The Centre de Recherche sur les Environnements Intelligents (CREI) is holding his third workshop at the Jouvence holiday resort on April 29th. The CREI brings together researchers from the communities of artificial intelligence, data mining, machine learning, computer vision, interlligent tutoring and domotics, under the umbrella of intelligent environment design. During this event, CREI members from these different fields will be presenting their latest work.

The aim of this event is thus to stimulate the interaction amongst CREI members from different fields and lay the groundwork for future multi-disciplinary collaborations.

The CREI is proud to welcome 3 special guests:

Dominique Duhaut, Professor of computer sciences at University of Bretagne-Sud is a member of laboratory Lab-STICC UMR 6285. His research interests are actually on self reconfigurable systems, teams of robot programming and social aspect of robots. He is also interested in science promotion for young people. He his organising competitions for schools since several years and is participating in the RoboFesta movement.
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Dumitru Erhan, software engineer At Google, is working on algorithms that would detect and recognize objects. He worked on machine learning, particularly on learning algorithms of hierarchical data representation (deep architecture). Also, he worked on the federated search in the Yahoo search engine and more specifically on the ranking of search results.
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Janusz Konrad, Professor of department of electrical and computer engineering in Boston University is a member of the Information Sciences and Systems (ISS) Group, where he head the Visual Information Processing (VIP) Laboratory. He is also a member of the Center for Information and Systems Engineering, and the Smart Lighting Engineering Research Center. His current research interests concentrate on :visual sensor networks (camera webs), advanced video processing and compression, next generation human-computer interfaces, stereoscopic and 3-D imaging, multidimensional digital signal processing and biomedical imaging.
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