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The Definition of Nobility  

It is said that stealing is the greatest knowledge or art one can acquire from the ground realities living within us as an integral part of the society unless and until the entity is caught in doing of an act of stealing. But it constitutes the worst crime when he or she decides to refute the charges framed against  him  or her for the action so carried out without the knowledge of others by taking advantage of the loop holes in the system to prove himself or herself innocent or as no wrong doer since none can ever escape punishment when caught red handed. However, sometimes or rarely; keeping a truth hidden can do miracle to save lives of many if done or carried out with a noble desire in  the heart and mind but definitely it cannot be for earning a name or frame of any kind, form or manner nicely using a most carefully arranged cover by oneself for self shinning amongst us like the pole Star for dictating of the flowing command within us through adaptation of tricks. This is a very dangerous sign of undesirable happening as and when we adopt it everywhere which can well kill entire of us most prematurely.

Accordingly, some steps taken to avert a revolt is sometime understandable when a State adopts a hard line towards an unquestionable character or someone having carrying a sound reputation of rightful integrity but ransacking the entire system to disassociate the entity; who is  finely tuned up for  allowing free flow of information to the general public is no doubt  harmful to the entire of us.Accordingly any action  taken against him or her to generate public opinion to one’s favor at the cost of killing the character of the said noble one cannot be termed as a nice thing to do or cannot be considered as a noble idea to glorify it to prove how one is govern being the action initiated is purely based on suspicion only without any proof available. But Truth is always self illuminating and do not require building of any case against such entities although initially sufferer ought to fight with stiff of the stiffest resistance due to ignorance of the general public to understand the greater implication of the cause one is pursuing and hence automatically the entity shall be revived once the intention of pursuing the cause is divulged. All those who are sacrificing their lives for a cause to withstand test of time are surely adorable lots being allowing a good cause to happen in our favor to bring in an amicable solutions to our nonexistent but ever growing conflicts not to rise limitless amongst us.

When one is sitting outside a holly place for taking a glimpse of the ‘lovable’ one we pray regularly and walked away proud, is a nice thing to happen unless one prefer to become a tyrant by absorbing the energy gained for whatever reason to oneself but when the entity prefers to aborb the knowledge so gained to enjoy oneself forever for the sole purpose of illuminating the illiterate others for facilitating the movement of nature to glow more at ease as well as more freely, it is definitely a noble act to adore of by the entire of us.



It was Monday afternoon time during the spring when most often my mother purchase fresh vegetables from the street hawkers who always invariable call at our home irrespective of whether or not we choose to buy any staff. The year was 1957 when I was just about 11 years old and was a student of class six studying at the Sibsagar Govt. Higher Secondary and Multipurpose School.

Unlike other days, the hawker that day carried a hardly a month old pair of white pigeon to sell. The hawker in front of our home argued to sell the same to us offering a nice discount but my mother was not convinced of the price and gently requested the hawker to break off. I however kept glancing at the pair of pigeon most intensely; completely stand still without taking away my eyes from them. I was instantly fell in love with them and was searching my pocket for any left over money I saved from the regular marketing I was doing on behalf of our family to buy our daily requirements. It was only just half of the discounted price offered to us found available in my pocket.

As the hawker proceeded to leave the compound, I kept following the hawker possibly for a half a kilometer together repeatedly requesting him to hand over the pigeons at the price I was having that time in my pocket. When I was unable to convince him, I requested him to wait for some time with the condition that he must not sell the pigeons to anyone until I return. I immediately ran for our home and requested my mother to give me the balance which she instantly agreed noticing my eagerness. Collecting the remaining sum, I purchased the pair of pigeon from the hawker who was waiting for me exactly in the same place as promised to me without offering the pigeons to anyone either to buy or to proceed to the market.

I was absolutely delighted that my mother had given me the money without rising of an objection or a single question asked on my decision to buy the pigeons. Accordingly I came back to my home with a prized possession in my hand. Once at home I repeatedly kissed the pigeons after offering them whatever grain I could able to collect from the surrounding to feed them mouthful and in the first night they slept with me in the cage provided by the hawker.

In the early morning next day, we found to our horror that our entire house was surrendered by hundreds of pigeons came from all nearby temples to settle down permanently with the one, I bought the day before. Following getting so much of company, I released the pigeons I was holding with me in the cage but they refused to go away to join the others. I accordingly made a small but strong cage for them out of a wooden box usually used to carry washing soaps in lots for distribution to vendors.

Being in the company of many, my pair of pigeon was full of joy often dancing around me sometimes sitting on my body to make my body and head dirty, but never go to sleep unless I fed something to them even if I come home late evening. My love towards them was extra special and remained so until one day I could not hear the call of the sweet crawl from both when I returned home very late in the evening possibly after six months long continuous association with them.

On making enquiries, my mother refused to divulge the truth in spite of my not taking any food. However after mid night when I continue resort to fasting and even refused to go to bed, my mother came out of bed to tell me that the bird I unable to find had died without elaborating further. When she unable to see me weeping aloud, she told me who had killed the bird but warned me not to become ‘violent’ and consoled me that the situation shall become normal shortly once another bird shall join to make the union complete once again.

However, I immediately lost my tamper, I opened the main door rushed towards the house of the boy who killed the bird and made their house dog silent with a firm kick before banging their bed room door very hard repeatedly to wake all of them up. As soon as his father opened the door, I without murmuring a single word, rush to their bed to pull their son out of sleep and from the house to outside and beaten him to unconsciousness against strictest opposition from all the family members of both the houses tried to stop me from hurting him more than a few knocks without success. Immediately after the incident I returned to still weeping which none could able to stop though tedious consolations.

I passed a sleepless night that day to make a request from the heart in the next day morning to entire pigeons settled in our premises to leave to their respective temples which they most faithfully obeyed excepting a few which we gave to others for sheltering but my single bird promptly found another mate to visit me often from the nearby temple. But I refused to accept her seeing something missing from her without the born partner or companion unavailable together and considered it as a deliberate action of her to please me.

When I one day broke off from my school early still heartbroken due to the said sad incident to take part in a football game, the boy who killed my loving dove followed me silently and was waiting inside a bush hiding and attacked me from the back after the football match was over and when I was returning home. Being attacked unnoticed; I fell down with my left hand twisted. I became immediately unconscious and my friends brought me to home carrying between their hands. On regaining consciousness, I found that my left hand broke apart to four pieces near the wrist and was hanging on the skin. Hiding the fact, I laid down on the bed with severe pain and silently weeping without informing my mother not to hurt whom I loved the most.

But my mother was sure that I was badly hurt and the wound was kept away from her and requested my elder bother to take me to the civil hospital after my father left for Office from home in the next day morning when I was admitted into the Hospital immediately. But the Doctors in- spite of heavy struggle for more than three hours in the operation theater unable to put into place the broken bonds in position and referred my case to Assam Medical College who operated my hand for putting steel plates for positioning the broken bonds and the entire hand was kept under plaster for a year; when they carried out the second operation to remove the plates. The wound is still vivid and became a part of my body although much weaker to do or perform all jobs unhindered.

As my healing took long period of time, being a brilliant student I was promoted to the next class without a rank even though I never appeared for the Annual Examination that year. However, that particular pair of dove often come into dream to play with. The boy who injured me slipped away from their home to join underground outfit and became an extortionist. When I joined my first Job after clearing many interviews and test, I was found medically unfit because of the wound. On giving an undertaking to the Organization it shall never effect my delivery during my service career because of my weak left hand, I was offered employment conditionally, which force me to join my job a little late. However, I have never faced any problem with my hand although lowly built in view of plastering for a year during the time of growing stage. I shall keep bearing in the memory of the pain of the pigeon killed unnaturally in the ruthless hand of a cruel hunter till I die.

Remembering the scene once again, nearer the time when left the Company I worked for throughout my career, when I saw one of my colleagues taking an aim to kill a similar bird or a pair of dove playfully singing, sitting in a branch of a tree outside my Office with an Air Gun, I just murmured the name of the Lord visualizing the pain of separation No sooner I did so, he suddenly fell down slipping in a dry area and broke his leg. On standing up with the help of his friends, he accused me of cursing him mistaking my silent pain in the heart which none heard. I was surely posing a question onto myself ‘what pleasure we are getting in drawing an imbalance into the Nature?’ 



Being the elaboration a little lengthy in-spite of bringing down to a short ‘write-up’ I am reproducing the same in a number of chapters totaling five as detailed hereunder for ease of reading and to keep the flow intact and in order.


My grandfather was a community leader and was a tall man in the society and was one of the riches in the area. His movements were always followed by a crowd and mostly moved around in a horse with a double barrel gun fixed in the saddle handy for use. His entire richness kept in a Private Bank known as ‘The Bank of Tripura’ spreading all across Assam came to naught when suddenly the Bank gone Bankrupt. This did not deter him living a lavish life. Accordingly I was never allowed to mix with common or ordinary children of the same age. Although I had duly attended school, our promoting to the next class was just a formality. Everything in the village was running on the instruction of our grandfather. Whenever I slipped out from home to meet my school colleagues, I was always punished for my venture in varying degrees depending upon my length of absence from home. However, my slipping away at night silently to sleep in the cowshed or in the temple alone was a regular and automatic feature which I painfully renounced following our settlement of my family in the nearby town much against the will of our grandfather but on insistence of my father to break the order for further pursuing my education. Following my shifting to town I directly joined the final class of the primary school.

When in class IV in my higher Secondary School, I was reciting a poem wrote on ‘Lord Ram’ elaborating the killing of the Demon king ‘Ravana’ during my home study, my father of his own recited the stanza from the ‘epic Ramayana’. The said stanza came out automatically from the mouth of the Great Saint Balmiki while absorbing the pain of the bird struggling to survive with the help of its partner in vain being shot at and fell in front of him which I still remember. That was the saint’s first automatic experience of fluency of Sanskrit although illiterate after a very long penance but repented the action and resorted to repentance to undo the pain which he also undertook equally to become free again. It read like this ‘Ma nisadang protistong tomogamah satchati samaha jata krown cha mithuna decam abodhi  kama mohitom’ meaning  O’ hunter you shall repeat the lives of all those birds you killed out of temptation or lust or for fun. I never however read either the verse or the Great epic ‘Ramayana’ by myself except memorizing the said stanza as recited to me while elaborating the poem by my father. The poem was composed by Great spiritual Leader ‘Sankardev’ ever born to Assam to undo everything earlier existed in vulgar forms. 

From my childhood something was built in me to draw myself towards the unseen and my ideal idol was ‘Lord Sri Krishna’ in my heart and my inside was always meditating on ‘Him’. My heart was heavily tilted towards my animal friends rather than my colleagues. I was always outspoken, courageous and playful. I could not withstand someone saying lie and did not mind to pick-up quarrel to dominate which none could challenge. My school and college Education was just normal. My deep meditation inside became more and more intense by every passing day caused me to read minimum throughout the period and passed out as a general. I was steadfast in just one figure and refused to acknowledge His other incarnations so much so that even His ‘Ram’ form was rejected by me when He in my dream shown me that ‘Ram is no other than Him only’ by emerging both as one while both coming from opposite directions like the one when He transformed Himself to Lord Shiva, the same night when I refused to visit a Shiva temple nearby during my school days together with my friends. From that particular day I became an ardent devotee of Lord ‘Shiva’. Accordingly both figures appear in my prayer.


The cause of my taking birth as well as to find my actual identity always hunted me or took my entire thought. Accordingly I refused or resisted all instructions from all the members of my family and that of my relatives to purse the religion of my ancestors having found all the spiritual leaders so selected unable to convince me about my queries although many a times I was in midst of them to discuss. They were also found much short of knowledge which I intended to know. Even, no spiritual leaders of diverse fields or sect or religion could satisfy my doubts and hence ignored calls from all quarters to join any. I left no renowned religious places including that of Churches and Mosques within as well as outside the state to visit fruitlessly to get a correct or a satisfactory answer. Usually I go to sleep early and wake-up early. The moment I go to sleep, Lord Sri Krishna whom I continuously pray keeps playing with me in my dream without indicating a hint towards my query up to the age of 40+. Although I was always with ‘Him’ I was certainly deprived of the knowledge that I was constantly seeking in silence possibly due to my test was still going on up to that time. 

Even though not physically present I used to hear all intense prayers no matter whatever language and where one sang the glory of God. That was my intensity of Love towards the ‘Lord’. In order to meet the desire of my parents when I arranged their visit to Hariduwar following joining of my employment, a spiritual location at U.P. with me accompanied, I developed a sudden change in my behavior to weep when I found someone praying intensely including myself. While returning home from Delhi alone leaving my parents at Delhi with my elder brother, I felt offering of some solid food to a ‘Pure Hermit’ on the way while I was still in the train. However, to my astonishment I found a Hermit with a very little cover of the body waiting for me at our residence after walking a long distance from his place of penance to fulfill my desire expressed in the train ignoring his regular duties. He took the offering from me and disappeared to jungle for penance once again advising me not to leave the Company of the ‘Lord’. My prayers that time was most ordinary and was done mostly standing without much offering except a candle and incent stick, possibly a gesture I carried over from my last life from my constant and continuous prayers in Churches . I never restored to long meditation but do prayers of short duration of about half hour or less. Also I never ever tried to arisen the power points in the body. My payers were mostly silent within and are 24 Hrs a day alone away from the crowd even when was or am busy at works.

Further, I had the habit of listening to BBC from my childhood for which my father bought home a Murphy Radio to run on an outside heavy battery made by connecting together a long series of small ordinary cells both vertically as well as horizontally, much similar to the size of car battery  from my childhood. Most of the news I heard that time was however beyond my understanding but yet a requirement for me to live on. He even built a very long antenna to receive the signals from BBC. Accordingly I was and am having two personalities within myself one is under deep meditation, the other carrying out a just simple life. I neither know how exactly one should pray nor none taught me how to do it. To me no rules or regulations as important as one’s positive actions, desires and thought which only govern one’s faith towards Him. My offering of prayers was most simple done everywhere without selecting a particular place yet always answered. The greatest Temple or the Church resides inside and our outward offering is nothing but just a formality to discipline ourselves to get an approach. The so called sexual acts are a mare and ordinary call of the nature to give us a temporary pleasure of no value and nothing if not fearful as compared to the bliss one gets when one decides to undertake the path to see Him. Accordingly all my prayers were directed to bring peace into this turbulent world seeking nothing for me but yet He managed me when I am under extreme adversity including that of absorbing the pain undertaken by me often. 

My mostly read Book was ‘The Bhagavad-Gita’ which I recite twice a day from chapter one to the last (Chapter 18) regularly from my college days, a copy of which was presented to one of my German friend who came in contact with myself while he was attending a oil field job in a Desert Rig operated by M/S Deutag, a renowned Germany Company at Tanot in the district of Jaisalmer near Pakistan’s International Border with India, Rajasthan in mid 90’s well knowing about an indication of the selection of our next Pope. ‘The Bhagavad-Gita’ published by ‘Gita House’ was my friend and guide all the time until I was blessed with. I derived some solace from reading and rereading the said book with different meaning surfacing on each reading but unable to quench my thirst for unfolding the query to know the truth for which I was on constant search.

Although I never read Holly Koran, A pious Muslim taught me the main verse during my college days following passing out my higher Secondary Examination which I memorized instantly and often recite which read as ‘La ilaha elallahu Mohammad rosulla’ .The Great Bible was anyway dearer to me being a carry forward knowledge. But nothing other than my steadfast devotion to the Lord helped me in marching ahead with firm steps to know the truth without me merging onto Him. What I know now is that the ‘Truth’ is infinitely beyond knowledge and can never be governed by such acquires apart from it just giving a path. I also started reciting ‘Gayatri Mantra’ in a little different way adding an extra word as taught to me  by an unknown personality met unnaturally during when I had just joined my service career.


During 1977 when I was posted at Arunachal Pradesh and was still a single I was sitting outside my lodge reciting ‘The Bhagavad-Gita’ intensely, I found an old man sitting beside me hearing the recitation with an equal intensely of devotion. His body was covered with cloth made from raw jute like the one we use to prepare gunny bags. When I saw him within the heavily guarded security area where none could come or enter without vigorous checking of antecedent, I was just stunned and astonished. He, with a simple smile requested me to present him with some rice as I completed recitation of the eleventh chapter and him noticed which I unable to obliged fearing his imminent capture by the security guard patrolling around and requested him to leave for avoiding arrest presuming that if I made any attempt to collect rice from the mess He would have possibly been arrested. Obeying my request he gently walked a few steps and disappeared in front of my eye. Knowing well who ‘He’ was I beg for mercy for my unintended act which was done purely to save Him from being arrested. I possibly made a mistake in not recognizing Him in view of creation of the unusual circumstance or situation while He presented Himself. Furthermore, the camp was set-up in an isolated area away from human habitation and hence no locals were seen around. He possibly intended to handover my other half in exchange which I missed. My seeking for the ‘Truth’ had become much more intense without seeing an answer in spite of my nearness to Him.

When I just crossed the age of 41 and entered the age of 42, something extra ordinary happened which was uniquely different from the others. As a routine, as I had gone out to check my car parked at the garage to see whether the car is locked or not before going to bed after dinner around 21.30 Hours, I found the day  different than regular. As I had approached the car, I found a well built cat jammed over me from the rooftop, like the one a big cat (Tiger) jumped over me when I walked alone from the well site to the officer’s mess while taking a shortcut route through a deep jungle at the middle of the night at Kharsang, Arunachal Pradesh after breaking off from my night shift following completing my job much earlier to rest as I unable to start the well site vehicle or jeep.

Such incidences were common occurrences for me and cannot frighten me. I once went out and bicycled covering a total distance of about 25 KM through deep jungle (Wild life sanctuary) at mid of the night to convey a good news I received about my friend of his getting selected as a probationary officer for a designated Bank after he left for night shift to work in a Oil Rig operated in a thick forest area called Jorajan, near Digboi, Assam. That time I was staying with him in the same Hostel following our joining for employment as Engineering Trainee almost together. People were afraid of going through the said jungle in day time even driving alone in cars. The road was that fearful and calm. His appointment letter was found unattended at the night time in my room being erroneously kept by the Hostel bearer in my table to miss by the addressee before he left for night duty. When we unable to convey the message of his selection after opening the envelope as the telephone to the site was dead that night, I took the decision to deliver the same somehow silently and so was the action. However, I was not that good to treat another friend of mine who also joined together when he slapped an innocent bearer for bringing late his breakfast against the existence of a reasonable ground from the dining hall which annoyed me so much so that I repeated the action on him. On repenting his said action as unwarranted but was done out of frustration and for the cause of not getting delayed to attend office, my friendship with him remained unbroken. That was the kind of love and behavior I hold towards my colleagues. Accordingly my seeing of my friends is always based on the gravity of the situation I often faced and was often reciprocal. Being immediately replied or reciprocated or responded, nothing frightens me as I feel all my actions were or is always free and fare and always befitting to the situation.

Instantly although I was surprised to see the cat jumped but there was nothing unusual to take notice of. While coming inside the home, I felt a shivering with my pulse coming down abnormally low although my blood pressure always remain in normal range. Soon I felt uneasy and rushed to the Hospital number of times each time to diagnose the same low pulse rate but refused to take admission to treat or observed further and decided to pass the night somehow and slept alone outside, in the guest room away from my family members.

As I slept an hour or so, I found my body temperature was also coming down as well and had foreseen my temporary separation of my soul from the body soon to see the unknown. Suddenly my eldest daughter who is hardly 10 years old with eye closed directly walked towards  from the next room to sit on me crying aloud fervently requesting the Lord not to take her father to Him  while still on sleep who instantly obliged and I felt suddenly warming-up. Before I embrace her she slipped from near me to her room exactly the way she came to me and was again fast asleep in her position. Feeling absolutely alright, I moved around the rooms in complete sense without finding an answer for the cause of what happened just a little earlier. It happened around 2 AM in the night.  

Early morning that day around 4 AM (Sunday) in a space of 2 Hours, when I was offering my prayer with all the members of the family still asleep, I heard a clear voice from space that He is on way possibly to divulge or free my mind of constant questioning or to divulge my actual identity or to explain or to settle my doubt. I kept on fast for two days eagerly waiting for Him taking leave from my office. Concurrently I gathered that a great spiritual leader visiting my place of residence at Duliajan, Assam that week. I surely wondered for a possible connection between the two.

 Nearer the time of the incident there were a number other Spiritual leaders also visited the place of my residence looking for me in vain to converse which I refused even though invited suspecting of misguidance. Possibly, it might be that the guidance of a spiritual leader was necessary to know the unknown. Since I ignored all calls from everywhere being found none adequately learned, they possibly thought that my approach might produce nothing but shall go in vain. But the reverse happened.  Although He never left my company of mine, he definitely delayed the delivery of the final and ultimate knowledge. Possibly I made a mistake somewhere while growing up or possibly I was not matured enough to know the unknown in view of intense intensity of love that accompany with the divulge of knowledge which I might unable to absorb or perhaps the environment was yet unprepared to receive Him . The last assumption was found correct when He actually divulge to me.  Accordingly I found none or nothing is required to guide one to Him once one’s mind is alert and steadfast in one figure and offer oneself to Him with right devotion. All enlighten ones got their supreme knowledge in solitude away from the crowd.    


After two days of waiting i.e. on Tuesday late night or very early Wednesday morning much before sunrise, heavy rain accompanied by thunder storm engulfed the area unlike the clear sky seen early that night; I heard someone whispered in my ear asking me to open the front door while I was in deep sleep. With still half asleep when I had opened the door I saw none but definitely noticed an old torn out sleeper of the servant lying almost in the front of the door. Out of half awake condition I left the sleeper still in position and retired to bed again when I was weaken up again with a jerk in the body to open the front door in a clear voice followed by a request to remove first the sleeper from lying in the front of the door inside. After removing and keeping the sleeper away from near the door, when I opened the door I confronted with a very bright light in front of me which proceeded straight to my small prayer hall with a little whisper in my ear to follow Him. The small store room attached to the kitchen was converted to a prayer hall to enable me to pray sometime in sitting poser but He preferred the place other than others. That was the first time I came face to face with the light although my father had kept on telling me of such visits by the light to me when he was alive. It was just only the light with nothing else whatsoever which interacted with me and hence I did not know the identity of the light so powerfully displayed in front of me.

I felt my continuous prayer paid off to see my beloved and found something as if the entire Universe in the miniature form was lying in front of me. I was overjoyed and crying aloud which none heard because of the frequent thundering in the sky being unable to bear the flowing of love and nectar continuously from Him although He did not touch me. I felt like getting a wing to fly around and a body to walk easily through everywhere irrespective of any restrictions created either by its boundary or by position of difficult surfaces. I suddenly found seeing everything without any obstructions anywhere. It was a perfect pleasure of the soul. Also I found each and every cell in the body that constituted my form was dancing in their own way to welcome the light. The entire body cells were distinctly overwhelmed with joy to see their success coming through after putting in rightful labor through maintenance of a thoroughly ordered atmosphere within.

Accordingly I bowed with profound gratitude to the trillions of living cells within the body that joined me in the search for truth by remaining calm, quiet and peaceful and in togetherness ignoring all differences in existences in limitless varieties of all sorts and form in character as well as in style of living, one well off than the other by virtue of the job assigned to each or functions carried out by each, exactly the way we are functioning outside as individuals without assaulting the prevailing order within, throughout my long journey to Him till  that date. They are still constantly on prayer more than me without a break even when I am asleep. I also equally bow to my five senses which extended me a helping hand in my search for knowing the unknown without putting any obstruction of any nature while I was walking alone by demanding the minimum. None within demanded anything more than the minimal to survive together. 

 I accordingly followed the light and immediately sat for the prayer without any preparation. As I was in the middle of my prayer, the entire area suddenly covered with further dense cloud with frequent and vigorous cloud burst and lightening. I however kept on praying undisturbed. While I was proceeding with my prayer, the light became brighter and brighter without knowing ‘Who’ exactly He was. Suddenly I found that a crowd of night birds falling in the rooftop singing the glory of God together with me and the place where I was sitting was vibrating intensely which forced me to grab whatever available nearby to complete my prayer somehow. Looking upward I saw another bright light with form distinctly visible radiating intensely everywhere. She was in-fact the Devine ‘Mother’ sitting on red lotus flower with another small but fully blossomed lotus flower in one hand and other thee hands free smiling at me remaining much apart from the availability of the other bright light near me.

She was radiating so much of love; the earth underneath where I was sitting unable to withstand the power of love so emanating from ‘Her’ and was trembling to merge with her. At one point of time it looked as if the entire planet suddenly would merge onto her lap under the attraction. Still I kept absorbing the love radiated in-spite of the disturbance so created. None was saying anything to me apart from giving me a gentle look to see me intensely. However, in a moment I found myself above the ground in front of ‘Her’ and instantly ‘She’ took me to an unknown place possibly outside the Universe where I saw the absolute calmness and yet all awaken in extreme peacefulness. The beauty was of unlimited as well as of infinite nature. I however could not see other than ‘Herself’ being mesmerized by the beauty of the situation. Till date I don’t know the identity of the Mother but believed that She was the motherly form of the ‘Holiest One’ considering ‘Her’ saying of the word ‘in my creation’ before disappearing. The Hindu sect possibly called her ‘Mother Gayatri’. However, my offering of prayer to ‘Her’ was most recent that time being taught by an unknown personality while discussing the matter and was different than normal we often heard singing by renowned personalities in the line.

She most delightfully offered me to become either an extra-ordinary star within or an unique entity outside the Universe to govern the Universe for becoming ever joyful and shining, which I most gently rejected saying that I need nothing other than deriving of pleasure from my most ordinary prayers citing that how being I, a most ordinary one and you being everything, could dare to command an order on ‘You’ as I am seeing nothing other than you everywhere? I even do not command my five senses to derive pleasure considering ‘Yourself’ in trillions of forms residing inside or within in a most orderly manner without being assorted like at outside.  O, Mother for your sack, please do not curse me.  I am prepared to be a standing stone in a condemned place rather than a living entity to make my prayers continuous for ever without ordering any. Hearing so, ‘She’ commented that I never seen a devotee like you in my creation and disappeared instantly becoming a bright light I had ever seen. Following the scene I was duly returned to my place of prayer to find my son in the prayer hall who was just four years old to pronounced his first word from his mouth of offering a thanks to the light with folded hands before retiring to his bed once again.

The light was with me for almost 3 days when I was able to see everything what I desire irrespective of distances when I requested Him to take away the gift so granted, which he promptly obliged. For the entire three days I was kept crying only unable to withstand the continuous love bestowed upon me and my entire question and queries suddenly disappeared to see no difference between any living and non living leaving apart from between us and started seeing Him everywhere without an exception. None of the members of the family could see Him except me. However, my second daughter was although not in the scene, she knew everything possibly also the light as she was moving around with utmost care not to hurt Him. Suddenly I became a man of the Nature losing all my earlier identities which bounded me from my childhood. During the short period, I knew that I was a respectable Briton in my last life and was an ardent devotee of Lord Christ which I am carrying forward. My birth had the concurrences from all and all my three children are gifts from Him to walk together and to protect me beyond which I did not intend to know.  The origin of the souls of our children was divulged voluntarily by Him to me. That time I was given a vision to know all occurrences beforehand. As I unable to withstand the love flowing continuously from Him I fervently prayed for His leaving me on the 3rd day which He promptly obliged. On getting painful often on facing obstructions in my search for Him which hurt Him too, He got so furious during the period that at one point of time He intended to eliminate all those who were deliberately caused such obstructions to me but pardoned on my repeated and fervent prayers to Him to grant forgiveness to all.


Following year i.e. during 1989 when I paid a visit to U.K. for three months and was stationing at Aberdeen, Scotland near a Church, I found my prayers so strong and intense that it reverberated across the surroundings to reach everywhere. Further, out of nowhere during the period I suddenly developed a desire to see my children for which I almost bought the Air tickets for them to bring them to U.K. but the plan was dropped subsequently following the disapproval of the idea by my mother. A little dejected, as I made known of my desire to see them in front to the Lord, He instantly allowed me to see them vividly playing around in the field in front of the house but I unable to impose my will of kissing them which I absorbed silently. I kept enjoying seeing them for a considerable period of time while they were playing around to quince my thirst of seeing them in totality. By coincidence that time, there was a sudden charge of getting ‘free will’ or a desire sought for ‘Liberty’ amass and developed around the Globe for demanding Democracy as a matter of right by those under suffocation and the divided Germany had become unified.  However, my constant search for getting a clue of my last birth during my short stay at U.K was in vain being possibly barred from knowing. However, much later during early 2004, I had the feeling of the Lord desiring me to offer Him a little of rice once again being found the delivery of rice in small seal covers plenty at the house we occupied at Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India during fag end of my service career when I decided to leave the Company early, without ordering any.   Accordingly, as I offered Him a little of the same with a desire to see just a glimpse of my past life for getting some solace for living on, I could able to see my companion in front without knowing the name which left myself at a great curiosity and dilemma to search out. From that day I am continuing to offer Him a little of rice while I pray for the well being of my companion, the sacrifice of whom I can never repay. I however left the Company after fulfilling my long ambition of working at Assam by joining the new position for a day resisting verbal demand of submission of resignation/early retirement letter at Jodhpur, Rajasthan but bounded by commitment given earlier to the Management that time to leave the Company anyway and later settled down at Bangalore with the company of my daughters to derive some strength to live on.

During 2007 when I paid a short visit to USA from March 5th to March 12th ,2007 to stay in a shared room with my daughter who visited USA for an official work and stayed in Home stead, Maryland, Washington DC, I  felt the same sensation and joy while offering my daily prayers. When my family was insisting that I must purchase a woolen ware to beat the bitter cold at the destination prior to my leaving to USA, I  refused the suggestion to avoid the cost of buying saying that nothing shall happen to me. But my second daughter while brining in a nice ware to me for satisfying the members of my family commented that by the time I spent a day or two there, the weather there shall become warm enough to move around on shirt. It happened exactly the way she said together with me.  With six days of prayers during the week, I noticed a sea change in the weather pattern to bring advance the spring for celebrating the occasion together along with the dancing nature. It was surely an almost similar situation I faced in U.K. Till date I don’t know whether my trip to USA was fruitful or not. Possibly it provided me a chance to live on which is still to be materialized although waited anxiously.    

From my childhood to date, my prayers are everything to me to derive all enjoyment of life without any desire to be fulfilled. I was and I am always completely attached to my work as assigned to me from time to time by my fate. When I was pushed against the wall very hard through all available means, created most forcefully and coordinately from nowhere with all invisible hands joined to attack together, I found the ‘Lord’ weeping blood which made me left with no option but to leave the job I worked for throughout my career with total faithfulness and dedication. The wound was so deep and severe that nothing can compensate it now but one surely can deepen it further. While during the period from 1999 to 2004, I found my professional aspect brutality murdered, the period from 2004 to till date saw so much of painful experimentations on the dead body that the foul smell produced by it scared all to stop extending us any help to survive. I even found the release of the long pending P.F by the Company I served for my entire career, the nastiest or dirtiest one I am ever forced to handle to survive although it was most legitimately earned. My choice of permanently changing the place of residence form Assam to Karnataka to reduce the pain of me for my inability of seeing my parents due to poor financial condition and living on mercy of others even though both kept murmuring my name for weeks to see me even in unconscious state in a hospital at sibsagar, Assam prior to their leaving for heavenly abode, although could not eliminate my entire pain but it surely given me much of relief.  When my children unable to see the pain inflicted upon me and questioned the existence of the ‘Lord’ I so adored, all had the temporary experience of feeling Him to keep mum and to bear the pain silently with me. Their cries no doubt are always there at heart. 

 I expect that this little humble effort of mine to advertise the site through ‘Google Adwords’ in conjunction with ‘Web.Com’ shall enable me to earn something to live ourselves most ordinarily until I die. I believe it is a rightful means of earning without any encumbrances enforced upon me from any foreseeable sources as done purely  by myself without anyone’s assistances but to face the demand of the situation to survive with a little of dignity. Hopefully this shall spare me from using ‘B’ fund contribution of the Company towards my P.F, which is being kept apart most securely for returning to the concerned Company in course of time. A forceful use of the same to survive shall give me yet another death.

 All my actions I undertook to survive was known before hand to my younger daughter who borne acute pain to help me walk along. When I broke down ultimately unable to see the pain inflicted upon our entire family and made the last desire to the Lord to grant me to leave the world while offering my normal prayer in the evening time, I suddenly found all Gods assembled in front of me along with Lord Christ and Mother ‘Marry’. Mother ‘Marry’ with a smile told me that I have still have uncompleted works in hand and hence still my existence while other kept gazing at me. They suddenly disappeared before I made a comment on the desire passed or direction announced, the way all had appeared.

Accordingly Mother Marry and Lord Christ became a part of my prayer. Although mine’s one aspect is definitely killed, the other aspect is still in existence waiting for the ultimate release following completion of my assigned task made available to the world following publication of the same through ‘TIME’. Accordingly I am now eagerly waiting for my death to occur. To me I see no difference between a king and a beggar in the street and my dyeing anywhere either within the house with attention or in the footpath without attention makes hardly any difference as I consider the body is nothing but a lump of soil of no meaning whatsoever once dead.  I know I am just a most ordinary but independent human spice not bounded by any Nationality, area or locality but certainly belong to one who cares the Lord. I have no fascination towards earning of money which don’t befit my approach of respecting it the best.


All bodies are sacred in the sense that all entities are formed out of sheer love of living together to work and enjoy of the smallest and none has the authority to inflict harm for whatever reason as it tantamount to attacking the God ‘Who’ prevail equally in each cell or bacteria within but blessed to form a body unlike assorted cells or bacteria outside which are living alone still going through the cycle of birth and death but devoid of the love unlike in a body we all are holding. The bacteria outside is no doubt is also a body but trillions times smaller than what one is having at present as human beings. The love within which bound them together irrespective creed, cast, color or the way they always engage in meditation of the Lord without drawing any differentiation between the various organs  constantly carrying out different functions of the body from toe to the tip of the hair. While some are laboring hard than the other and yet remained in most peace and harmony to call the entire body as one. This is how a body develops. Our earth is one of which we all are constituents and related to each other, the way the body does within to become more knowledgeable and proceed further to see  much bigger of oneself. The aim is limitless. The more we go higher-up, the more we live along. The one who knows it following properly earning the knowledge with due devotion to ‘Lord’, he becomes the man of the God. The knowledge so received is the definition of absolute liberty in the positive sense and all are entitled by birth to claim it irrespective of system one is residing in.

The ‘Jihad’ means self sacrifice. But what is self sacrifice? The mind is the refection of the soul and is common for all and hence allowing the mind to take over by others for selfish use cannot constitute a self sacrifice. Again the body, which gives one a name constituted of trillions of living cells one different from the other in character maintained as well as in living style and continuously passing through same cycle of birth and death very much like ourselves outside and all are independent by themselves but bonded by love to remain as one and hence cannot belong to the entity that holds the body. This proves that the destruction of the body for whatever reason is tantamount to killing the Lord in trillions of forms. Once one does so, there cannot be a greater crime against the Lord. The body itself is either friend or foe to oneself depending upon one’s behavior towards it.  The brining down of the desire of the five senses to the bare minimum is the actual sacrifice one can offer to the Lord. If achieving of God is that simple, this creation would not have been there at all, the way the light when divulged almost absorbed the planet earth. Accordingly any action which dented the creation instead of restoring is a sinful act’. In other words any action that promotes the creation is a prayer to the God.

When we connect small, we called it a family outside, when we connect a little bigger we called it a community, when we called it a further little more, we called it either a State or a Country and when we think little wider, we find we all are part and parcel of ‘Mother Earth’ with all connected to each other. Going little further, our solar system is one in the Universe bonded to the cosmos with love. Therefore ‘Love’ is He and the opposite of the same is Devil. Once fallen into the hands of Devil, there is no escape route available to any but to remain as assorted outside for ever without getting a body to experience God.     

Although I belong to no particular religion, all religions are dearer to since all helped me in my search for Truth.

NOTE: With an intention of enlightening and delivering some feedback purely for pleasure of the soul of the readers from within and to instill a little sense of knowledge about Him, I am making this humble effort by republishing the same covering all chapters in one post  almost nearer the time and day I received the knowledge i.e. around 03AM Washington DC (Where I also offered prayer for a week long time) time although the month and year was different (Actual: Mid Feb, 1988) where my web site is Hoisted by ‘Web.Com’ and is sponsored by ‘Google’ USA, if God willing with recipients desire. The said narration is dedicated to ones whom I know and love most intensely all across the Globe.



During 1968, when I was at home following my sitting for second year Engineering Examination waiting for my examination result, I found my father impatient apparently looking for an appropriate answer for a difficult question in mind prior to handing over his charge of treasurer-ship of fisheries of the district which position he hold for a yearlong period to the next incumbent. The final Balance sheet when prepared was all the time found incorrect. Although my father was a renowned Accountant with a long experience in the line, he found himself short of knowledge to find what exactly gone wrong while he made the entries in the book. 

Seeing so and well understanding the confusion being so created, I requested my father to allow me to give a look at the paper he struggled with to find a solution as I was also studying the subject ‘Business Studies and Accountancy’ as a part of my college curriculum. When I had gone through the entries minutely one by one covering lot many pages engaging myself for the entire day, I found a good number of discrepancies in entries to find a surplus amount of Rs.1, 00,000.00 in the balance. When my father rechecked the entries by himself, he found my observation correct but wondered how it could happen. To, satisfy his mind I promptly offered my explanation that, the owner of the fisheries possibly out of gratitude deposited extra amounts to my father to ease the burden of acute shortage of fund that time being we all were in the college studying Professional courses. Since it was known to none and fishery association denied paying extra to my father when enquired afterwards, I suggested that we must construct our house first instead of spending the amount on other heads seeing the torn down condition of our simple and ordinary house where we were living .The house was in- fact in the blink of collapse but somehow standing to help us to face the situation, properly giving us a shed. When we removed the Pillars of our old house, we found that our entire old structure was hanging on the air and was surely would have collapsed had we waited a few days late to construct our new building.

Agreeing to my suggestion, he transferred the excess amount to a Building Materials Supplier immediately after his handing over his charge to the next incumbent and concurrently I made the plan of the house myself with a little of engineering knowledge and was waiting for the exact time to start the construction.

Out of sudden desire when I paid a visit to a nearby Mosque at a time when no one was available in the Mosque for repeating the general routine of mine of visiting Mosques occasionally to say the verse I knew from my college days, I found a cleric coming out from inside the Mosque to welcome me. He narrated that he came there from a faraway place for a short visit to the town to fulfill a dream of mine. He further told me that since I made a desire to construct our house, he was directed by ‘Allah’ to help us do the construction being he was an expert meson by profession and requested me not to asked for his actual identity which none knows. Being very much wondered about how he knew of my desire expressed a couple of days ago; I promptly agreed to the condition set forth before me and I took him to our residence but never discussed religion even for a single occasion when  even  I desired to sit for a debate. All he was saying was that all religions are same as and when I intended to know more about ‘Allah’, while we were working together for constructing the house brick by brick joining hand in hand. Although barred from discussing the unknown, I find the personality most gentle even towards the bricks he picks up to join. He had so much divergent knowledge of construction that we required none to help us additionally even concreting the roof of the house. His repeating the name of ‘Allah’ was continuous mostly within although totally engrossed in his work. While he was doing so both inside as well as outside I did it inside as usual but the effects were same. Accordingly I found him a perfect cleric who really knew ‘Allah’.

My father was an orthodox ‘Hindu’ but had a much bigger heart to accept other religions as somewhat equal and never resorted to criticizing others. Accordingly when I bought the Muslim cleric to home with some suspicion of non acceptance by my father, my father instead immediately accepted the proposal. From the very next day he stated the work without much of preparation and we worked almost round the clock to kick start the project. Although at the beginning the cleric was taking food with me only, he slowly after dispelling fear of an unknown personality and well establishing his beautiful character became a member of our family to dine together with us. The cleric break-off only at the night time to sleep at the Mosque to return next day morning. With a handful of laborers we almost completed the construction of the house within a month’s time bypassing all others who were also constructing their houses together in the area. Following a month’s time when our college reopened, I left home for the college to return after two weeks, the cleric took leave from our home never to return. Out of curiosity, I called in the Mosque again to find well being of the cleric, the staff there offered ignorance of him saying he was in the Mosque for about a month for sleeping and passing the night only and none knew about his identity from where he had come and where gone. But the structure built is still standing tall in the area, speaking volumes of love between opposite communities.  

A time gap cannot undo a major event like that is just narrated which should have become more perfect by itself over the passage of time to embrace each other with more love without deriving a differentiation amongst us irrespective the religion one holds. Why the current degradation of the love being displayed between two religions? Who is responsible? Are not we together? The intelligentsias who are wholly responsible for maintaining the order correct are now corrupting the minds of the general mass for selfish gain for securing power. The cleric cited embraced jihad to renounce one’s general hat-rate between religions even by renouncing his normal midday as well as evening prayers for the sack of his duties to complete the work within a month’s time. The cleric never demanded any wage but found pleasure dinning with us. Where than we lost the ‘ethic’ so strongly displayed by him? Are our present clerics having such depth of knowledge? A sacrifice in whatever form we called it must strengthen the love or bond between any two without any infusion of fear in the surrounding. By this definition, all jihadists’ slogans of frequently threatening the world with authority for waging wars against it and carrying out of destructive activities through state of art executions everywhere and within themselves are nothing but a deliberate action to destruct one’s most adored religion no matter with what rightful motive is cited to justify its action.



Following my meeting with the unseen, I became almost content with myself to go nowhere in search of Him but to see Him within and accordingly my visiting of any religious places were rare being found immensely blissful while praying at my home most ordinarily. Hence, my visits to religious places were always heavily restricted unless desired by the members of my family to do so, mostly for accompanying them. Again my visiting of temples or churches of Mother is almost absent all throughout my long walking to meet the unknown considering my ‘Divine Mother’ as dearest and closes one to me who continued and still continuing to guide me whenever I faced with difficulty to walk clean.            

During the middle of May, 2004 just about three months before I left my job and was at Jodhpur, Rajasthan still serving, something an unusual happened. Again in the morning time of one of the Sundays, I heard a clear voice of Mother from nowhere directing me to visit ‘Maa Vaishnodevi’ at once which I politely declined to obey immediately saying that I would surely make a visit to Her at the appropriate time without indicating a date in view of my heavy preoccupation of official works that time. As the call kept whispering in my ear continuously and I unable to move around without giving a concrete answer even up to mid day, I finally told that I would visit ‘She’ within a month time as soon as our both the daughters became free from their respective final Examinations who were studying that time at Bangalore as they would also accompany me. Within the next half an hour all our tickets were arranged without knowing whether our daughters would be free that time or not.

When I informed them about the visit, both declined my request saying that both of them shall have monthly but promised me to accompany up to ‘Katra’ the last landing point before leaving for the shrine and desired to stay in the Hotel nearby where we intended to stay overnight for shopping around. On hearing their plea, I commented that since the call was so strong and was first in my life, everything would be automatically arranged without giving them a pain.

Nearer the time of visit both missed their regular monthly for a week’s time which got delayed for the first time. Further by the time we were at ‘katra’ they were a fortnight late and decided to accompany me to the temple. While at the temple in the morning hours my second daughter took me around to visit ‘Her’ most orderly taking the entire day time before we duly returned to the hotel in the evening time. While my eldest daughter had monthly immediately after the visit, the second one had the same in the ‘Hotel’. Being tired walking whole day, I slept early to find the Devine Mother playing with me entire night time while I was on sleep like a mother playing with her son exactly alike Lord ‘Sri Krishna’ used to play with me in the night time until I was enlightened. I felt like visiting my mother after a long vacation. Following returning home, I found many small seal packets of basmati rice delivered to my home unordered when I knew the desire of the Lord.

After coming to Bangalore for final settlement, I heard a similar voice of that of Mother Marry calling me to a nearby church which I alone intended to visit after telling the members of my family of the incident. While I reported at the Church, I found a medium built man of the age about 50 years greeted me at the gate intending to know whether I was visiting the Church for the first time. While I nod my head in agreeing that it was really for the first time in Bangalore, I requested him to take to Church of Mother Marry. On the way he collected five candles as per my desire and proceeded straight to the prayer hall. After lighting five candles with help from him, I found a strong air current through the open window attacked the candles lighted as such by me leaving others undisturbed. However, the sudden gust of air unable to made any dent on the candles although it successfully dimed the light to an extent and momentarily but became brighter afterwards. After offering my prayer sitting next to him in a bench, I proudly returned to our daughter’s rented house. Following the incident, when running ourselves became unbearable and we struggled very hard to buy our daily meals, I was forced to offer my last prayer before opting to leave my earthly body. I however instantly found Mother Marry together with host of other Gods assembled in front of me to say that my work is still incomplete and hence my writings in ‘TIME’. That was the first time Mother Marry talked to me to give me a direction.

Also prior to my visiting USA, Maa Vaishnodevi’ again called me which I instantly carried out to see her exact cave of staying which was opened for that date only after a yearlong closure. I however still don’t exactly know whether my visit to USA is successful or not, the answer of which is most patiently waited. 




The ‘truth’ is invariably always engulfed with ignorance. This is an absolute nature of truth like the vapors that surrounds a flame. It expects that ignorance, which is often strong enough to knock out many a thought while trying to uncover, can only be overpowered by one’s self sacrifice which is not ‘Jihad’ of body but of up- keeping of the same in a befitting manner. Hence general human mind cannot understand the complications involved to do so. There bound to be limitless restrictions for a man or a community or a state or a nation, even for the world that needs to withstand all such illusions which distract one from uncovering a truth as faced. But ‘truth’ is much bigger and mightier than the world we live in   and is called ‘Almighty God’ and governs the ‘Just order’ where He prevails. He is the sole and single holly Spirit governing everything. He is neither male nor female. He is a mystery none knows except the ones who are totally devoted to Him. He knows nothing other than love and hence love is He.  

The soul and mind one carry, are the most precious possession one is having and is same for all. The mind is the refection of the soul and all knowledgeable although appear different from outside. Everyone by birth is free from all aspects so long one helps the creation to sustain its originality. The body one inherits is the result of thousand years of meditation and hence most sacred.

There is always an inherent element in each of us which recognize ‘Him’ within as well as outside and ever longing to be one. But the Lord is omnipresent and hidden within one in a way such that none can reach Him unless earned. As and when He is recognized, the entity shall instantly merge onto Him through sheer attraction of love. Hence if He is so easily achievable, this creation shall not have been there at all. There are all together 109 elements on earth that constitutes its mass. The smallest part of an element is its unique atomic structure of each which differentiates one from the other. If we go little further we find that each atom is alive with charged particles circling around the nucleus just like our solar system. Again each charged particle inside the nucleus as well as outside is independent by itself carrying exactly similar structure within. The system is limitless and infinite which none can find which we called zero. Further these atoms are invisible. How than a mass of invisible atoms can make a substance visible? Therefore the entire creation is imaginary and created out of illusions and He available everywhere without an exception and existed between two entities that of zero and infinity.  Hence it is untrue to the extent that it is destructible. Mother Earth is accordingly alive resting on a fireball inside and hence none has the authority to destruct any. A human body does not belong to the one who is carrying it and therefore any inflicting of injury in whatever form or manner is an act that tantamount to assaulting the Lord only in whatever name we called Him. We need to preserve His creation at all cost or in whatever way possible no matter how painful it is for one to bear the burden. Accordingly He is the only and absolute ‘Truth’ and others are imaginations only. When an unstable Uranium atom is disturbed by infusing an extra charge from outside, the extraordinary energy released in view of disturbing the order within may well be used either for peaceful purpose to ease the order to flow firmer or for making Nuclear Bombs to destruct ourselves. Similarly when an unstable mind is disturbed through outside feed, the entity becomes a potential danger to the society unless kept under control to use purposefully. This is exactly what vested interest are taking advantage of to wipe out human spice altogether from the earth misusing both unstable matter and the mind. 

The way one awakes up in the morning to find the other members of the family, the dyeing see the next existence either good or bad depending upon one’s actions done of oneself and hence an ordinary event to be faced by everyone alone.

An intention to change a system cannot have a hidden agenda. All systems have their own advantages and disadvantages. In all cases, the evil will try to take recourse to the remotest loophole to overpower the truth. Therefore, any or all uprising against a system cannot be violent. Any violence in any form or manner needs to be curbed. The ‘terrorism’ is a monster shaking the entire existence of this beautiful world, raised in the name of religion. No religion teaches destruction but encourage restoration only. Any one teaching opposite is wrong.

 There cannot be two Gods. When even at atom or space cannot exist without ‘He’ being present and govern by just a single force without colliding with each other, how foolish we are to consider there are hundreds of Gods, one different from the other and constantly equating one with the other and drawing a fighting amongst us from nowhere! The way a ‘6’ can be made ‘9’ just by making upside down, with a negative mind one can always misinterpret any ‘pronouncement’ of a noble thought. This is the definition of a devil.

 The Babylon civilization is one of the oldest civilizations of the world grown in parallel or alongside with other renowned civilization existed in the globe that time. How then such knowledgeable people become tyrant against human civilization? The most subtle and sensitive part of human being is the mind which is constantly seeking the ultimate truth with or without much of successes but is same for everyone and are interconnected. The entire human kind in earth is just one family. The weak mind now is twisted and entwisted by the devil taking recourse to various means including that of religion. Unless these elements are stuck down with iron hand, there is no way one can save this beautiful world from destruction? The elements that are terrorizing the world in the name ‘Jihad’ is an outburst of one person’s nasty desire to secure power only. Those innocents sacrificing their lives are causing their soul and body exposed to the uncertainty of getting a body in future for doing the worst sin of destroying their hard earned bodies consisted of trillions of living cells bounded together by love prevailing within.

No one has right to kill or hurt or humiliate anyone no matter how powerful one is or was without any valid reason or cause. Peace is opposite of war but both are concurrent. If one needs to prevail over the other, there will be universal disorder. Peace will not be there unless you win over evil. Within one, this process is going-on unstopped from the day one is conceived till the day one die. If it is not there, one will always be an ailing man unable to perform. Accordingly if you cannot eliminate evil by external force, it will haunt you inside. This is exactly what is happening now. We are becoming more and more afraid to face the situation citing reasons of self-protection. Are we not then helping terrorism to grow? Beware it will also engulf all sooner than the later unless we give a brave fight.

Power is attached to truth. Wherever truth is there, the power is automatic. If there be any misuse, the country is bound to fall apart. On whose power and technology a part of the globe is rich? It is not definitely the same nation or the area that contributed towards this richness. Why then, the country for whom they are proud of directly or indirectly offered the knowledge is doubted? It is not money but a maturity and accurate thoughts with knowledge that carry the reflection of identify of a noble nation. A single person is enough to do so. He might need to face the world alone but cannot be defeated. We see such powerful personalities still existed on earth whom we yet to indentify.



When we find someone simple, truthful, orderly and accurate we often prefer to call him or her as God fearing personality to befit the character one beholds or possesses. But is it a correct phrase to describe someone noble? No, it is woefully wrong to say so. When one’s actions are govern by fear, how one can be free and fair? Most importantly how this entity can be nearer to God, a source of most intense love without an equal?

‘Terrorism’ is a source of fear and hence when one is hunted, he instantly bounded by strict definition of movements with all actions locked for performing within a set boundary  or within a restricted zone which is often remotely controlled by others having vested interest for not getting caught. Accordingly when we termed a good personality ‘God fearing’, he or she instantly lost the character we adore and became an ordinary losing everything to the surroundings. The equating of such personality as fearful therefore is wrong. A decent one who recognizes love which is self illuminating can never be bounded by any boundary but always free. It is an ever radiating flow of light which is beyond definition being incomprehensible. In a pure love nothing is attached and is so powerful that it can malt the hardest within seconds.

When one is bounded by a boundary, he or she is always fearful of reprisal in case of overstepping the boundary set. As far as physical body is concerned, one is surely bounded by the boundary to impose one’s will on the others. But the soul and mind which is same for everyone but hold different properties for each as absorbed from the outside or from surrounding where one is adopted to often forced us to draw a differentiation between ourselves or between each other which in-fact don’t exist.

Since the source of the soul is none but ‘Lord’ only it is automatically govern by great attraction to the source of Love either to merge with or to receive bliss continuously without a break, fear cannot exist between the two. When one recognizes and loves the love radiated from the source, it rebounds with infinite bliss. Therefore the use of the term ‘God fearing’ to describe a beautiful one is certainly wrong. When one is coming home following a long stay outside, he or she is always be delightful and not hunted by fear of repercussions but of love.

The Devil is surely God fearing who always intends to carry out his mischievous works endlessly through using of one’s senses to disturb the general order more often than not crossing his limits to derive utmost pleasure although draws power from the same one God. Nothing exists without ‘He’ available but appropriately hiding Himself in all in varying degrees depending upon one’s character.

Love is always blind. It requires no rules and regulation to move around to approach the source. When someone is tied up to something due to the action of the five senses, the love becomes diluted to produce the desired effect. There are infinite number of objects in the Universe, none is fouling with another to break the set order although free to do but bounded by sheer love to maintain the order to remain ever blissful. Has there been more than one source of power that is governing the Universe, there should have been constant collusion with each other or with one another to claim supremacy by one over the other to control. 

A small or miniature cell or bacteria or a small insect or an individual or the earth or the solar system or finally the Universe is body with all gifted with adequate number of senses to derive pleasure out of the job performed by oneself to become content with and for keeping the creation intact with none has right to restore to violence but living together through acute exchange of love.

When a small cell or bacteria live in peace with the surrounding as well as inside, it immediately becomes entitled to take a bigger body to live with equal intensity of love both within as well as outside for further growth until and unless ‘Truth’ is divulge. When a body begins to grow, the entity acquire more and more knowledge to know the order still further until such time it restore to self destruction for whatever reason when it needs to start afresh to begin the journey from dot. This is how human body developed to the present stage.

In all bodies irrespective of size or type or manner of existence, it holds trillions of tiniest living cells within bounded by love radiated from a single source outside to form the outer body and each individually inside to maintain its tiniest body well enough to distribute ‘Love’ and therefore the order within is supreme and cannot be broken through outside desire or will. When the cells become short of ‘Love’ within and start living assorted for whatever reason, the body suddenly becomes ailing or disturbed to degenerate itself. When we joined hands between ourselves outside just like the cells within to form a bigger body, we start forming various bigger groups to designate us as such. As an entity, one can only extend gestures in whatever way or manner one desires to convey a massage or desire by taking the help of outside posers. When one intends to move around, he or she takes the help of the legs to walk around. When one is hungry, the entity takes food from outside to feed within without constituting a change. This is an absolute order none can destruct.  Since none can impose a desire within except from giving a feed without any certainty of   absorbing by the body, how one can claim a body of one’s own? Therefore, a body represents nothing but ‘Love’ only and most sacred. The fact is that all of us are alone near a source of ‘Love’. The one who can find the source of ‘Love’ within hidden in varying depth for each depending upon one’s actions, the entity becomes suddenly blissful to see God everywhere.

When we reciprocate the love in small amount, we called it a family although everyone is alone and separate. With more spreading of love one holds, it forms a community or a state or a country or a continent or the entire ‘Mother Earth’. Accordingly all entities that constitute the Nature are interconnected and interdependent and must join hands with each other to see our ‘Mother Earth’ shinning everywhere. Let us call ourselves a mass of living cells without bringing in differences amongst us either due to Religion, creed or cast or Nationality or where one resides or the way one is maintaining one’s life through whatever assignment one is performing to see ourselves just having one body of the mother ‘Earth’ to find the difference between who we are considering ourselves now everywhere without an exception and what exactly we are as per definition of the Nature. Therefore no Nation or a State or an individual has the right to ransack the prevailing order to derive benefit to a small group whom one represent without earning but stealing everything from others through dubious means.



God is everywhere. He is omnipresent, omnipotent & omniscient. He is neither male nor female. He is absolutely a neutral Power of absolute nature and the ‘Holiest’. He is the zero and He is the infinity. He is within one’s as well as outside. He is the pure of purest, dirty of the dirtiest, but still nowhere. He is above all the virtues or vices and much beyond comprehension. He represents nothing but Love only.  Whom or whichever He likes, all automatically becomes powerful and rules over the other decently maintaining a perfect order. Whenever His power is misused, one is bound by its consequences and shall face degeneration followed by ultimate destruction befitting each occasion.  A devil doing a service to Him by helping His creation to develop builds a better relationship than the Angles. He is always complete and full-filled irrespective of how much is flowing out or coming-in either to join or is pouring out to form various characters with-in the universe  as well as outside. He is a mystery. No one other than Himself knows Him. The entire universe in one form or the other is meditating on Him.  No books written in whatever form or how big cannot describe Him and hence it is meaningless to fight amongst ourselves to claim or disclaim any thought that carry a meaning to many.  He is the sole cause, no matter whether it is happening inside the nucleus or outside. The cause of all causes that is happening or had happened or which shall happen in future within the Universe is ‘He’ only.

There are as many as 109 elements to form the mother earth and its surroundings.  Each element is made of atoms having a particular property or properties of each and hence distinct from each other. The atom is consisting of a nucleus which is commanding the electron to move around it carrying the positively charged ‘proton’, negatively charged ‘electron’ and neutral ‘neutron’ together outside and charged particles inside the nucleus.  Since all atoms have controlled movement, it cannot be said that they are dead but very much alive. Again these charged particles both inside as well as outside have their independent nucleuses. The order is infinite and hence without an end. Within-in the earth itself, so many activities are going-on including it sitting on a fire ball and hence the Earth is also very much alive.

If you see the atom that is responsible to produce all matters that are visible but inactive to move around, how we say that we are real? Further, one’s body is also nothing but matter but alive. Accordingly, if we go for much deeper meaning, the earth is an illusion and not existing so also the universe.  These are all illusions but full of potential powers of the LORD. Entire Universe is ‘He’ only and nothing else since no one other than Him can create either an atom or a living cell or a vacuum in any form and manner.

By a small fraction of His huge and unlimited power, He created this Universe. Who knows how many more universes are there? Since nothing existed without an opposite, why not another universe very much available, if not more?   He is so powerful that nothing can compare Him.             

The materials, plants, living and nonliving, closed or void are all His creations.  All in their unique way are praying Him to be one with Him.  If it is otherwise the stone would not have melt hearing sweet music coming-out through a unique ‘raga’ from Tansan’s Tanpura (Musical Instrument), the greatest musician of Mughal Empire.  The plant would not grow taller and bear more fruits when one sings the glory of God near it.  The animal world would not have unnecessarily harmed someone who is pure in heart. The great saint ‘Mahaveer’ could not possibly tame the poisonous snake when attacked. Everyone no matter how much tiny or how much big existed either alive or stationary without life is constantly meditating on Him while doing their assigned jobs.  Therefore, God prevail everywhere. A child when born normal is in equilibrium state.  He is joyful and full of energy of all and every kind. All organs within him functions most independently without assistance or interference from anyone.  God dwells in him and hence ever potential.

Now consider one of ourselves.  Which one out of the three prominent characteristics we are considering ourselves represents the word ‘I’. Is one’s body or the mind or the soul one represents? All three are being interrelated and interconnected; none can select one leaving the other two.  Within one there are Trillions of living cells carrying out their respective duties independently of what one desires or wish.  They are tiny cells going through the process of life and death, production and reproduction and constantly following a certain set of rules.  They are not inert but alive and active. Nothing can move unless some force act on it in one way or the other. This hold well for all irrespective whether living or non-living.  The force or energy within oneself is a subtle part of the Almighty God.  According to one’s action, thought and behavior, these living tiny cells act and behave themselves. If you think ‘Divine’ and act in way ‘He’ desires, the entire body will be in peace and harmony and strengthen you to be more powerful to achieve your ultimate goal and unite with no other than the Creator.

Why we consider the heart the main source of ‘Love’ even though various organs within the body are bounded by separate love, one different from the other to make one an independent entity much away from the total mass within but functioned as one? The conversion of food into blood cells takes place within the intestine after thoroughly processed by digestive system to make the blood system active within leaving nothing stored for them for back-up which the ‘heart’ feed to the entire within the body equally without an exception from tip of the head to the toe. The heart with relentless efforts released the entire cells within the after purifying in the kidney keeping nothing extra for it although fully control the system displaying an unqualified love to the entire to remain together as one. Hence nothing of the three represents one but it certainly represents same one God everywhere and interconnected. Entire human spices represent a single body of the ‘Mother Earth’ in a narrower sense and all existed seen or unseen, living or non living under closed or open are part of the ‘Mother Nature’.

Both good and evil are ‘His’ creation. While your good action will take you to evaporate the evil and carry you to higher and higher position to unite with Him, the evil one will have to face the cycle of birth and death without any direction to move struggling to overcome the barriers they create for themselves.  When the evil become stronger than good, the God incarnate Himself to destroy the evil and when good become stronger, peace descend and harmony amongst us start prevailing.                           

Now consider this world, see His manifestations in limitless manner and type. Each one is helping each other to contribute to sustain a peaceful environment.  When Sri Sri Ramkrishna Param Hansa became unconscious when he saw the white bird (Swan) flying against the background of black cloud covering the area for an imminent rain, he suddenly became mesmerized. He cried ‘O God’, how kind-full ‘You’ are to give me a chance to witness ‘Your’ creation.  This environment is most important to us. Do not harm or try to alter it without a good cause.  Only human race is responsible for its degradation.  Do not destroy the nature gifted to all of us to amass wealth citing limitless noble causes.  The green house effect is the result of all such action; we are taking recourse to constantly indecent actions without knowing about the consequences.  Why not we preserve it for future generations too? In the name of securing power to rule, let us cage none but grant liberty to enjoy of the Nature. 

Science is nothing but revelation of some minor causes already occurring since inception of the universe.  More and more of such so called inventions are yet to come to keep the mankind busy and to give us a temporary pleasure.  This is more of a necessity than a requirement to keep everybody moving with time. Love God not out of fear that He is most powerful and unchallengeable one but for His eternal relationship with every soul, the origin who is full of bliss, kindness, sweetness Vastness of love, most peaceful, most knowledgeable, most pure, limitless owner of nectar to enable one to carry-out cosmic dance forever. He is our eternal Father for which our intense love and desire is required through powerful mediation and devotion without attachments to see and merge with Him.

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Anything which is born bound to die, no matter how much care one takes.  Yes, one can prolong the life of the same as a fulfillment of one’s desire.  It is already adequately been explained how GOD is present everywhere irrespective of in which form or manner one is a part of it, be it  matter, space or life and hence omnipresent but still away from every body’s reach.  He no doubt divulges Himself to selected few who are pure and constantly praying Him without being selfish.

There is no particular method, thought or direction that will lead to Him. Each is different from the other in style as well as in way or nature how one approaches Him, the way none of us are exactly alike. It be known to everyone that, the mind which direct one to go to prayer or the desire which arose within to perform a prayer,   the offering of foodstuff one is making, the flower one is decorating with, the ornaments one is putting to wear, the holy books one is reading, the perfume being put around, the fragrance of incent sticks, the candle one is lighting, the thread within the candle to light, the match box one use to light the candle, the stick carrying the  phosphorous paste to produce light through friction for lighting the candle,   the stanza from Holy Book one is chanting, the mat or cousin or bench one is sitting, the Drum one is beating, the song one sings to glorify the God, are no other than He only.  To whomever, whatever way one prays, He will accept it and shower His blessings in whatever form or manner as one desires, provided one’s cause is noble. Since ‘He” is present in all atoms limitlessly between zero to infinity, everything is ‘He’ only. Whenever one discusses about Him with likeminded people in any surrounding, everything responds and become charged with power.  Hence there is nothing wrong in praying an ‘idol’.  The idol will automatically charge with power of ‘God’. A sudden aghast in one’s mind is also none other ‘He’ only for taking a test.

One cannot devoid of making a sin.  There are thousands if not millions of tiny cells dying in every step one is taking to move around, some of which are praying Him intensely while carrying out their assigned duties. Every tiny cell is a living body only exactly similar to each of us but in a miniature form, a trillion times smaller than us.  Hence no one is perfect except Him.  However, in actual sense one cannot kill anybody.  If one does, it will instantly take another body and hence never destroyed. Energy only transforms itself from one form to the other without depleting, destroying or dying. Accordingly no one, even those who think doing the right bound to make unintentional sin or mistake. Therefore, the near perfect ones who develop the character over time through their fruitful actions can only be able to cross the sin of sea being duly pardoned. Even the heavenly bodies knowingly or unknowing make mistakes. The rare of the rarest devil whose prime duty is to create disorder can expect a grant to grow higher up by doing his job most faithfully without crossing the boundary set  with endlessly mediating on Him. The others no doubt shall fall apart through doing of repeated mistakes intentionally. When angles become proud of them, the devil dethrones them. The reverse happens when Devil dances over good. If anybody is doing well, it is all due to Him.  Once any crosses the limit of misuse, it bound to fall apart.

There are altogether eleven Gravitational Constants and twelve set orders in energy form apart from single source of automatic creation that keeps the entire creation intact. Out of eleven gravitational Constants and of twelve basic orders that constitute all entity lying between zero and infinity, one of each is free whom we called ‘God’. The source of creation is also a constant with Holiest one always hidden and hence cannot impose its will on any other irrespective of whether inside or outside although a part of an entity. All the three power points i.e. Gravitational Constants, Basic orders and the availability of an entity, represent the ‘Holiest One’ but while the former two are all knowledgeable, the later is absent of knowledge. All living beings or entities on earth belong to the third category.  However all three are bonded by Love and none can separate one from the other. Since most of the forces that constitute an entity are constants, all abuses on an entity from outside are absorbed bearing the pain inflicted without a revolt. While, the One Who is free out of eleven Gravitational Constants often absorb pain although the cause of all destructions within the Universe when one becomes violent, the One Who is free out of twelve Basic orders mostly responsible for setting a distorted order right incarnates from time correct to time and none can assault Him beyond a point. Unless we know at-least one of the two, the knowledge earned can never be absolute and one’s unsettled mind shall continue to remain same or so, even though He is around. While ‘Lord Christ’ represents the former, ‘Lord Gautama Budha’ represents the later as His last incarnation.  But the ones who see the ‘Holiest one’ prevail in all the three; the entity is the perfect amongst the Nobles. There are three types of spiritual Leaders with distinct way of approaches to guide one to know the ‘Holiest’ one within as well as outside of oneself. While the first two are unseen, the last is one amongst us. Since the ‘knowledge of creation’ is short to know Him, the guidance of many spiritual leaders taking such positions purely through collecting of knowledge from books are away from perfect being also the seeker of ‘Truth’ and hence often resort to drawing of differences amongst us more in the name of Religions one beholds. Let we all know that none got enlightened through knowledge but by praying in silence within and alone where the other two aspects are available through complete devotion taking the mind as the guide which also as knowledgeable being refection of the soul. One’s rightful questioning of the mind is required to know both within to draw their guidance. Knowledge only allows one to take part in debates being He beyond knowledge. He represents nothing but Love. But Love is always blind and has no definition.

The creation cannot know the ‘Holiest One’ being hidden most appropriately. If by chance ‘creation’ know Him, the entire entity that holds the creation shall merge on to Him due to intense attraction of the Lord. Why new born children cry? When the Lord suddenly becomes hidden and nowhere to find, the baby cries to become involved in the creation and a laughter possibly mean a non separation between the two indicating a short duration of life. Accordingly, the spiritual Leaders of the this category are often inaccurate in their teaching as fed  to the followers either due to lack of knowledge on the part of the spiritual Leader or on the part of one who is receiving it being immature to absorb. Therefore an extraordinary pupil may be more knowledgeable than the so called Spiritual Leaders if one is steadfast in approach following abstracting the correct meaning of each ‘word thought’ alone through labor and not through feeds from outside as everyone has his unique way of sense to communication within.    

If one is existed, the opposite of it shall also exist somewhere equally powerful and strong.   While one individual is enough to destroy the world, the just enlighten one can guide the world for a spiritual and prosperous future. In order to save the world from an imminent collapse, Lord Siva, the freer One out of eleven Gravitational forces, of whose incarnation is Lord Christ had once drunk the poison ‘Halahal- the supreme poison’ for giving a lease of life to the Nature.  Similarly Lord Christ crucified Himself to wash away the sin done by human community as a whole. Although the action was capable of hurting, Lord drunk the poison to show His kindness on us.  He could have well directed the poison elsewhere within the universe since He is the incarnation of the ‘supreme being’ amongst the Eleven Gravitational Constants and hence both nectar and poison are His creation.  Likewise Lord Christ took the pain of crucifixion although, the cross and nail shaped by us were none other than He only.  The nail would have refused to harm or even touch Him since it is His creation in atomize form only. Still He took the pain just to give the ‘Current generation’ a lease of life once again.

The freer One out of twelve standing orders already took  as many as nine incarnations representing the existence of equal numbers of planets in the solar system either to humble or to kill the Demons and to salvage the righteous.  Since our actions are becoming more and more self centered and ferocious in nature to harm each other as we are progressing ahead into the unknown future, we are continuously hurting Him through ransacking His  creation by  taking recourse to all available means . Our continuously invoking His anger shall see the sudden destruction of the creation sooner than later unless we behave ourselves.

He is the gravity and antigravity (Black Hole).  There are unaccountable numbers of systems similar to our solar system doing their respective duties following a particular set of rules.  Breaking any rule by any one will automatically become the cause of destruction for others being all interconnected for the mistake of one. No one is supposed to break rules assigned to him unless He desires otherwise.  Human beings are reflection of Him through one’s mind. Hence one’s body is most sacred.  We all are given the liberty of playing with His creation mostly through the material world in whatever way or form one desires to keep ourselves busy. Although He exists in every nucleus in stabilize form yet He is nowhere.  As and when one desires, He takes the form strictly following a particular set of rules having different properties and nature like the incarnation of ‘half human and half Lion’ when his ardent devotee was hunt.

When one is totally devoted, a fraction of it becomes known to one either material or spiritual. When it is connected to matter a school of thought called it as science.  This is not permanent but bound to perish although there shall be more and more inventions to help us advance in material world.  He is everywhere and often binding Himself to give us earthly pleasures of many natures. Those who are spiritual, they enjoy His ever weakening, unlimitedly resourceful, undying, loving, blissful, evergreen spirit who is beyond time and space and He is father of all of us.  He is universe of Love.  When one approaches Him with intense desire and devotion, He will definitely reveal to the entity in due course of time. He is the only priceless and the ultimate wealth one can acquire which never depletes but grow automatically with time in limitless pattern.

By doing miracles or to resort to miracles, none can divulge Lord but nurturing of the simple general order surely is a way. By resorting to do miracles, none can prove His presence but is an act for distancing oneself from the source of Love. Any doing of miracle is an assault to the general order and hence tantamount to a crime only being ordering the Lord to do a change by imposing an outside desire which may not necessarily of His. Let it happen by itself through the desire of the unseen to develop our unselfish love towards Him. When one falls in love, any acceptance in return corrupts the relationship and it suddenly becomes impure.



The Lord of the Lords, with whom Supreme Being the ‘Holiest One dwells’ constantly without taking a blink, the sole one among the Eleven Gravitational Constants, the all mighty Lord Siva Whose recent incarnation is ‘Lord Christ’ is blissfully watching and observing the universe remaining unmoved and sitting in a poser in the same position but presenting Himself everywhere with nothing missing to demand a repercussions of our actions undertaken amasses. Nothing is more beautiful than ‘Lord Christ’. He is the only source of all beauties and hence the entire beauty of the beautiful. Why than we are nurturing the beauty from outside in the skin without looking for the source inside? Are not we all mad than?

The knowledge of the knowledgeable ones, the wisdom of the intellectual ones, the science of the scientists, the music of the musicians, the mother and father of all beings is an ocean of kindness, most knowledgeable, blissful, peaceful, most pure, most loving, overflowing, ever holding the source of continuous nectar to shower upon one, who loves Him with a pure heart.  He is the most beautiful one in the universe, full of truthfulness, virtuous and second to none. He is much beyond the earthly definitions being beyond time and space. He is the ultimate gravitational force that keeps the electron to move around the nucleus, the various planets to move around the sun, all the stars in the universe to move around in a way unique to each following a perfect set of rules without colliding with each other and continuously moving in a manner as desired by Him.

He is most powerful antigravity. So He is also called the ‘Black hole’. When any system behaves erratic amass from the atom to planets and stars, He swallowed or absorbed it to force a reborn for covering the same journey once again from the beginning. Therefore He is called the Destroyer.   

Consider the ‘matter’. If He is the force that keeps the electron moving around the nucleus  in an atom and a mass of atoms form a particular element, a mass of which form a matter, than  how it is possible to construct and build something unless He desire so or He Himself becomes a part of it? Everything you see or taking pleasure out of doing something great, which cannot happen unless and until He desire so to keep oneself busy. The moment He desires, everything will disintegrate and merge into Him.  This is why even a dry leaf cannot fall down unless he commands.   See how unstable uranium U-235 from which plutonium U-238 or plutonium U-239 is made, the main constituent of production of atom bomb behaves when one strike the order. When we make the atom of plutonium more unstable by infusing additional charge from outside, it results into a nuclear chain reaction, which produces tremendous power emitting radiations all around.  The atom bomb will not explode if He desire otherwise. Such thermal reactions are continuously taking place in all the stars that are radiating light.  Now, see the power behind every atom that keeps them stable and also the earth habitable to create the all wonderful nature through interaction of sheer Love. Neither any so called physical poser to excite one’s power points can draw the attention of the Lord nor can the singing of the Glory of God without love attached invoke the God’s grace. None can hijack Him doing as such. The actual devotee prays when the others are on sleep and sleeps when the others are engaged in works keeping the faith hold intact. Accordingly no Religion is better than the other but all are same or similar and hence dedication is only important. Why we forsaking interaction with the source of Love available everywhere except in our clouded minds? Why we are not cleaning our minds of the dirt available and drawn just from the surroundings and artificial? The nature is given us as a gift for enjoyment and bind altogether and not presenting itself to destruct ruthlessly by us amass everywhere. When a small disorder can make havoc, our continuous ransacking the set order bound to produce a equally detergent effect unless we correct ourselves soon to make the order correct once again. 

He is taking a parallel part with that of Lord Vishnu, the Supreme one amongst the twelve standing orders in holding the abode of the Supreme Being to keep the creation intact.  One is part of other and is inseparable from one another. When one prays ‘One’ out of the Two with right devotion, the other automatically shall become associated with it as and when the Love exchanged becomes pure.  There are no differences between the Two.  When one is deeply concentrates on the ‘Holiest’, one bound to see both His forms together.

Any inventions, be it a cycle, motorbike, an automobile, an aero-plane, Rocket, a space vehicle, the medicine, constructions etc. are all His manifestation of His vast material world. If one deeply concentrates on something, there bound to be a result. If one’s cause is good, the entity is always rewarded.

Now imagine the universe, about the creator who created it out of His fraction of His power for a fraction of time, how it is possible to know Him? Although he is beyond everything present within the Universe, still He is blissfully present within the nucleus of the nucleuses. One needs to Devote sometime for Him to understand Him either through praise or singing His glory, to draw love from within no matter how much noble work one is carrying out.

The aspects, the freer one of the Eleven Gravitational forces and the one free of the twelve standing orders are constantly are all the time in awaken condition for monitoring all actions, one undertakes to carry on one’s life. Nothing is hidden to Him.  They are alive and point of power of love although remaining constant. The ardent devotee prays in silence while others are engaged very much living amongst us together.  There is no sin greater than to distort and pervert religion to help one to gain authority.  Human being is unconsciously or consciously attached to Him. Even when a distorted thought is given, people in general accept it. A crowd can be drawn and motivated in opposite direction by so called evil forces depriving all of us from experiencing love of the great and supreme Soul. Devil attacks the human being to motive us towards Him.  Such people who draw crowd to mislead people attack the very existence of ‘Lord’. The greatest temple of Him is inside very individual, how someone other can command Him.  Pray Him by overpowering our ignorance through properly questioning the mind and stop ourselves from doing evil.  Allow the light to enlighten you.   The universe is within you so also each other. Once one is enlightened the entity shall see Him everywhere.  Unless we remove ourselves the dirt, He shall never disclose, no matter how intense our prayer is. Let us not be confused like the dear who runs every nook and corner of the deep forest to find the source of profound and sweet perfume of ‘Kastori’ which was coming-out from nowhere but from within her own navel until she die searching. While in the Dear’s case the cause was inside, in case of almighty He is everywhere.

If any misguided forces become powerful ‘He’ gets hurt and the outcomes have to be faced by everyone, not only the entire human community but by the entire system with whom all are associated.

The freer of both the Gravitational forces and the standing orders are inviting all of us to experience Him through our engagement in good works which is different for each of us and for ultimate merging onto Him.  Let all of us be good enough to extend help to each other to expand to experience Him better and not resort to violence of any short irrespective whether outside or within to reduce ourselves to non entity.  Once this is achieved, this world shall become instantly heaven like.

Lord Hanuman was born from a virgin. When Lord Hanuman refused to accept the gift of jewels offered by the concert of Lord Rama following conquering the Demon King ‘Ravana’ in gratitude to all who took part directly or indirectly in the battle, He crashed every jewel so offered placing the jewels carefully one by one between the jaws or the teeth to confirm His presence in it. Being unable to find the Lord anywhere other than sitting in His heart, He tore open His heart to prove the same allowing the heart to bleed profusely but healed by itself by the power of Love displayed between Him and the Lord. He even refused to accept other incarnations of the same Lord. Although Lord was very much available at both the places His faith hold supreme. That was the degree of Love between Him and the Lord. Even Lord bowed to His wishes as a reciprocation of Love between them. Accordingly all faith holds by one towards one’s Religion is correct in the sense that, it can only lead one to a higher plane irrespective of whether correct or incorrect. Hence additional demands to do miracles to pronounce one’s position correct are may not be that necessary but nevertheless a faith is a faith one is having and hence holds supreme. Let us not find complex meanings of ‘word thought’ to divide our Religions further but let us do so to unite ourselves. A faith is important on hold on to advance although nothing other than the presence of the ‘Holiest’ One everywhere is true. Since the Truth or Love or the ‘Lord’ is beyond knowledge, all debates or arguments to prove or disproved His presence are imperfect including the current ‘Write-up’ which is just making an attempt to make the fact simple to understand. Accordingly Love is beyond description and knowledge.    

The desire to change one’s religion to other is a sign of an unsettled mind and is a reflection of one’s weakness in approach. All religions are same or similar. The way, a scientist keeps his thought or thanking in a particular subject to unfold the order inside, if one keeps questioning the mind to divulge the Truth, it shall one day bow to the request to release one’s greatest wealth lying within but kept most securely for becoming ever blissful. Therefore there are no rules or regulation to approach the Lord although a faith organizes it in the best way to walk ahead. This entire Universe is untrue but an illusion only. The truth is He only. Accordingly a steadfast faith on one without raising confusion only shall lead to Him. Let it take its own time to divulge. None has the authority to kick a standing stone in anger not to speak of hurting others including own self. This is nothing but an assault on the Lord. 



Religion is just a belief and a faith on the unseen ‘Who’ created the creation from Himself with each entity governing by a certain set of rules, one different from the other depending upon one’s own position and power which one beholds, through one’s earnings while going through the process of evolution irrespective of whether or not the entity is living or non-living. Any overstepping of the set boundary most accurately assigned to each one of us, done for whatever reason bound to attract a disturbance everywhere. Accordingly the way each one is different; our approach to the Lord is also different in advancing ourselves in our silent prayers to Him directing within although the basic cause is same for all. While the spiritual leaders outside are often handicapped to show ourselves the exact path to choose from limitless, the inside power is free and flawless in guiding one to select most appropriate path apart from the teachings from outside but often full of obstacles to derail one in every step taken for advancement. Accordingly, the outside assembly in a prayer Hall is a mare imposing of a discipline to oneself to arrest the mind from limitless expansion for meeting endless desires. Hence, one’s actual temple or the Church is within to pray silently while engaging oneself to his or her assigned task.

A living being is an entity consisting of limitless numbers of similar living cells inside to form various organs and again each tiny living cells that constituted the different parts or organs formed exactly alike with infinite number of  orders within or inside but hold in place through radiating of ‘Love’ to live together without any consideration of divisions on any grounds but joyfully joined together for nothing other than attraction attached to each other through absorbing radiation of ‘Love’ from the heart to tie-up with each other, for building a much bigger entity of a single individual. The entity produced as such have much better knowledge to understand and experience the ‘Lord’ by relentlessly questing of the mind which is one’s most beautiful possession . Depending upon one’s maturity, it may even consume one’s entire life to carry forward to the next. The turbulences created by such unknown quarries which often left unanswered by the mind being an entity not matured enough to absorbed during a particular journey or life for seeking the truth never ends with one’s death but it becomes  an object of brilliance while completing one’s journey to the Lord in future in the next life.

The assorted living cells abundantly available in the surroundings are although similar and alike cannot form a body or live in a group since the ‘Love’ prevailing inside is locked so much so that they cannot see the similar ones living little separately as none other than it only and hence always remain in isolation and invade others who are successful in constituting a body taking advantage of weaknesses developed by an entity mostly drawn from the surroundings while one grows up. Unless and until ‘Love’ overcomes their ego and false reasoning for sacrificing their bodies, none can constitute a bigger entity but remain so for ever with cherished desire unfulfilled to form a body. When someone is deciding to renounce one’s body citing whatever reason including that of ‘Jihad’, such entities shall revert to such states even after struggling endlessly for ever to form a body as existed earlier. They shall remain assorted without seeing a success for getting a direction to advance but shall carry a body of another illusion to infuse fear to others who are on the right path of progress. While all bodies volunteered to do as such shall see a complete death to become assorted bodies, the others who sacrificed shall reborn without an effect inflicted. This is neither a seeking the ‘Lord’ nor a sacrifice to the cause of a Country to uphold its so called value but a cowardly act to renounce one’s gifted body altogether never to reborn ever. One’s own Religion is the best to march ahead in one’s search for the Unknown. No numbers of prayers without the right devotion but hatred fulfilled can produce any useful result no matter how loudly one sings the Glory.

 The cells within a body are living and alert and continuously engaged for a purposeful causes unless and until the body dies when it convert itself once again to matter without much of a value from outside. It is generally the character and properties of a single cell that normally governs the body unless and otherwise join together with others to identify. As and when it happens, the body becomes most purified and perfect to radiate ‘Love’ outward as well, apart from maintain the body inside though sheer distribution of love. Further, the said entity starts receiving higher consciousness to experience a difference of rightfully growing-up.  

When one visits a place of worship, the said entity carries a character and properties of a single cell to join with few others in a group to offer prayers together. But when one joins others within, he is assembled with trillions of similar cells to form a limitlessly larger group to offer prayer either to disburse or to radiate ‘Love’ within as well as outside when he shall see no difference between various entities other than bonding through ‘Love’ between them. This is basic and actual definition of prayer which can create miracles. Even alone such personalities keep the creation intact to draw nectar from nowhere to grant lease of life to all of us. 

Accordingly, when we assembled in a prayer hall, if ‘Love’ radiate between each of us without drawing a differentiation between each other but joined together through experiencing of ‘Love’  both from inside as well as outside to embrace each other, it becomes a separate entity of greater value for a moment. This creates such a brilliance that the entire surrounding suddenly transform into a sea of ‘Love’ to make the area most peaceful. When such gatherings everywhere across the Globe do so, the World shall become a single entity to expand further without sticking in the middle to acquire unlimited knowledge to become infinitely blissful. When we fail to teach ‘Love’ in such noble gatherings, the prayers offers are often meaningless to produce any tangible results. O’ noble seekers of ‘Truth’, never fall prey to outside feed or acquire a misconception of getting a higher body by deriving vulgar meanings from Holy Books through destroying oneself. It shall result reverse only to secure a body of non entity. This is an absolute Truth which non can challenge. Let us renounce amasses our current wrong conception of getting unified with the ‘Lord’ by such acts which  only  produce an opposite result to benefit a  Power hungry few to build their empires at our cost to subdue us ruthlessly snatching away all our birth rights. The can never be better act of knowing ourselves if we do so.

The ‘Love’ one displays to derive pleasure of senses are temporary in nature and nothing to do with Universal Love one carries towards the Creator of the creation. The Holy place we consider best, the rhythms we sing from the Religious scriptures, the drum we beat or music we play, the candle we light, the incent sticks we burn, the poser we give, the wax we use to burn, the cotton tread on which wax stands, the desire we developed to visit a holy place are all ‘He’ only. None can offer other than ‘He’ to ‘Him’. But one’s ‘Love’ is altogether separate and always gracefully accepted when offered with due devotion. This constitutes proper prayer when we understand the same and act.

Therefore all forms of sacrifices with ‘Love’ absent but desires fulfilled are fruitless efforts either to know Him or to get His grace. Any incitement of self destruction including that of ‘Jihad’ is an extreme action to hurt or to inflict injury to the ‘Unseen’ in the worst form to hurt oneself to become infinitely away from the Lord, no matter what noble cause is cited and hence be condemned always. 

Our solar system is a single entity out of limitless in the Universe also its nine planets either dwarf or independent. In the solar system, the sun is continuous releasing energy through its thermonuclear reaction happening not stop from beginning to an infinite period of time beyond future with each atom taking part in the exercise irrespective of place or position one is holding but working as one. The nature gifted to us holds the planet ‘Earth’ is also a single entity with each of us is a part it and hence all entities that covered by the nature are inseparable parts of the nature and can never be put to danger through calling ourselves in different names either as a separate state or country or region or in the name of religion, cast or creed to pick up fighting amongst us to destruct the most beautiful nature, we inherited from time immoral. Each and every one of us has a part to play to keep the nature intact through exchanging of love with each other without drawing a difference that constituting our single Mother Nature.   




An entity represented by ‘I’ from outside is govern by five senses i.e. see, touch, test, hear and smell. The sixth sense is an extra for the extraordinary. While these senses vary from person to person, the ‘LOVE’ is same for all and sits in one’s heart radiating its character automatically to the entire body combining trillions of different tiny cells living within the body to form a single entity without restoring to any violence but through harmony and peace although the functioning and living style as well as labour put-in to live in by each and every individual cell is different from one another.


These five senses are external to make one happy or worrisome and is duplication of what each and every cell is doing inside by going through either to derive pleasure or pain continuously during their respective life cycles. Unless ‘LOVE’ is attached, these functions are absolutely meaningless so as to derive a distinction from one from the other. Accordingly the degree of pain or pleasure produced as result of a particular act varies from person to person depending upon how much one is mature. When ‘LOVE’ overtakes the senses, the entity suddenly becomes holder of a noble Character from just an ordinary one, carrying a general value.


Is love has a part to play while discharging one’s natural call? The answer is certainly yes. One must understand, see and enjoy love while meeting the nature’s call to keep the body and mind healthy like other species do to keep one’s existence. However, to add a larger sense all are alone and independent to pursue one’s life. Even though one’s members of a family are considered attached to each other, all are actually much different from each other but bounded only the love which hold them together no doubt that all carry the same DNA. We in-fact as well as all other entities that constituted the Mother Nature are connected to each other although every single entity is holding different position and value according to one’s work assignments. Accordingly when we embrace each other, the LOVE disburses everywhere to shine ourselves further. 


To engage oneself in an intense sexual act is an explicit natural urge of all animals including that of human beings. While engaging in a sexual act, both sexes while doing the act,  excite their respective bodies to a perceive threat within of sudden destruction of their bodies to release a miniature clone of both to create another similar through ejections of semen or egg of both to fertilise as one in the womb most joyfully and together. During the entire process of mating, the mind is governed by artificial sense of pleasure to save the spices from destruction one belongs to. Excepting mankind, all other species follow a specified rule as govern by the nature. This excitement of the body is not ‘LOVE’ but a relief obtained by suddenly burdening the body cells who demand a rest to the body following the shock undertaken during the act done with mind and thought as well as Love more or less or completely absent or largely shut-off. Hence this is a relief rather than explicit display of either LOVE or a natural requirement to maintain the body.


If the said act is a nature’s call to keep a spice alive ever though, through different bodies when one become redundant due to ageing, the attraction towards each other cannot constitute LOVE but an attempt to maintain the order of the nature. The love is beyond this. A sexual act is not a must to display love. It is   just an additional gesture to show nearness to each other.

A beauty even if superficial to draw an opposite sex or member cannot carry LOVE unless each  one appreciate each other’s posture  being one defiant in one or more senses or qualities but fulfilled on the other to make both entities as just one. When both engage in a sexual act on demand of the nature, it becomes an instantaneous act to cover ‘LOVE’ together. Accordingly the excitement generated within becomes void of fear but makes a source of reverberation of positive energy to fill the area.

Therefore, a continuous desire to perform sex cannot produce gentleness of carrying out a natural call but become tool to torture one’s body to inflict fear to the entire of cells which constituted the body with minimal  amount of love attached and hence the said desire converted into lust of securing artificial pleasure all the time. When the human being in the evaluation stage, they stayed together and all mating were govern by the call of the nature although doing an act of sex was much freer than now like other species.

Again when a sex is bought for the purpose of one’s pleasure, although the action is mainly unilateral being the partner selling the sex is falsely engrossed in doing his or her action in a way such that the earning source of his or her is not lost by superficially invoking the excitement, it fulfill the lust of a single individual who bought it. This is just a unilateral action with no ‘LOVE’ involved. Similar is the case when a rape is performed. While in the former some commerce is involved, the later is violence. Both actions as such are unnecessary excitement of the body cells for a fruitless purpose where no combination of Love whatsoever is involved.

Further, when two entities of the same sex involved in an act, the excitement in the measure of pleasure is much more but surely vulgar which should have otherwise produced a result being the body cells are excited beyond of point of no return though a forcefully created self alarm for propagation consuming many generation of life of the tiny cells for laboring fruitlessly leaving aside their normal works. Is this the correct approach to misguide the body by altering the general order? Hence this is exactly the opposite of ‘LOVE’.

While those enjoy the act of inflicting fear to the cells that constituted the body are wrongfully acquire strength, the other who are liberal forsake their health in doing such acts. However, occasional outburst

Under extra ordinary circumstances are facts none can ignore but the action cannot be a routine to follow.A mare sexual act can never represent LOVE. When a pair is tied-up in a wedlock, one must able share the same dream of pain or pleasure even though sleeping or living apart which we called love. Under such circumstances, the LOVE radiates beyond one’s body to reach outside to embrace the nature. If one goes deeper in to the subject, we all know, no entities are incomplete in absolute sense but both aspects available in varying degrees and hence a reproduction of oneself automatically by itself or through application of science is a fact none can deny but doing a thing mutually carry a much deeper meaning of taking advantage of the situation to celebrate ourselves together while continuing with our life and to enjoy the beauty of doing or engaging oneself fruitfully.

The expansion of plant lives through artificial means of grafting is prevalent everywhere to grow fast and wide which are considered beneficial to us in terms of providing useful fruits forcing them to become mature prematurely to bear fruit. So is the case with everyone. Although ‘XX’ chromosomes in a female body is yet not detected, the same bound to be available hidden somewhere to make the body complete. When one is deficient, it attracts the other more powerfully and with love to further fulfill the gap unlike the men who have both ‘XY’ as well as ‘XX’ chromosomes in abundance which instead of making the men stable to a degree than the women; it is producing an opposite result under assault. But is the reproduction this way for avoiding conflict and for running away from the responsibilities amasses correct to make ourselves live as one species differently reproducing ourselves by artificial means?

Our madness to knockout all other species from the planet just for fun and pleasure of hunting or meeting of our greed has already created imbalance in our ecological system to force our Mother Nature to revolt. Now, our new venture of breaking our human body apart permanently locking our love under house arrest to live in so called peace is yet another blander which shall surely help ignite the planet to perish soon.   




The object we called money is a useless piece of paper if not honored although definitely carry a commitment, righteousness and value of a Nation often one distinct from the other. The nobleness of a country shines more when its citizen respects the currency under circulation and gives it, it’s appropriate value rather than loving it to amass in private hand to keep it under lock and key or under house arrest to diminish its inbuilt flow. Also, the more the same is equally distributed to the extent possible through whatever means, the more the country prospers. The foremost characteristic of money is its liquidity to flow at ease combined with of its moving in an unprecedented pace from one hand to the other doing miracles on its way where ever it is moving or flowing as per demands created until its return to the ultimate destination or source of earrings to further build its strength after becoming more refined to continue repeat the journey again and again nonstop round the clock. It is in-fact a close circuit system which keeps a system intact to remain standing on its own and accordingly it is the sole definition of the object we called ‘Money’.  Anyone trying to reverse the flow is doing a culpable act and is a deterrent to the growth of a society. All systems existed everywhere when joined together makes the much bigger Global economic system and all accordingly are interrelated and interconnected to the extent that a collapse of one might also bring down the others in a degree depending upon the strength of the system collapsed. All entities irrespective of whether bigger or small has an automatic maintenance system which we called a National economy while governing a Nation. All Nations has their own respective self generating and self sufficient economy to keep everyone attached to it through the chain created by the system. This is a Universal order to keep a system intact and in existence.     

It is natural and common that everyone loves money but in doing so if any condition is attached apart from hard work or any earrings done through adopting of doubtful means constitute a crime since the economy as a single entity of a country is the result of the hard works put forward together by the common through extreme labor. Accordingly, a discount received in lieu of work done favoring a third party can fill pocket of hungry one who cannot stop his or her urge to amass wealth irrespective of his or her affluence, can well stop the delivery  of goods to the growth of a society. Accordingly all corruptions irrespective of whether big or meager is an indirect assault on the Country one resides by tactfully retarding the free flow of its economy. They are the bigger enemy of a Country, attacking its very existence remaining within than an outside armed attack. Money can become life threatening even if carried in small denomination in cash. Hence securing amounts in large quantities may attract instant enemy and even  may take one’s life and often work  always against one’s national flow of character to shine apart from building an block to work against the economy to make the economy slow in its movements. Such clogs manufactured and infused into the system by us are wrongful actions of worst order. Even criminals earned their money through labor.

It is therefore of utmost interest that money is rightly earned, spent and store to give boost to the maximum extent possible, to all involved in the process directly or indirectly for creating it to develop a much greater cause to shower benefits to all and every. All easiest ways of generating money unnoticed by others is a bigger crime than slaughtering the prestige of a Nation. When one recognizes that an individual is just picking up a stone from one place to another for making an arrangement, he is contributing to develop a system with effort and hence due for re-enumeration notwithstanding how little of labor he puts in.

The money earned and spend should benefit one and all who are directly or indirectly involve themselves in the process of all such events. Even a penny kept in one’s pocket throughout the globe overnight can build a beautiful country if allowed to sum up and move in a system directed towards welfare. Such is the power of money. Precisely in order to bring a system into an order, there are many sub-systems in existence everywhere beginning from one’s own house hold. To come to a conclusion that one system is better than the other is governed by how powerful the regulatory system is in force. The feeling or desire to change a system when a particular system become ailing due non nurturing but is in force for a long period of time or when one intends to break a wrong but well set sub order within a order mostly used to siphon-off funds, often causes rebellion from within as well as from outside to held a society not falling apart which is more often than not ruthlessly dominated and mercilessly refused in fear of losing power by a selected few.

While some systems consume the same with curiosity and freeness to allow the change to occur for betterment, the others inflict the heaviest dose of punishment to anyone venturing to offer an idea. Accordingly general masses are still unfortunate to test the beauty that can be produced with free management of currency in a wrongly run system. It’s in-fact the blood circulating system of a Nation and works exactly the way it performs in a human body which is feeding trillions of cells in different ways with different end results. Any deviation shall produce an ailing one who bound to collapse one day without enjoying his or her life meant for. Out of many different types of systems available, a few occasionally shine to give real delivery. But most  others are working against the common masses but benefits only some unscrupulous elements  who are hungry for amassing fortune and power to keep control of an area and to rule the entire community under their command to live a life not meant to them.  Such system cannot exist for a longer period of time being a short time measure to destroy the good.

It is not exactly the reserve which contributes to the richness of a country but its value depends upon the nobleness of the countrymen who constitute a state. A fat reserve not necessarily means an overall growth of a Nation but confirms imbalance of doing Business or generating funds with reciprocation absent.  When a country works with abundance of value, the said country out performs the others. In contrast when much of power of managing a economy rests on the state that  governing the Country which more often than not constituted by brilliant brains all of whom are not necessarily noble can  choke the system to break it down through encouragement of rampant corruptions.

With supply keeping constant through more sources linked, the more is the demand, the less is the burden on the economy to flow it at further ease. Again the more is the spending, the more is the fluidity of the prevailing monetary system and so is the shining of the system that constitutes an economy. Accordingly more is the locking of the fund for whatever reason in one’s hand; the more is the sluggishness of the economy in existence. Therefore a rightful disbursement of fund through financial Institutions can well make an ailing economy stand firm to establish as well as to generate funds to make a weak economy become alive, strong and functional.

All great wings of UN extending financial help to poor states to assist improvement or to infuse efficiency often unable to produce the desired result in-spite of highest degree of sincerity, honesty and back-up basically due to absence of sound systems for monitoring which are often made mandatory for holding power by a particular section of the society against the general rule that governs extending of such funds. The UN must therefore be a law enforcing body at least as far as the utility of all such funds are concerned to benefit the common masses to the extent possible and to avert chaos often drawn-in most tactfully as an element to direct such funds to one’s favor to destroy a noble cause.




I never had any fascination either to get rich earning ‘fund’ through hidden deals or to buy properties to bring a sense of security being almost totally engrossed in silent mediation 24 hours a day while carrying out my daily assignments as an employee of a PSU of repute. That was of course a continuation of my prayer from my childhood which gave me the best satisfaction of security and wellness of all kinds excepting finance. Seeing my financial condition, my father-in-law offered me a Plot of land at ‘Guwahati’ Assam at a cheap price through his links which I refused so firmly that he never mentioned it until he died during 80’s while he was still at employment with Government of Assam serving a well off position. On insistence of my father however I had accepted the gift certificates amounting to Rupees 10,000.00(@$225.00) collected during the time of celebrating of our marriage during 1977 and kept the same apart in the Bank for appropriate use at the appropriate time for buying a property  as desired.

During early 80’s when I was informed of selling plots at a price of Rupees 15,000.00(@$330.00) in villages near Dispur, Guwahati, I was delighted to receive the information although I was short of Rupees 5,000.00(@$110.00) to buy a plot. Without taking a chance, I sold off my Philips Music System to one of my colleagues at half the price although almost new to collect Rupees 2,500.00(@$55.00). However, I was unable to raise the remaining Rupees 2,500.00(@$55.00) from any source. The same day in the evening, our Company’s gardener seeing me depressed, somehow forced me to extract the reason of my sadness.  As soon as I completed the narration, the gardener broke-off suddenly from his work to return a little later to deliver me the remaining sum, which I promptly accepted and promised him to return it shortly with due interest but he insisted that I pay him the capital only which I reluctantly agreed. Next day morning, I rushed to the Bank to prepare a pay order to encash at Guwahati, Assam and took the night super Bus with the Pay Order in the pocket from Duliajan to Guwahati covering a distance of about 600 K.M.by roads to reach Guwahati next day morning.

On reaching Guwahati, I straight proceeded to the Site to meet the property dealer to show me a good plot of land to buy at the spot but he could offer me the last plot available being others sold-out which also I found in the backyard of a large plot owned by financially sound personal and was without the availability of an approach road and hence decided not to buy the plot and return to home same night empty handed. Seeing I profusely dejected, the property dealer gave me an alternative offer to accompany him to a renowned land owner residing in the city to try my luck to win the consent of the owner for buying a 200 Sq. Yards of plot near the main road which was lying vacant for long unsold in absence of finding a good party. He further told me that the cost of the land might be Rupees Five thousand more (@$110.00) than what I had bought with me.

 Immediately leaving from the site, both he and I left for the city to meet the owner. On the way he warned me that I must behave most gentlemanly and must not bargain on the price set forth being the owner was a high dignitary. While agreeing to the conditions advised, when we called the owner, he immediately agreed to see us unlike many others whom he refused. Coming inside his Drawing room where we were sitting waiting for him, he set a price tag of Rupees 20,000.00(@$444.44) for the Plot which I agreed but cited my difficulty to pay the entire sum being only Rupees 15,000.00(@$330.00) was available with me that time and promised to sent the balance through Bank Draft in a couple of day’s time once I return to Duliajan. He however did not agree to the offer made and requested us to leave. There was no persuasion either by the property dealer or by me. When we were about to leave from the place and in-fact in the gate, he called us aloud to bring the cash within an hour before he go out of town. The property dealer after congratulating me left the place. While in the Bank, a colleague of mine who was serving as a Bank Official helped me to receive the cash instantly which I subsequently handed over to the owner within a half an hour of time. Collecting the cash, he immediately took me to the Sub-registrar Office to execute the sell deed. Within an hour’s time the plot was registered in our name. When I requested for his permission to allow me to write his address to send him the remaining sum, he remarked that the plot is already registered at the price I paid and hence there was no balance left for me to pay back and he broke-off from the scene. Taking a copy of the paper, I visited the Revenue Officer for documentation of the Paper where I found another of my school class mate holding the high Post who promptly registered the Plot in my name without going through any lengthy procedure of survey etc and accordingly I became a proud holder of a Plot within a time space of 24 Hrs. The matter was duly intimated to the Company when I decided to construct a building for our final settlement but the idea was dropped when I was transferred to our Rajasthan ‘RP’ Project during late 1989. 

That was my only possession in my life until up to mid 90’s (except for becoming a member of a housing society in between for owing a plot near Delhi) when I was allotted a two bed rooms flat against an application made a year earlier through a computer Draw at a cost of around Rupees Five Lacs (@$11,111.11) conducted by DDA, a Set-up of Government of Delhi. The amount was to be paid over a period of half a decade in Installments without any certainty of time when exactly I shall get the Flat and was purely depended upon my success of wining the subsequent two draws of area allocation and Flat allotment. On hearing the news, my father offered me to bear the cost which I refused. Although the amount was minimal for an ordinary officer of a PSU who worked for almost the entire career to absorb the cost without feeling a burden but I was really an exception. With loans taken against the Plot we owned at Guwahati, Assam, we duly paid all installments in time and were successful in the next two draws in getting the Flat before time unlike many others who are yet to be successful in getting an allocation even after waiting for more than a decade due to failure in selection in subsequent draws. When the allotment became firm I obtained all the Papers (Design, Flat Number, Location and non encumbrance certificate etc.) for securing a HBL from the Company I was working for. Since the procedure of securing loan was different than normal, I took a special permission from the CMD to grant the loan in my favor to repay the loans so availed. My savings in my entire career was almost nil with my leftover monthly was also mostly used for needy to cover their tuition fee in the colleges etc. Out of the lot helped, one took a master degree in Arts just before I left the last place of my posting at Rajasthan.

Subsequently during the period from 1999 to 2004(dedicated 5 years), the Company selected a period of 5 years out of 30 years of service in the Company when I borne the cost of the Flat availing loan from various sources by verbally mortgaging the Plot we owned at Guwahati being not entitled to avail HBL from the Company in absence of firm allotment by DDA, to find an income mismatched of mine and demanded the return of HBL overruling my appeal even after disclosing the aforesaid facts and framed a serious charge against me for earning funds disproportionate to my income after I left the Company on early retirement. I was put to indecent and repeated questing on the subject by an officer promoted from clerical position but had once worked under me as a clerk for quite some time but was later promoted to executive cadre by virtue of my strong recommendation. He not only asked me to produce receipts of small amounts spent by our daughters  while pursuing their studies at Bangalore  for which I had to make number of frequent visits to Bangalore until I found a source to secure information without disturbing our daughters in their studies but also by calling shopkeepers for proof of my spending  even for a penny and on many unrelated matters as well but I absorbed the pain patiently waiting for the time to apply for my early retirement but the Company insisted on my resigning from my service forthwith as if a prized catch was available to all if it could be done. Taking advantage of the situation, he forced me marched left and right in front of all. Even pre prepared documents of charges framed against me were made available to all to sign to get instant promotions. While some cried while forcing to sign such papers, the others stunned with astonishment to see the action. Further, when I gave in writing that the Company had no formal agreement with a particular party to provide services to the Company, it was instantly construed as a confession of guilt of having an informal agreement by me and preceded with initiating action. When I clarified that when I say that I have come from place X to place Y by car, none can say or derive that I took a helicopter or Boeing plane to cover the distance of 10 KM from Noida, UP to Delhi but still the said declaration was misused to pass over a series of serious charges to me leaving the actual one free who was responsible and was charged sheeted. That was the first ever serious changes framed against me although the Subject was much away from my duties and responsibilities to have any remotest idea of any occurrences.

After dropping the main charges being unable to convict me or to find my involvement, the other charges were either modified or altered or added to find me guilty of omission. The charges framed were like asking a Bank Official about Nuclear Science or asking a Nuclear Scientist about Archeology or Astrology. The subject was that much away from me but yet all were answered either from my general  knowledge being the head of the Project or acquiring the same through enquiry from others as the charges framed were invariably full of loop holes having been secured or  collected at gun point from third parties misusing Government Machinery..The coming to the conclusion of ‘omission’ rather than commission by the Enquiry Officer accordingly confirmed my non involvement in the matter being none of charges framed was within the scope of my duties and responsibilities and hence the Enquiry proved my absolute innocence but Company preferred to severely punish me.  Further, the guilty one who was charge sheeted was set free with a minor warning but with a jump in responsibility in a better location. While I duly represented the first case framed against me even though I had no back ground knowledge of the charges framed or the matter completely outside the area of my duties and responsibilities but by collecting information from colleagues, the second one I felt ashamed to represent due to various reasons. I however enjoyed the first Enquiry to prove all charges framed as wrong defending myself alone but faced the penalty on the whims of the Company. The Company was that determined to sack me from the service in any cost and subsequently did so by proving myself guilty proceeding with the second enquiry expatriate for earning funds disproportionate to my known source of income and withhold all receivables including that of my hard earned P.F. Company further refused to honor, admit or accept any or all documentations although duly executed in the court of law when presented to prove my innocence being no third party allowed to represent the case including that of  engaging a Lawyer. Even all my fervent requests for conducting the Enquiry elsewhere to make myself available during the Enquiry somehow bearing the minimum cost of transportation being penniless and living on mercy of others that time were ruthlessly turned down. What further motives one can derive from the aforesaid acts of the Company? But by the grace of the God I am still alive.

When the Enquiry Officer, an entity from outside the Organization but a panelist of CBI threatened to hang me in full Public view as desires by the Government in Power that time apart from expressing his desire to conduct the Enquiry in open field with all high profile dignitaries invited from across the Country including the officials of PM’s office, I gracefully accepted the demand irrespective of whether or not it was a fact. It might possibly be a tactic to infuse fear on me. When I refused to continue with the Enquiry unless the demand pronounced was met, he toned down his voices to make me agree. During that time when my first sitting was hold at Delhi, my Office at Jodhpur was vacated and handed over to the next officer citing my arrest at Delhi which proved a pre drawn out or a pre planned action of translating the words said by the Enquiry Officer. The junior Officer further refused to vacate the chair unbelieving my return as the announcement of my arrest was made with most fanfare and thinking that I definitely came for a short period on bail.  The enquiry Officer nevertheless offered me my suggestions even though he was in constant touch with the highest Office in the Country to receive all directions to proceed with the case for convicting me as I had noticed and also conveyed to me by others. That was the exact date when I declared my broking-off of my association with the Company although it took little of extra time to complete the formalities. That was my sad end working with a Government owned Organization. The subsequent actions by the Government barred me from joining again in any capacity anywhere.

Accordingly, I decided to sell the Flat to return the loan. Within no time spent, I took an advance of Rupees two Lacs (@$444.44) from the purchaser which I returned to the Company to get the documents back. Further, my fervent appeal to the Government of Delhi to waive the demand of payment of various taxes accumulated to almost equal to the cost of the Flat over the time, was also seen with much favor to withdraw the demands. Following receipt of the papers and withdrawal of demands by DDA, I sold the Flat at more than double the price i.e. 12 Lacs Rupees(@$ 26,666.67) the formalities of which took almost two months time leaving me high and dry  waiting. The Company in the mean time put-on under suspense all my receivable including my hard earned P.F.

With no alternative available, I sold off half of our household item to cover the cost of transportation of our household goods from my last post of posting at Jodhpur, Rajasthan to Bangalore and took the most essential ones in a small truck leaving even my personal vehicle at Jodhpur uncared being unable to bear the cost of transportation which is still there at Jodhpur from 2004, when I left the Company. It possibly became a junk now. However my elder daughter is kind enough to allow me to use her car as and when I felt necessary to avoid me feeling pain although my legs are strong to withstand miles of walking without bearing a burden.

 When I was at Kolkata keeping handy the letter for early retirement as I had completed my required length of service for entitlement, to join my new posting as Chief Engineer (B&D) at Duliajan for a day to fulfill my long cherished dream of staying near our home to look after my parents before I left the  Company for ever partly to the commitment already given to the Company  and partly due to feeling of guilt of not seeing my father before he died in-spite of his murmuring my name for about a month due to compulsion forced upon me from outside, our second daughter and our only son who were studying at Bangalore selected a Flat at a cost of 30 Lacs Rupees(@$66,666.66),the book value of which was Rs 10 Lacs (@$11,111.11)  being our eldest daughter  abroad on an official assignment, which I also agreed to buy without knowing where from I shall get the fund.

After receiving the sell proceeds from the DDA Flat and us all staying in single room house, we paid the advance cash of 10 Lacs Rupees (@$22,222.22) hoping that I shall soon receive my P.F. When the release of my hard earned P.F. was delayed indefinitely, I approached number of Banks to secure loan but all declined seeing my Bankrupt condition. Ultimately seeing my sincerity, the Builder helped me secure a loan of 20 Lacs of Rupees (@$44,444.44) from a financial Institution of repute after our elder daughter gave her consent to become a co applicant for the loan. Staying in a torn down condition, we also sold off the plot at Assam which fetched us 10 Lacs(@$22,222.22) of Rupees to pay another 5 Lacs of Rupees(@$11,111.11) of payment to the Builder prior to availing the loan leaving 5 Lacs of Rupees(@$11,111.11) to ourselves to run for the time being. That was apart from securing a loan of about 4 Lacs over a period of time. Before the said fund had arrived, I most painfully lost my mother without paying her visit being unable to bear the cost of travel although she was also murmured my name exactly alike my father while she was in her death bed which gave me the greatest pain to feel living my life meaningless.

As soon as our house-hold goods were opened, I found a sell deed of a Plot within the city limit of Jodhpur, Rajasthan lying with Files kept separately for disposal executed in my favor which was duly registered in my name in my absence in the sub registered Office (land), Jodhpur, Rajasthan which gave me a breather to secure some more funds to live on. The land was possibly presented to me by the one whom I bought up achieve his Master’s Degree by  bearing the cost of his College fee as an appreciation for help. When I contacted a property dealer at Jodhpur, the cost of Plot was found to be around 10 Lacs of Rupees (@$22,222.22). As my requirement to bring down the loan amount to minimum was most urgent, I sold the dealer the Plot at half of the price to refund another 5 Lacs of Rupees (@$11,111.11) to the financial Institution for bringing down the loan amount to 10 Lacs of Rupees (@$22,222.22) which helped us to cut down the heavy interest borne towards the loan.

To run ourselves with some respect for almost two years from 2004 to 2006, all and every possessions of ours including that of my life insurance policy were sold-off and availed many loans from whatever sources possible. Our elder daughter’s marriage was celebrated most ordinarily with almost none invited except our members of our family. That was the extent of pain I had undertaken to run ourselves. When finally my P.F was released on pressure of my colleagues, I borne almost one fourth of the amount of the about 34 Lacs of Rupees(@$75,555.55) released towards paying interests  of which about 15 Lacs of Rupees(@$33,333.33) was contributed by the Company. In view of the released of the P.F. so late; I find the entire contribution of the Company as the dirtiest I had ever earned or handled. The narrated incidences were my most decent encounters with the Company; the vulgar ones were beyond to put into papers which no human can inflict on another reasonless no matter how serious the enemy is to dead strike an undesirable. My not approaching the court of law now is purely due to the fact that the case is beyond human judgment to compensate any way but the Universe shall carry the pain for infinity. Till date I don’t exactly know why the Company was so harass to me although I never hurt any till date.

Although the pain inflicted was often unbearable, it is a sheer luck and circumstances that I somehow owned the Property at Bangalore. Accordingly I bow to the Unseen One who helped me survive with dignity. I sincerely hope that the publication shall satisfy those who are resorting to or raising intense quarry on the Subject with doubts. Accordingly my foreseeing of living my life in a footpath until I die transformed automatically to an unbelievable occurrence. The mare financial soundness does not fascinate me but the forcefully taking away my prayer surely can kill me. Over the time I became an excellent cook as learnt in my childhood when often snatched away cooking from my mother whenever I was at home unable to bear the pain undertaken by mother when she was alive. Further, the period gave me an opportunity to establish a relationship with ‘TIME’ Magazine which was turned down by each and every within as well as outside the Country as and when  approached which I consider my greatest achievement in my life to make my born most successful.

Although I pay utmost respect to the Company for offering me most fruitful engagement almost throughout entire career, I was painful to depart under extra ordinary circumstances.  I however consider all such assaults on me were the outcome of personal vendetta of a particular group holding Powerful positions in the Government to manipulate me rather than an intended action of the Company.

(Conversion Rate: $1=Rs.45.00)



The nature is not confine but encompasses all entities laying between Universe and the smallest atom within an atom i.e. everything between the zero and the infinity. What is happening within the atom (within an atom, again we see as many as 65 charged particles inside the nucleus that can be seen from outside of which each one is independent having its own nucleus inside and hence contain a similar but smaller and smaller orders infinitely or without an end within to evade the zero), the same is happening in the Universe. Accordingly all entities are govern by a particular set of order that restrict its movement but are so arranged to derive intense pleasure from itself without fouling with others to disturb the main order irrespective of whether inside or outside, mild or harder. This is the basic theme of creation. None has any authority to break the order so set for whatever reason is cited to uphold an unnecessary strike. Unseeing does not necessarily mean non-hurting or non-available. Nothing is void in the Universe. The entire is fulfilled with entities either seen or unseen. None has the right to kick a standing stone in anger. The silent absorption of the pain does not absolve oneself of doing a crime. Let us not allow the nature to revolt by our adverse assaults on nature. Let us see reason before initiating actions of hurting our Mother Nature.  

Our Mother ‘earth’ with its greeneries etc is a fraction of the part of the nature. All living beings including the tiny cells which very well often escape detection even through the most powerful microscope and available in abundance have the greater part to constitute the nature and always govern by strict attraction of ‘Love’ to tie with one another. While some are undirected due to one’s wrongful actions of forcefully destructing oneself citing so called noble actions upon receiving wrong feed from outside, the others are mostly growing in size and maturating with passage of time through acute attraction to each other bonded by Love. We all in-fact started from this level to become an individual as we are seeing ourselves at present.

Out of all, human kind is the worst offender to violate rules to disturb the ‘environment’ and to pollute the nature. Science is not always responsible for any striking down of an order or offering a ‘challenge’ to the nature to dislodge its beauty but a facilitator for the cause to shine and accordingly more and more divulging of ever occurring natural laws shall bound to happen to keep all of us stun for enjoyment. The measures adopted by us to stop the nature behave erratic are offering many advantages through demanding the adaptation of new state-of-art Technology to engage ourselves more intensely and most fruitfully to develop with our continuous change in taste to become much away from lethargic.

All actions and reactions happening irrespective of place, position or manner is purely due to attraction to each other bonded by love and hence doing anything which demands opposite to happen than intended is woefully against nature. More we assault ourselves; the more shall be violent Nature to cope with.

Accordingly when ‘Love’ grows, the nature automatically smiles and opposite happens when ‘Love’ degenerates in whatever form or manner and nature in-fact bleeds. The mankind is the only culprit of disobeying the nature by not honoring each other’s value although it now constitute a single society covering the entire Globe or even beyond. This present world situation with Globalization in-force, instead of wiping out the gap is bringing the gap wider and wider in each passing day to see ourselves different from one another by building-up arsenals with more and more destructive power and capacity to strike each other dead. What for we are restoring to develop or manufacture these? Are not these be used to kill none but ourselves only for nothing? The recent announcement with fanfare of developing of a nuclear arsenal  capable of destructing an area without harming the environment with radiation absent but  through deadly heat waves is an act of an amateur who cannot view the oneness amongst us or unable to see our togetherness as gifted by the nature. Is not it a forcefully created disturbance?  More often than not, we ourselves is forcing the humanity   into the wall in such a manner that no escape route is made available to us other than bowing down to those evil ones who promptly justify their acts as brilliant for the sake of capturing power in whatever manner or way it is available to them without knowing whom they are harming.

When we strike an order with dam accuracy or at bull’s eye with a dirty mind to forcefully create a disturbance instead of making an order freer to flow at further ease, there bound to be adverse consequences prompting the Nature to revolt to meet the threat adequately. Our various attempts to repair the depleted ozone layer though various means to stop the ultraviolet rays ignite the atmosphere with rise in temperature not commensurate with time no doubt appealing but can never stop the Nature from bleeding to the extent that it shall surely facilitate the wild fire to occur anywhere from nowhere for building that much of carbon dioxide to produce similar or more amount of the substance we called CO2 to attract the imbalance. Even if it is insufficient or fall short to teach us a lesson, each and every atom of 109 elements shall behave iritic to excite both the Earth’s inner core as well as outside to bring-in a premature end to all of us. This is the result when we assault a well organized order unnecessarily to display one’s strength over the other although we are all brothers and sisters residing in just one Globe.     

The more quickly the world recognizes the ailment what is attacking us, the better is the chance of our survival for an extended period when we shall see no depletion of ozone layer but we shall see retardation of its growth which might even repairs itself  offering no damage to the Mother Nature.



 It was a decent evening of one of my most memorable day during early 1989, when I approached late Rajiv Gandhi, the then PM of INDIA after exhausting all possible opportunities for help for furthering a noble cause to glow with respect to my educational pursuit of obtaining a PhD Degree at the University of ALBERTA, Canada on the subject of ‘Rock Mechanics’ to establish correct a Complex Character of fluid while jetting out through multiple ports from a single source. An idea I carried over from my college days while studying the subject on Turbines. This is however yet to be put on paper although correct. However, I unable to pursue the course due to some unsolved personal problems.

Carrying a burden of acute financial crisis, my last and only available option was miraculously granted without question when I approached the P.M. Late Rajiv Gandhi.  Being unable to secure any grant from anywhere including that from that of Government of Assam who extended a meager amount, I was stuck in between the education and my existence. When I desired to see the Prime Minister during the Public hearing time, he agreed to give me an occasion to see him little later sparing his most valuable time to hear me. Before I interact on the Subject, he with an extreme love towards the Country wished me to help him convert our rural mass into Prosperity together side by side. On knowing his noble mind, I was just stunned and became speechless and silently left his chamber with a deep gratitude of highest order carrying together an unchallenging love towards him without even mentioning the Subject.

During May 31st 1991, when I paid a visit to Delhi with some concrete proposals in hand to pick him up from a absolute mess created by the various circumstances catching an evening flight and checked-in at one of the prominent Hotel, I found almost all the members of the staff crying for losing their ever shining Leader having bountiful of diverse qualities, so was I. He was assassinated while I was in the plane undertaking the journey from Jodhpur to Delhi.  It pained me very much not for someone leaving us for heavenly abode but the circumstances under which a noble soul was abolished by an evil force mesmerized by a Devilish wish through her most tactful execution without knowing that he can never be killed to stop his desire to see India grow with immense strength with passage of time with rightful association.

Accordingly, it is of utmost interest  to all of us that, we carefully pick-up a similar face having the similar qualities to retrieve the situation through a new Leadership having enough foresightedness to overcome the pain undertook by the Country  all along till date with courage, which I find proved fruitful.

Notwithstanding the fact that our Country bought up many beautiful personalities of immense value, Late Rajiv Gandhi was surely different. In-spite of his nearness to the Power, he never indulged himself in forceful entry into the polities but circumstances forced him to enter into it. His inviting of Technology of television into the Country during the time of Asian Games was the beginning of the present revolutions of not seeing others through doubt. Accordingly our present Leader must able to distinguish the good from the bad mostly made available to us through extending of superficial friendship. The Country accordingly observing with extreme interest the growth of Mr. Rahul Gandhi into much of maturity to take the burden of leading the Country in his shoulder in the near future or shortly which bound to shine with time. This is the best available option lying in front of the Country. Let us see ourselves as one and not divide on religious related issues. Mr. Rahul Gandhi is more a belonging of the Nation than a son of a particular family. 




God is omnipresent and hence is available everywhere from zero to infinity irrespective whether an object is living or non living, moving or inert, closed or in void. He is beyond knowledge and no Religious books can capture Him for one’s view but it can well exhibit a few of the limitless characteristics to make an approach. God is just love but love has no definition.   

Lord Rama was known by three great personalities namely by the great saint ‘Valmiki, the next by the devil king ‘Ravana’ and lastly by Lord ‘Hanuman’. Saint ‘Valmiki’ knew Him through sheer meditation, demon king ‘Ravana’ knew Him by virtue of His first servant, and Lord ‘Hanuman’ knew Him being the greatest devotee of Lord ever born. Even His consort Mother Sita did not know Him. Saint Valmiki was enlightened to such an extent that when his first verse came out automatically from his mouth seeing a dyeing Dove out of a pair in the form of cursing the hunter who killed it prematurely, he resorted to penance once again to undo the curse thinking that the curse was pronounced on no other than Him only unless and until his mind settled down again. While King Ravana was most knowledgeable, Lord Hanuman was an ardent devotee without an equal. Except Ravana, none incited others to behave wrong. 

Lord ‘Rama’ was born as a normal human being and completed His short but eventful life as such without disclosing Himself to any except Lord ‘Hanuman’. When Lord Rama, slept a night in the beach to convince the turbulent ocean to calm down to lead His army of Monkeys to the other side to rescue Mother Sita which was not happening in view of fear of the ocean for the Demon King ‘Ravana’ for a possible repercussion, Lord Rama suddenly decided to absorb the ocean when the soil beneath rose upward to beg for mercy and accordingly helped the army build the road. This was accordingly a natural occurrence without receiving a grace due to doubt raised to retreat once again to the earlier position unlike turbulent Yamuna when erstwhile king ‘Vasudeva’ crossed it carrying Lord Krishna in basket in the head. While river Yamuna could touch the feet of the Lord, the ocean was deprived from its wish or desire due to two thoughts it was carrying. These are occurrences without much of value. No miracles can prove existence or non existence of the Lord and it is a matter of absolute faith. When Lord ‘Hanuman’ crashed the jewels presented to Him placing the same one by one between the teethes of both the jaw as soon as offered by the consort of Lord Rama to express the gratitude to those who helped the Lord conquer the Devil king ‘Ravana’, all were stunned. Being found the Lord absent in the jewels, He tore open His heart to convince the assembly that His Lord was only available in His heart and not elsewhere. Lord was however in the both the places but Lord Rama preferred to obliged Him becoming so. See the degree of devotion in Lord ‘Hanuman’ in possessing the Lord within Him and not anywhere. Although incorrect, this is a faith that holds one in position. These are values flying high in one’s mind and can undo design of all evils.

During my childhood when there was a small quarrel between the members of a temple committee to find where exactly they should construct the main prayer hall with one group’s view different from the other. Seeing the quarrel in pain my grandfather narrated a story to me which say development of  a tag of war between the both faiths so much so that, political leaders were slipped into the scene to fight the cause better to enable one to overruled the other and subsequently spread like wild fire to cover the entire State or the Nation to claim heavy causalities on both side. When the clash was at its zenith, suddenly a priest from nowhere appeared in the scene to convince both the parties to become calm for a short time to allow the priest to take a short nap. Clearing the crowd, he stretched the leg towards main place of payer which infuriated both the groups to the point of assaulting him when he remarked that ‘please show me a place where he is not there to put my feet against Him and the head towards Him’. None able to nullify the observation made excepting the political parties. Both groups found the saint most reasonable but the priest suddenly disappeared from the scene the way he came-in forcing a merger of the divided opinion into one.      

Lord is nowhere for the ignorant but everywhere for the knowledgeable. A mare construction of a temple cannot capture the Lord and hence destruction of Babri Masjid was wrong. With every Brick demolished we stripe-off Lord Ram of His decorations. The tiny cells within the choke pit are He and the supreme or the holiest one is He. He is everywhere. Every step we take to move around is on Him only. Lord Rama moved around everywhere during his life time and accordingly all places are sacred. All constructions and structures built anywhere within the Country or elsewhere within the Globe are Him only made by Himself. Therefore any decision taken on economic consideration to do or undo an event is welcome so far it does not foul with the nature. A proper place of Prayer of course none can destruct. Lord Ram is the Allah and Lord Ram is the Lord Christ. Any attempt to bifurcate one from the other is meaningful to vested interests only to divide us. Let us not make Rama insect in front of an elephant.  

 Nothing is dangerous than posing oneself as the best scholar of a subject with a little of knowledge of the said subject to destruct a much adored collective value of an object of the highest order. Accordingly stopping a viable Project from its execution raising religious outcry is showing of no respect to the Lord but bringing down His Glory into cage without an escape route made available in front of the others. Neither Science nor Archeology can prove or disproved Lord’s existence.



Following a much long wait we possibly made a perfect decision to take the Country once again to the path of Progress which was forcefully broke apart with a most accurate as well as with a most cleaver move by an undirected soul after getting feeds from outside without knowing whom exactly the entity had eliminated or killed or assassinated. Whatever the outcome or with what motive, the act was perfectly executed, none became successful but it had only deteriorated the cause sill further. Accordingly the left over may well take a gentle walk now.

When one is independent, he or she is supposed to walk alone without any one’s help and be self sufficient enough to carry out all functions by himself and herself which is a titanic task to carry forward always under very complex situations being frequently developing around the Globe. But with Globalization at its zenith, can a Country consider itself away from the world? No, it is a misjudged conception of securing something which is unavailable. Further, when one is independent one cannot bargain favors from one citing a distance from the other. This is beyond ethics. Whenever one does so for whatever reason, the essence of holding a particular position is lost. An independent must therefore have the courage to support those whose actions are correct and condemns those actions which are considered doubtful. This can not dilute the independent status of an entity but decorates it still further.

Again when one is independent and alone, he or she must be so always but opting to make a group by selecting the independents out of the many diminish the value one holds as independent being the action tantamount to creating a group once again. As all Countries or states that form the Globe are interconnected and interdependent, any undesirable action undertaken by any disturbs the entire order everywhere and cannot be seen in isolation. When one can derive a distinction between the good any bad following an in-depth study, such entity is best fit to shoulder higher responsibility. We possibly have helped our ship survive a sink in turbulent water. Accordingly many congratulations to those who are responsible for the said action.

Now that, a desire of the fate is captured or being met with, it is up to the Authority how exactly, we proceed with the matter to win the situation soonest in our favor by taking overall responsibility of the Country and much more in terms of educating all and every for marching ahead into the future which is looking brightest as seen from afar. 



No one in the universe no matter whether it is a an atom, a planet, a star, a galaxy or a living being or anything or everything that exits in one form or the other is perfect excepting the ‘Lord’, the creator of everything alone.

Since everyone has both good and evil so also male and female within, the capturing of evil calling the same by temptation or tactfully to divulge the so called truth to make sensational news cannot be termed as ‘right journalism or divulging something through ‘sting operation’, and interpreting it on his or her own way to earn name or frame or to make an information saleable without examining herself or himself is a mockery of facts which is more often than not dishonors a noble one to grow and can even kill a noble cause to destroy itself most mercilessly. Why it is almost always necessary to catch the utterances of one’s intentions made in public? Most of such utterances do not make any sense at all other than drawing confusion amongst us rather than proving a motive. When we develop the art of recognizing such personalities before they take Office picking lessons from the past, the ‘Democracy’ shall shine forever in the Globe which only press can do and deliver more accurately than others.

All truths are hard to discover being always invariably engulfed by tick of the thickest cloud of smoke in the form of ignorance on the part of the one responsible to deliver it to the Public and hence require immense patience which must be governed and dictated by hard work, diligence and strong will power to divulge something in the back of the mind for well being of all. Just to discover a truth about the property of ‘arsenic’ a few sacrificed their lives. Similarly a lone Australian consumed a virus to establish the fact that it is not acid but the virus that is responsible for stomach ulcer. Accordingly the ‘journalists’ are the most adored one in a ‘Democracy’ and hence their works must reflect no other than truth to allow the institution to shine and not dedicate itself just to build  a public opinion.

Further, repeatedly striking the tail cannot kill a snake with an inner motive to distract a determined and devoted one to strike it dead to enjoy. The pain undertaken by snake shall make it more ferocious to strike back with more determination in numerous ways even forsaking the tail to humble everyone to live in fear. A good cause must not be twisted or entwisted to do away the overall benefit that it can deliver to the entire humanity living around the globe or else the cause prevented  shall swallow us all just in one chip or in a gallop.

A free press doesn’t, therefore, mean only reporting the surface events but must able to dig out the ‘truth’ no matter how deeply buried and must halt evil to shine. Had ‘Hitler’ be halted in time, there would not any second world war. 

When love develops with one’s heart, it recognizes no boundaries. No religion, creed or cast cannot make a barrier but keeps growing unless and until it converts into a union and moves further together beyond the act of sex. Such unions where ever they stay or whatever they do bring perfect peace to the society to shine in tandem with the beauty of the nature. The more they are drawn into the centre, the more beauty one can see. The opposite happens when one embraces the art of destruction by converting one’s mind either through inflicting of grave tortures up to the point of death or by killing one’s colleagues to show consequences for any change in mind due to whatever cause or reason. Such tactics frequently adopted by evil forces damages one’s brain completely to misbehave and never to return to original normal and becomes ever ready to betray his or her body most enjoy-fully for empowering one’s boss to capture power and to adds another desire to rule the masses through keeping every one under extreme fearfulness for satisfying his soul as and when an entity comes under its influences through misinformation. Such is the power of information one feeds to the other.

It is really pity that the world is still unaware of the beginning of third world war has already crossed mid way weighted heavily towards good to shine. How then one can say press is responsible enough to priorities events accurately to facilitate good to win when the world is being ransacked by a few mad man to control a command. 



The word ‘Business’ has a much wider meaning than what a dictionary can best describe. Although the general functions carried out by a charitable organization do not much differ from that of a ‘Business House’, the exactness of aim cannot be taken away from one to the other by virtue of their separate entity.  

The entire mankind is helping each other in one way or the other no matter what way one is performing his duty to benefit either himself or herself or some others or both together. The approach and aim of one individual with that of  a big business house cannot differ although unequal as both works are done under the same motive and understanding.

A big business house flourishes the more, the more their products became attractive by virtue of the value it delivers to the masses. A charitable organization is also doing exactly the same thing with a little difference that one sells their knowledge with some price and the other does not. The first one help one to fulfill one’s sensual pleasure, the other extends full help to derive pleasure for which they are due. A charitable organization may or may not achieve its goal if a wrong character is brought up. Although it is necessary that the societies which are unprivileged must be carried on into the main stream by one way or the other but one must beware of the consequences for bringing up a character that might revolt to destroy the entire system. He or she must not be even put into a sea of confusion but must meet the desire of the recipient to carry the society further into openness and not otherwise. The cause with which the activity is done and the aim for which the deed is performed must not be in doubt.

The Business House however on the other hand provides the exact fulfillment of a particular desire of an individual or that of a community as the case may be. Accordingly commercialization will always be there in whatever way or manner one wants to help the other. It is automatic that as an entity when a Business House prospers, it is helping more and more of the population to meet their demands and therefore an inseparable part in the growth of the civilization. Why then we are not acknowledging a big Business House is a bigger contributor to change our life style? 

When more business houses grows in lines distinct from each other or more in the same line shall not only attract competition to stop creating arbitrary supply and demand situation either to make profits to grow titanic holding a commanding position to dictate terms to the state for its own benefit to master control or become invincible for challenge but shall not assist a good system to collapse. Accordingly withdrawing the state’s control once a business house is establish is a welcome step rather than keeping the unit with it for exercising greater control to stop the aforesaid menace. This increases the beauty of self governing much away from politics.

When one has an intense desire within to help others, the urge to do business within him grows manifold often unnoticed by others in many forms, one different from the other depending upon the taste and desire of the an individual how exactly one should involve the society which often surfaces with ferocity with or without help from others to provide a altogether new opening to the society to live in further style. The more such desires become stronger, the society shines the better. For the fulfillment of one or more desires of the society which is generally sold-off to meet the cost of Production and for future advancement, the said Business House is making a dedicated contribution to the growth of the society by allowing its financial system to grow without drawing a boundary. For a financial Institution a prompt granting of Funds without identifying the soundness of the proposal and subsequent follow-up can cause more disorder than doing well if the fund given is large and if the strong will of the said firm or individual to extend help to the society is absent. This is rampant when the financial institutions as well as the Production units have Govt. control over its decision making process.  

Accordingly when such institutions are largely set-up and controlled by professionals who are often knowledgeable but lowly paid always on a mission to earn handsome finance in an indecent way taking recourse to weakness in the system to quickly make an unauthorized wealth within blocking the free flow of fund not meant for them but to everyone in the society.

Since wealth is a byproduct of business ,the combining both the source and the result in the same hand bound to raise more conflicts as the individuals holding the power of position might monopolize both either by manipulation or taking loop hole in the system and hence always undesirable being venerable to collapse. The richness a business house generally generate more often than not are siphoned-off either to his benefit or into areas not always rewarding in the name of generating more jobs without knowing any over staffing or following a wrong cause may collapse a entire system.

Accordingly, the more the a business house make a mark, not only it helps the society to flourish by offering many employments directly or indirectly to engage themselves doing purposeful works for keeping the chain of progress intact but also give a boost to the much needed economy keeping the money white and in constant flow.

A good Business House is accordingly a state within a state irrespective of its size or type of business without any political linkage to enhance the image of the former, the exactly the way different organs in a human body functions under a single command by interacting with each other in a perfect tune and hence a integral part of the society to shine and must be treated as such. While the blood system in the body keeps the entire cells totaling trillions in number fed, the cells within an organ keep themselves busy through continuous engagement to produce the same blood to recycle within the body for keeping an entity healthy. Accordingly the growth of ‘Business’ for engaging each and every without an exception is a must to build a strong and beautiful ‘Economy’ that flourish both within as well as outside to draw others towards it. This is the basic that govern a system to run most smoothly. Hence both ‘Business’ and ‘Economy’ are interdependent. 

Summarizing the events, with corruption keeping constant or in a fairly smaller level and tax collection linked to each and every movement of funds without any feels a burden, the good ‘Business’ is directly proportional to the ‘Economy’ in a Country. The more the ‘Business’ flourished, the better is the ‘Economy’. The ‘Economy’ therefore require careful pampering on the Subject with passage of time being an offshoot of results of mass engagements to maintain the style but the ‘Business’ require extreme labor to keep the momentum of change attached all the time while growing with the system  for creating a constant demand . Accordingly corruption can well kill a well run ‘Economy’ and hence inversely proportional to the growth of ‘Economy’ in a Country.    



It is said that stealing is the greatest knowledge or art one can acquire from the ground realities living within us as an integral part of the society unless and until the entity is caught in doing so while himself or herself in an act of stealing. But it constitutes the worst crime when he or she decides to refute the charges so carried out without the knowledge of others by taking advantage of the loop holes in the system to prove himself or herself innocent or as no wrong doer can ever escape punishment when caught red handed. However, sometimes or rarely; keeping a truth hidden can do miracle to save lives of many if done or carried out with a noble cause in heart and mind but definitely it cannot be for earning a name or frame of any kind, form or manner through a cover most carefully arranged by oneself for self shinning amongst us like the pole Star for dictating of the flowing command within us through adaptation of tricks. This is a very dangerous sign of undesirable happening when we adopted it everywhere and can well kill entire of us most prematurely.

Accordingly, some steps taken to avert a revolt is sometime understandable when a State is adopting a hard line towards an unquestionable character or having someone carrying a sound reputation of rightful integrity is understandable but ransacking the entire system to disassociate the entity; which is finely tuned up for free flow of information to the general public or to act against it to generate public opinion to one’s favor at the cost of killing the character of a noble one cannot be termed as a nice thing to do or cannot be considered as a noble idea being purely based on suspicion only without any proof available. But Truth is always self illuminating and do not require building of any case although initially one ought to fight with stiff of the stiffest resistance due to ignorance of the general public to understand the greater implication of the cause one is pursuing and hence automatically the entity shall be revived once the intention of pursuing the cause is divulged. All those who are sacrificing their lives for a cause to withstand test of time are surely adorable lots being allowing a good cause to happen in our favor to bring in an amicable solution to our nonexistent ever growing conflicts to rise limitless amongst us.

When one is sitting outside a holly place for taking a glimpse of the ‘lovable’ one we pray regularly and walked away proud, is a nice thing to happen unless one prefer to become a tyrant by absorbing the energy gained for whatever reason to oneself but when the entity prefers to enjoy the knowledge so gained to enjoy oneself forever for the sole purpose of illuminating the illiterate others for facilitating the movement of nature to glow more at ease as well as more freely, it is definitely a noble act to adore of by the entire of us.



One cannot envy the sun for the simple reason that it is carrying out its most controlled thermonuclear activities for billions of years without dying down but living most merrily and opted to steal the system to command. This shall burn down everyone and everything without exception for an unjustified attempt if one is prompted by a desire of capturing the Sun for lethal use or using otherwise. Accordingly the said system is for guidance only and not for adaptation unless the ‘wish’ is closely guarded secret together with a strong of strongest guaranty of protection without slightest doubt of proliferation or leakage to unwanted hand. All such attempts everywhere must be under single command and must be for peaceful purposes only. The alternate applications on demand must be at its bare minimum or nil and must be in the hands of those who can distinguish good from evil and be able to study situations beforehand for using such applications that might require for eliminating enemies either due to one’s refusal to accept an order to maintain an equilibrium or one’s action becomes threatening to keep the peace of the Globe in order, in view of unjust procurement of the said art through stealing and the subsequent indecent developments that might occur afterwards. 

Both Japan and Germany who once commanded development of most of the Technologies although they were basically docile, sober, dedicated, hardworking and peaceful people but incited otherwise to dominate others forcefully by taking recourse to power from the barrel of the Gun which was resulted in equally forceful domination through unfortunates actions as a fall out of meeting a desire of a single personality grown gigantic without notice by the world.

Unlike yesterday, the world now is so small why we are quarrelling within ourselves to prove oneself more powerful than the other? This is a sign or tactic used by the evils to humble others to drag us all into further darkness. Unless we stand-up together the humanity shall be crippled forever.

Why than the efforts of a few dedicated personalities with good intentions to restore a turbulent situation to an amicable order are suspects and misunderstood at home as well as by the countries of benefactors? Is it because they hold power to dictate terms which we have done nowhere at-lest at present in the current environment of world order? If it is yes, than we are horribly wrong. Time is definitely running out from our hand with no foreseeable solutions at cite in view of our pretending ignorance of unseeing the developing situations beforehand which cannot be reverted now unless knowledge overcomes their desire.