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Workout Assistant was created out of the need for a totally customizable but easy to use workout app that allows you to quickly see your exercises and the last time you did them. Just as importantly, it shows you specifics of your last workout like the weight you used the distance you ran etc.

 Version 2.0.2
  1. Now easier to view the last session when on the Add Session screen.
  2. Added 'Calories' input field
  3. Fixed keyboard issue. Numbers on keyboard stay up all the time now.
  4. Changed font size of exercises
  5. Changed graph to display in correct position.

  1. Completely free and works with all versions of Android.
  2. Dashboard: List of your exercises and the last date you did them on the exercise dashboard.
  3. Import a quick list of exercises to get you going quickly, but you'll want to customize your exercise list for your specific workout.  
  4. Export your data to your SDCard for backup and import your data as well. 
  5. All pages scroll so you won't have to fight with the keyboard to get to the 'ok' button.
  6. Using Google Charts to graph your progress. See exactly what you did the last time you did that exercise.

Workout Assistant Dashboard   NEW! 
Select the exercise to add an exercise session
 Hold exercise to view summary of exercises    New Summary View allows you to edit/delete
your sessions. Google Charts temporarily disabled. 
 View your data with Google Charts