Course Management System-ANGEL

Here you will find a description of each of our workshops pertaining to ANGEL Usage. The calendar of the timeframes for the trainings is right below the descriptions. You can sign up for one any of the workshops by clicking on the event, then clicking 'Sign Up Here' in the description, and filling out the form.
Angel Basics
In this one hour workshop, you will learn how to create an ANGEL course from scratch.
ANGEL's Discussion Forum
This workshop will cover how to set up discussion forums in ANGEL. Whereas Blackboard only provides one discussion board, ANGEL allows you to set up as many discussion forums as needed. Come to this workshop to learn how to integrate this feature with your teaching methods.
Using Drop Boxes
ANGEL provides instructors with the option to create as many digital Drop Boxes as needed. This workshop will present to you ways to create a Drop Box on the  ANGEL assignment page, to set up the gradebook in the Drop Box, to grade the papers collected in the Drop Box, and to submit grades to the gradebook automatically.
Assessment tools
Is there a tool in ANGEL that links course objectives and program standards to individual assignments to assess students learning outcomes? Yes, come to this workshop to learn how to map objectives with quizzes, analyze quiz results, and run assessment reports.
Creating Quizzes
In this workshop, you’ll learn how to create an ANGEL quiz or exam that your students can take online. ANGEL allows you to copy and paste a whole set of test question with a few clicks rather than having to copy and paste one question at a time. You’ll also learn how to set up the gradebook to record quiz grades when submitted.
Creating and using Rubrics
In this workshop, you'll learn how to create rubrics using the ANGEL Rubric Manager, add a rubric to ANGEL an assignment, and grade the assignment with the rubrics.
ANGEL Gradebook
In this workshop, you will learn how to setup a simple ANGEL Gradebook for your course. You will also learn how to create gradebook categories, assignments, and how to link a gradebook to an individual assignment so that grades go to the gradebook automatically when you grade student work online.
ANGEL Miscellaneous
This workshop will introduce you the ANGEL Learning Objective Repository (LOR), how to back up your ANGEL course or files, how to manage course files, gradebook, and attendance.
Embedding Audio and Video Files
Adding a YouTube link to your ANGEL course usually causes access problems. This workshop will walk you through the simple steps for embedding audio and video files to the Lessons tab.