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What was once referred to as
the Trivium and the Quadrivium,
the Seven Liberal Arts arranged with a global outlook.

Handbook of the Liberal Art - An overview of the classic liberal arts

Language and Grammar

Language is the foundation of liberal arts studies. The ability to communicate ideas through words. With the Internet there is a greater demand for multilinguality. It is becoming increasingly more important to be at least bilingual. People prefer to use their native languages on the Intenet rather than English. Therefore, to facilitate better communication, it is more desirable for everyone to be functional in at least several languages in one language family or one language from each of several language families.

Babel Fish Translator translation of major languages

AllWords Dictionary translation dictionary

International Languages - Esperanto

There are no truly International languages. There can only be an international approach or attitude in the use of languages. The best approach for two or more cultures is to each use a neutral language that is not their native tongue. If both parties are compelled to use a second language then that approach serves as an equalizer. Esperanto serves this purpose well because it does not belong to one nation.

Lernu online Esperanto courses Great self instruction courses checked by live tutors. Community forum.

Table of Language Family Tree

Latin rooted languages Spanish Basque Portuguese French Italian


Old English language Travel back in time to learn from our Anglo-Saxon ancestors.

Beowolf in Old and Modern English

Modern English to Old English Vocabulary

Old English Glossary

University of Calgary Online Course in Old English

Old English Wikipedia

Middle English language is the name given to the diverse forms of the English language spoken between the Norman invasion of 1066 and the mid-to-late 15th century.

The Canterbury Tales Interlinear

Anthology of Middle English Literature (1350 - 1485)

The Middle English Compendium

Teams Middle English Texts 

Gutenberg Middle English Text 

Middle English Collection 

Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog Read and write in Middle English

Modern English language

Complete Works of William Shakespeare

Post Modern English and the WWW community. Due to the Internet, all languages are currently experiencing rapid transformations.

Arabic language

Introduction to Written Arabic

Arabic language links

Classic Literature

Online Literature Library

Internet Classics Archive

Internet Archive

Perseus Digital Library

Caveat Lector Etext Archives

Artie's Great Books Page 


History Hunters International


Plato Dialogues

Figures of Speech

The Discussion Workshop A complete online course in democratic organizational principles with a view toward online applications.. Learn the traditional arts of democratic communication and leadership. A forum is an organization of discussions. A discussion is and organization of people and speech. The Discussion Workshop helps you develop skills through practical experience.


The Organon - Aristotle



On Interpretation

Prior Analytics

Posterior Analytics


Euclid's Elements Get a good foundation in geometry in the presence of the master.

Astronomy & Physics

Physics - Aristotle 

Meteorology - Aristotle 

On the Heavens - Aristotle 

De Revolutionibus (On the Revolutions), 1543 C.E - Nicholas Copernicus

Treatise on Light - Huygens

Relativity: The Special and General Theory - Albert Einstein

Natural Sciences

Origin of Species by Charles Darwin

Descent of Man - Charles Darwin

Geological Observations On South America