Tom Bower is a workshop leader of many years experience. He has worked with art students, Students whose school life is a challenge, adults and Sixth Formers.

Tom's last workshop was in Lord Williams's School in Thame where students looked at having a healthy school to be in. They stenciled designs on boards destined for the yr 8 girls' loos.

Here are some pictures we took at a workshop:


We researched some ideas in the library.
Before we did that, we tried some stenciling just to see what it was like.

The students in this workshop looked at the work of Banksy the famous grafitti artist. Well, I say famous... his work is famous, but very few people would recognise him if they saw him in the street, and that's just the way he likes it!

You will find the Google search page for Banksy if you click here.

The following pictures are from a recent workshop where the participants explored the use of imagination combined with observational work.