A Love Story

Any of them. Soraya y Gema

Main characters:

Husband: Thomas    Wife: Mary       Lover: John

1-e Thomas and Mary had been going out together for a long time. One day, while  they were having a couples dinner with some friends, Mary and John got on well and they began to feel something () each other.

2-f Mary and John start their affair and they take in their couples????.

3-b Thomas is received a phoned call from a friend who tells him that she had seen his wife taking him in with another man.

4-d Thomas has an argue with Mary and asks her what was going on, but she makes him out??? that everything is ok.

5-c Afterwards, she meets with her lover John and they split up.

6-a Finally, she wrote a letter to Thomas where she explain him she can't get over their relationship and going on with it. So, she splits up with both of them and she will look for another one.


A Happy Ending. Patri, Juan Miguel, Carlos

Main Characters: Joseph as the husband; Kathy as Joseph´s wife, Robert as the odd one out, Rebbeca as the former Joseph´s girlfriend.


Possible order of pictures in the story:

 1e       2f       3b       4d     5c     6a


Katy, Robert and two common friends of them had got together for a friends´ dinner. They have got on well with one another since primary school years, so they had a long-lasting friendship. There used to be a good atmosphere every single day they met together. Yet, looking at Robert and Kathy´s eyes that night, one realized that they had fallen for each other way back in their youth. Some Candles, wine and a long talk led up to rmemories. After midnight Robert took Katy´s on, but she gently hit on him. Robert had pictured himself coming up with this situation for years. They started made out with each other. Some minutes later,Robert started his car´s engine, turned back on the street and they headed south the city 

Few days later, Rebecca called Joseph so as to fill him on in the bad news- she had seen his wife in the arms of another man. When Joseph asked Katy about what was going on, she made out not to know what he was talking about. She would even say that there might be someone who was jerking him around.

Eventually, Katy did not put up with the double-life and made a key decision- pretty hard though. She splitted up with Robert so that she could make it up to Joseph. However, she remained unhappy in her marriage. Some days later, she wrote a letter to him where she confessed and apologized for her affair, yet she was leaving him for their happiness ‘sake.

ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE. Eladia y Claudia

Main Characters: Matthew as the husband; Susan as the wife; Peter as the lover.

1-e  It all began in a company dinner. Susan and her husband Matthew had been going out  for a long time. At first they got on well and she was very happy, but some time later the relationship was not the same. Her husband never had time for her and Susan felt alone and unhappy.

       There was another boring company dinner to meet the new colleague of her husband. Quiet unexpectedly() she met a handsome and interesting man called Peter.

2-a  As a result of that company dinner Susan and Peter started to feel something very strong and finally they fell for each other. He was a romantic man and he wrote Susan many special and awesome letters.

3-f  They began a romantic and secret relationship  taking in Susan's husband. Some day a common friend, who hit on Matthew, discovered Susan cheating on her husband.

4-b  Of course she phoned Matthew immediately and she told him () was going on.

5-d  When Susan arrived at home, Matthew was very angry and asked her if she had an affaire, but Susan made out that she didn't know what he was talking about.

6-c  After that she met Peter and she explained what had happened. Susan was in tears  and she broke up with Peter. Nevertheless she couldn't support??? her broken heart and finally Susan split up with Matthew and she ran to Peter's arms.


Last summer, my husband Charles And I, met Sara and John for dinner.

We have got on () with them since we studied together at College () but that day I realized that Charles was specially happy to see Sara  again after so many years. I started to suspect they  went out when Sara's phone callings were too often.

I phone John to related him what I had noticed, but he made out that he didn't know what I was talking about. That evening they talked and she gave in, and eventually she admitted my suspicious???. They were taken in us for months.

I couldn't put up with that situation and, in the end, Charles and I split up. However, John got over the problem and, nowadays, they keep married.