Wednesday, July 10th 2013, Aalborg, Denmark - in conjunction with ICWE'2013.

This first international workshop on Engineering Mobile Web Applications (EMotions'2013) is focused on the theories and practices for the development of mobile Web applications. It is organized in conjunction with the 13th International Conference on Web Engineering (ICWE) that is going to held in Aalborg, Denmark, in July 2013.


The sales and penetration of mobile devices in the market is steadily overtaking that of desktops. Nowadays, smartphones and tablets are becoming the users’ preferred technological companions; they use their mobile device as the prime way of accessing the Internet in general, and Web content specifically.

The marriage between Web and mobile technology offer many opportunities, but also presents new challenges and constraints. On one hand, the introduction of Web technology into mobile phones has created a new milestone for the development of interactive mobile applications. Currently, most mobile devices are robust enough to run a tiny Web browser that allows users to access Web applications everywhere, at any time, even when they are on the move. From the developers’ point of view, Web technology allows the deployment of a single Web application that is immediately accessible through many mobile platforms, thus reducing the costs of creating and maintaining embedded applications on an increasing number of mobile platforms. On the other hand, new mobile usage scenarios, and the new capabilities of mobile devices, forces Web technology, and corresponding engineering methods and techniques, to evolve to respond to these new requirements and user demands. Web applications have to be tailored to deal with the constraints imposed by mobile technology such as small screens, low (and sometimes expensive) bandwidth, limited browser capabilities, different usage situations, etc. Then again, they also might benefit from the user’s mobility, and it’s associated information (e.g., the user’s geo-location, sensor data), to dynamically customize the Web application and its content.

All these constraints and opportunities require appropriate methods and tools for engineering Web applications that are aimed to be accessible through mobile devices.

The goal of this workshop is to bring the attention of participants of ICWE to the opportunities and challenges brought by recent advances on mobile technology allowing ubiquitous access to Web applications through mobile devices. We are interested in theories and practice for the development of mobile Web applications including models, methods, tools, frameworks and case studies that describe Web applications running on mobile Web browsers.