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 Work of Art Rabbitry is an ARBA registered Breeder of Holland lops 
located in Rogersville, Missouri

~Rabbitry NEWS~
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Watch for several of our Hollands competing at the Ozark Empire Fair ARBA show this summer!


Congratulations to all our buyers who competed at the Ozark Empire Fair ARBA Rabbit Show! 
We are proud to announce that both of our home bred Hollands entered into the show by our buyers, both bucks took first in their color division classes!


    My name is Nikki and I am the founder of Work of Art Rabbitry. I am not a part time back yard breeder that breeds rabbits just to get them out the door. Holland Lops are something I truly enjoy working with, improving quality and showing. 
    My main purpose in breeding Holland Lops is to breed for show quality rabbits with freindly personable temperaments. why sacrifice temperment for quality when you can have both. At times I do offer Holland lops for pet, brood and show. Please feel free to look around the website and let me know if you have any questions concerning the for sale hollands or future litters.
    Also be sure to have your name added to the list if you are interested in being emailed as soon as a litter is ready because here at Work of Art Rabbitry there is a running list of people currently waiting on available lops due to my quality over quantity philosophy.

                By purchasing a Work of Art Holland you are becoming part of the the Work of Art Holland Lop Family...

REFRENCES from our Buyers


Nikki is a great help as a breeder for a pet bunny! I contacted her with every concern that I had before getting the bunny and she always had an answer for me. The bunny I got from her was extremely well-socialized and friendly. He is very healthy and was clearly well cared for. The bunny loves attention, is very energetic and happy! Even after picking up my bunny, I often still contact Nikki with questions and her answers are always helpful and reliable. I would highly recommend this breeder, especially for those who have never owned a bunny before and would like someone knowledgeable in the care of rabbits. 
                                                                                                                                              - Tamra


     Hello!! First off, I would like to say that you were very, very professional and so
 reliable on keeping me updated.  Serenity(my bunnies name) is absolutely perfecy. She is already litter box trained, 
comes to her name, and loves human interaction, she is pretty darn adorable. Such a well behaved, playful, loving bunny! 
I would say that I found the perfecto bunny for me, all thanks to you guys!                           
                                                                                                                                          -Sara J.  ~ 01/06/2013
Sire: Picasso
Dam: Dali

Above: Serenity


The little holland below belongs to Luara M.
Sire: DaVinci
Dam: Dali

 Competed in 2013 ARBA holland lop show at the Ozark Empire Fair!
Won Solid & Opposite in junior devision! (was DQ in open due to being neutered by owner)

 Above: WorkofArts Leonardo
Watch for this gorgeous guy at the upcoming shows

                                                                  I do plan to show him as I think he was made for that purpose.  
I have had several people that have shown or had Hollands before
 comment on how beautiful he is and often people ask me where 
I bought him. He too thinks very highly of himself :) 
and now gives great bunny kisses
      -Luara M.

~Laura is a Repeat Buyer~

"She continues to be so sweet and very smart.  She litter box trained easily, is excited
 to see us when we come home in the day, and follows people around like a little dog".
           ~Laura M.

~Luara M.~ 
Repeat buyer for 3rd rabbit

Purchased her third Holland lop from WorkofArt Rabbitry 7/27/13
His name is Pablo
And he is now buddies with her two previously purchased WorkofArt Hollands


This is a son of Picasso purchased by Joe M.
This little guys name is "WorkofArts Sir LopsAlot"
Won first place in broken junior bucks at the 
2013 ARBA holland lop show at the Ozark Empire Fair!

"He is just the cutest thing ever, thanks again"
         ~Joe M.

Here at Work of Art rabbitry we feed "Purina Rabbit Show Chow" 

I recommend if you plan to change the feed to do it very, very slowly so we will send a transitional bag of feed with your new holland lop. If possible stay with the purina brand because the results speak for themselves, Since switching to purina we have had wonderful results in both condition and coat quality!

Many feeds you buy at local retailers for a very low cost are designed 
to fatten up meat rabbits and are not nutritious enough for a Holland Lop. 
Excess weight on your holland can not only lead to fertility problems but also 
death due to a lack of vital vitamins,minerals, protein's and fiber.

    Due to USDA laws of sale of sight unseen rabbit sales,all shipments of rabbits are limited to $500 per calendar year so shipment of rabbits is on an extremely limited basis and volume of rabbits shipped varies due to different rates on rabbits. We also do not recommend shipping due to the high stress factor that can lead to rabbits death. If you qualify for shipment and of rabbit then the cost of shipping and the carrier will be in addition to price of the rabbit.
    We do take every precaution to ensure the health and well being of each and every rabbit on our property but due to unforeseen circumstances all sales are final and we are not responsible for health of the rabbit once it has left the property. Be sure you take the time to insure your ready for the responsibility and take the necessary time to choose the correct rabbit for your needs. 

 2013 $0.00 to date

Pet Quality Denotes that the rabbit will be sold without papers, we do sell show stock as pets but again without papers. If the Rabbit is not show stock and being sold as pet stock it will not receive an ear tattoo and will never be eligible to receive papers. 
If rabbit is not show quality but is "BROOD" Quality then I will ear tattoo and give papers.

Show Quality Denotes that the rabbit in question does not have any Disqualifying features at the time of sale date that would have it disqualified from the show ring. Show quality is no guarantee that this rabbit will place or win, since there are many variables to take into consideration for a win such as stock being competed against, quality of condition you get your rabbit into before the show and how you have trained the rabbit to "pose" for the judge.

Please look over the rabbit you are interested in purchasing, as it is your final decision on if you belief it is of the quality you require.

We do not offer a refund on rabbits as all are sold in good health to the best of our knowledge. it is best that young stock under the age of 3 months not be handled more than 15 min at any given time as it can cause undue stress which can lead to death. All rabbits are sold with a one week supply of feed so that you can slowly transition your rabbits to the feed you will be using.

We feed our rabbits only Purina Rabbit SHOW chow as this has given us the very best change in the quality of coats,condition and growth on our rabbits without causing them to go over weight, when fed properly.

Rabbits are not typically given shots since they are not exposed to wildlife that would spread disease, however if you feel that this is necessary for your new rabbit you can speak with your vet about the best type to give for the area you live. We do give our rabbits flea medications to keep them from becoming infested as this can destroy the show quality coats and condition very quickly. 

We deworm as needed but never more than every 3-5 months as it is very hard on their digestive systems. 
Our rabbits are on drop through cages with drop pans so they never come into contact with the feces and this is so that they do not as easily become "wormy",and do not as often need dewormed. 

A healthy alternative we do use especially for young stock to deworm if needed is "pumpkin seeds" this is a natural worm killer and does not harm the rabbits delicate digestion system.

If at any point during your rabbits life you are no longer able to keep them, we ask you contact us and as long as we have room we will take them back in "but will not give a refund on the purchase price of the rabbit". We would merely attempt to re-home the rabbit.

We do take deposits on rabbits however we will not accept checks or money orders. 50% deposit is required for holding a rabbit and only cash is accepted, we do give you a receipt of deposit along with our ARBA registration number. When picking up a held rabbit we will never sell a rabbit prior to 8 weeks old.

All of our Show quaility stock is pedigreed so that they can be registered with ARBA and all ADULT pet quality is sold without a pedigree to attempt to keep poor quality animals from being used as breeding stock animals. 

All Young rabbits sold as pets are without papers but unless disclosed otherwise are same quality as show just void the papers.(papers can be obtained up to 6 months after purchase price for difference in pet and show price)


By purchasing and taking the rabbit into your custody you are giving a non verbal consent that you have read all the above stament and are in complaince with the above written statments. And that I (Nikki H. Owner of Work of Art Rabbitry) will not be held liable for any death of a rabbit that you take into your custoday and will not be held liable for keeping a deposit and rabbit when the reserved rabbit is not picked up at 8 weeks, when there is no written (email or paper) change has been made to pick up date.


Proud member of  ARBA

ARBA Registered Breeder

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