I never enjoy hunting. I even feel pain when an innocent animal is put to pain for whatever reason except for the purpose of feed. Whenever such scene happens for whatever reason including that of offering of animals as sacrifice, my heart instantly cry for mercy in seeing so and pray for replacing me instead of killing an innocent for one’s selfish gain.

My brother in law was fond of hunting and it was an intense hobby for him. That particular day I was at home during a break time in the College when my brother-in-law paid a sudden visit to our home and requested me to accompany him in hunting in a nearby river mouth called ‘Dekhowmouck’ one of prominent  tributaries of the Great River’ Brahmaputra’ at the district of Sibsagar, Assam. Sensing causing of displeasure if refused I reluctantly agreed to accompany him. Next day early morning we drove to the location by car and then shifted to a small boat arranged earlier to position ourselves a little away from the shore to see the birds in front.                      

It was half an hour before sunrise when we took the position in the boat. As soon as the Sunrise was taking place, the area was covered with white reddish light to prompt the ‘Nature’ to rise from the overnight sleep to enjoy itself. A gentle breeze covered the area with some stillness. Soon small birds were hovering all around crawling along with the current of the water to make area warm. In the next moments we saw number of batches of white swans passing one by one over us to sit a little away from us whom my brother-in-law did not intend to kill being a difficult task to locate the kill once shot down. A little later we found another batch of wild swans landed in front of us in the usual style of landing perfectly matching with the order one after another to crowd the place. The scene was so beautiful I suddenly fell with the love with the ‘Nature’ bringing myself out from my continuous prayer inside to outside to see nothing other than the beauty of the Nature and instantly became one of them to enjoy. The swans were crawling and dancing in front of us while picking and swallowing their food from underwater and replacing the position batch by batch by others every fifteen minutes or so, unmindful of the noise produced by the repeated firing from the gun although the ones sitting nearby were flown away disturbed by the vibration created by the repeated gun shots. My brother-in-law still kept firing the birds fruitlessly for almost an hour until his entire stock of cartages got exhausted leaving just one without killing a single bird. He then shouted the dealer who supplied the cartage on providing him flake cartages.

Ultimately most dejected he decided to return home leaving a single cartage with him to challenge the dealer for giving him flake cartages in the name of high effectiveness at a much higher cost. I hard his shouting but preferred to kept mum as I know the reason of his failures. He kept telling me that he was never unsuccessful in killing birds under such circumstances and repented that his entire name as an excellent shooter shall go waste. Feeling pity, I remarked that he should try his last cartage if it can kill a bird by any chance which he immediately rejected being the birds were no longer sitting but in high up air.

Admitting the impossibility of the situation, he regretted that with what identity he shall face my mother who must had prepared everything for cooking the bird for all as he had given assurances to bring at least one if not many. I however insisted that he must try once without an aim well knowing the difference in situations. Then he fired his last shot from his two barrel gun in disgust and kept walking to return to the parked car nearby but we suddenly found a dead bird dropped from the sky in front of us which were a miracle to both of us while I was praying inside to avert the situation but yet unable to resist the intention so displayed. That was the first and last time.