Marshalling Motor Sport

How to get involved

If you are looking at this web site then it is probably safe to assume you are interested in motorsport and would love to have a go, get involved, and do something more than just watching.


It’s probably safe to say you think it will cost a fortune; you would not know where to start; cannot afford it, do not have the time etc, etc, etc.


Rally marshalling is the easiest way to get involved. It could not be simpler! No experience required, no special equipment required (apart from warm clothing), time wise, you can marshal just once a year if you want. However be warned it can become ADDICTIVE (an official WDMC warning). As a registered motor club, Worksop & District Motor Club provide rally marshals on average for one rally a month, all reasonably local. All you have to do is contact Jon is our chief marshal (among other things). We supply between 1 and 15 marshals on various rallies. This motley collection of individuals have varying levels of experience, some have only been involved for 6 months, some have been involved over 30 years.

Why do we do it? Well there are lots of advantages, not least contributing to a terrific sport. You get to parts of rally stages that general public / spectators rarely if ever get to. You get the chance to drive round the stages, albeit at a sensible speed. You get to have lots and lots of laughs with the rest of our marshals.

Still scared of making that first step and sending us an e-mail or contacting us? We make it easy for newcomers. We (the regular marshals) are a friendly bunch of all ages (11 years old to 60+), from all walks of life. We are not snobs, stuck up, or power crazed Gestapo (apart from BIG Darren, but that’s another story). Normal people with normal lives, apart from the fact we volunteer to stand knee deep in mud/ snow, freezing conditions, pouring rain, to enjoy ourselves. Actually the weather is not always like that, a crucial part of a marshal’s kit bag is their sun tan cream, (or hair spray in Jacks case). It’s really good fun and you get to see rally cars doing what they do.

So what do you need?

Well firstly it’s a good idea to avoid hypothermia by wearing lots of layers of clothing to keep warm. An outer layer of waterproof clothing is help when it rains! Wellies are OK but if you have them waterproof walking boots that’s better. It’s Ok if you look like the Michelin man (Alan does not need the extra clothing to achieve this), and silly hats are essential. Food for the day and something to drink, not alcoholic (Dan please note). So I have all the gear and my food, now what?

The best way is to follow one of the regulars to the venue, stage, event etc. When you get there, you sign a disclaimer (signing on) and the stage commander will tell you where you are to marshal. DON’T WORRY. You will not be left alone, we will take you through the whole process, and make sure you

marshal with one of our teams. THEN, we drive slowly through the stage (Jon please note) to our marshalling point. We promise to look after you all the time! One drawback to marshalling, one has to turn up somewhat earlier than the rally cars. This is to ensure the stage is safe and fully manned before the cars are due to arrive. This allows us regulars to drive you new guys mad with hunger as we cook bacon butties and brew up on our camping stoves prior to the cars arriving. Sometimes we put up our gazebo’s and set up our chairs and do it in style (have breakfast that is). There really is no smell like frying bacon in a pine forest at 7 in the morning. However the stoves etc, have been acquired over a long period of time, when you become a regular marshal (I told you it was addictive) you may find the budget to do the same. The actual instructions for marshalling are on another page of this web site.