Advanced Microsoft Office Workshops

Word I
 1. Enhance a table by sorting and calculating table data, and creating charts based on various table data.
 2. Insert, manipulate, and format graphic images.
 3. Use Drawing tools, SmartArt, WordArt, and Text box.
 4. Design news letter with Word

Word II + evite

 1. Use the Mail Merge Wizard to mail merge form letters,
 2. Create mailing labels.
 3. Create and edit a bookmark and hyperlink.
 4. (evite) Learn how to use this website to create digital invitations and how to enhance your digital communications simply, effectively and free of charge.

Excel I
1. Use Excel Templates and create your own template.
 2. Manipulate data
 3. Manipulate workbook
 4. Work with charts and graphics
 5. Customize Excel layout

Excel II

 1. Calculate Across Worksheets
 2. Calculate with Date and Time Functions
 3. Calculate with Lookup and Functions
 4. Calculate with Logical Functions.

PowerPoint I + PowerPoint II
 1. Manipulating slides
 2. Adding text and images to your slides.
 3. Using design templates and layouts.
 4. Printing a completed PPT presentation.
 5. Adding video to your slides
 6. Using SmartArt graphics and Data charts
 7. Using animations and transitions to enhance your presentation.
 8. Note and outline features
PowerPoint III
Tools and techniques to put voice over PowerPoint

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