. He is a wonderful editor to work with." – Richard Chan, PhD, Assistant Professor, Peking University HSBC Business School

"Joel Palmer was truly indispensable to the final edit of my novel. I probably had read the manuscript fifty times yet he caught things that I just didn't see. His editing competence is impressive and he delivered finished chapters with such regular efficiency that it was hard for me to keep up. Joel Palmer is a consummate professional that I would highly recommend to any writer." – Martin King, author of Atomic Cocktail

"Joel’s edits were incredibly helpful in polishing my books and stories. If you need an editor, I definitely recommend him." – Derek J. Canyon, author of The Elemental Odyssey and Dead Dwarves Don't Dance

"It gives me great pleasure to write a recommendation for Joel Palmer. It has been over a year that Joel has been editing my work, and I find the quality of his work to be outstanding. Over the past year I have always been impressed by Joel's professionalism, organization, time management and work ethic. I completely trust Joel with my work and have no hesitation in recommending him." – Maryam Soltani, author of From Caspian Sea to Côte D'Azur

"Joel has provided writing/editing/proofing services for several of my film projects and his work is exceptional. He offers thoughtful insights and creative solutions that greatly improve the original work and this helps make my proposals and presentations look fantastic. I can't recommend Joel enough." – David S. Mayne, Very Sirius Productions

"We were delighted with Joel's service. We had an unusual manuscript that we thought had raw potential, but it was not complete and came across as jolting and sometimes offensive. Joel was able to point out inconsistencies, readers' unsatisfied feelings about parts of the material, and structure problems. He gave clear insight into how all these problems could be resolved. We had the material reviewed elsewhere: a source that did not provide anything but grammatical corrections. Joel had the ability and guts to guide the writer to improve the heart and soul of their work. We highly recommend him." – Jean Rittman, Eden 3000 Publishing

"Thanks for your hard work and attention to detail editing my book. The key areas you suggested that I modify were definitely on target. Tidying up these issues definitely improved content; you transformed my work as a novice to the next dimension: professionalism. Impressive editing, good work." – Gordon L. Rich, author of Inventory: A Nonfiction 30 Year Education

"In an ambitious writing project that I had taken on, Joel helped me go from always 'not quite there yet' to finally 'there'!" – Frank M. Sheldon, author of The Sea We Know
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Contact Joel at (206) 351-4724 or joel@worldabounding.com.

Quote of the Day: “The simpler you say it, the more eloquent it is.” — August Wilson

What makes me different? I get along really well with my clients because I have their best interests at heart and they know it. I respect their vision and objectives, and work hard to bring out the best in what they have produced. My aim is always to preserve the author's authentic voice and meaning. I have an exceptionally broad and deep knowledge of subject matter, literary and cultural allusions, vocabulary, dialect, and colloquial variations. I have an outstanding feel for correct language that will make your writing smoother and easier to read. I will enhance your creative efforts and challenge you to write your best.

Attract and hold the attention of your readers I have more than thirty years' experience helping individuals, businesses, and organizations communicate effectively. Whether you're preparing to submit your first novel to a publisher, or just need a final set of eyes to look over your newsletter before sending it to customers, I will make sure that your writing is as clear, concise, accurate, and readable as it can be.

I have clients all across the United States and around the world who come to me for the following services.

Copyediting and proofreading I carefully read your text and correct technical errors including spelling, grammar, punctuation, formatting, verb tense, prepositions, and singular and plural forms. 

Substantive editing Here I focus on the flow of the narrative and overall readability. My emphasis is sentence and paragraph structure, logic and reasoning, continuity, organization, and word choice and meaning.

Developmental editing I work with authors to take an in-depth look at their text to improve story arc, character development, and thematic emphasis.

Fees and productivity My fees are based on an hourly rate of $25. Depending on whether the text needs light, medium, or heavy editing, I work through about 800 to 3000 words per hour, with a broad overall average of about 1250 words per hour. Contact me at (206) 351-4724 or joel@worldabounding.com for a free sample edit and a more accurate estimate of total time and fees. I typically work with Microsoft Word ".doc" or ".docx" files and use Word's Track Changes tool so you can compare my suggested changes to your original draft and accept or reject them as you feel is best.

The most important advice you will get from any publisher, agent, writers workshop, or submissions manager is to have your work edited. Take this essential step by contacting me today at (206) 351-4724 or joel@worldabounding.com.

“If you’re going to self-publish your book, the worst way to try to save money is by not hiring a professional copy editor. Copyediting is a specialized and refined skill—to use a medical analogy, only a fool would self-diagnose and self-medicate in an emergency. The goal is to produce a book that is as good as, or better, than a book from a large traditional publisher. You cannot do this without a professional copy editor.” – Guy Kawasaki