Recent advances in wireless technology, micro-elecromechanical systems and the internet have enabled the Internet of things (IOT). In IOT, not only computers are connected to the internet, any object, animal or people could be connected to the internet.  Objects, animals, and people have a unique identifier (address). They can transfer data over the internet without requiring the human-to-computer interaction. The existing of different types of objects which are connected through the internet promote many research challenges. For example, huge amount of data are usually generated, processed and transferred. Special Internetworking infrastructure may be needed. Security and privacy issues become more critical.

The second International Workshop on the Future of the Internet of Things (FOIOT 2015) will be held in conjunction with  The 10th International Conference on Future Networks and CommunicationsAugust 17-20, 2015, Belfort, France. The goal of the FOIOT 2015 is to bring together multi-disciplinary researchers, professionals and practitioners from academia and industry who are involved in the field of internet of things to discuss recent advances and innovative ideas in this field. FOIOT 2015 workshop solicits papers on either completed or ongoing research in the following and related topics of interests include (but not limited to):

  •       Applications of the Internet of Things.
  •       Standards for an Internet of Things.
  •       Communication systems in Internet of things.
  •       Network infrastructures in internet of things.
  •       Internet protocols.
  •       Data processing in internet of things.
  •       Information management in internet of things.
  •       Security and Privacy in Internet of things.
  •       Locating and tracking of objects in internet of things.