Work-Life Balance in Astronomy
A Workshop in London, UK on 18th September 2009

Aims: This workshop will focus on tensions between a career in astronomy and the desire for a life outside of astronomy. Our primary aims are (i) to help each other become more successful in our careers and (ii) to identify practical changes that could be made by others. We also hope that the breakout sessions will allow you to meet a range of new people that you might feel you might contact informally after the meeting. We hope you will feel inspired and informed by talks from senior and former astronomers  who have successfully addressed these issues.

Practicalities: The workshop is free to attend but registration is necessary and places are available on a first-come first-served basis. There will be a limited budget to cover travel expenses, send your request to wlbia09 at sarahbridle dot net. It will take place at University College London, near Euston Square, Euston, Warren Street and Kings Cross tube stations in SSEES room 347.

Online Survey: It would be very helpful if you would complete the online survey to help facilitate the meeting, and to provide input in advance of the meeting, or if you are unable to come. This survey will be used to collect statistics on your concerns and your opinions on solutions, and the optional text input will be collated and fed into the breakout sessions.

Schedule - with invited speakers Prof Janet Drew, Prof Ruth Gregory, Prof Jocelyn Bell Burnell and Dr Helen Heath, Chair of the STFC "Women in SET" Focus Group.
Survey summary presentation (pptx 93k, pdf 1.8M)

Motivation: More than 35% of astronomy PhD students are female, and yet only around 3% of astronomy Professors are female. This triggered us to ask questions about why women leave astronomy. For this workshop we have decided to focus in on a small potential part of the problem, which is common to both men and women: the desire to balance a career with other commitments, such as raising a family. Both men and women are welcome to the workshop.

If you have additional comments then please send them to wlba09 a t sarahbridle d o t net
Sarah Bridle acknowledges support for the meeting from a UNESCO-L'Oreal For Women in Science Fellowship.