Troubleshooting can be a bit hard for beginners. Here are a few tips.

Reordering command lines manually

If the output is not what you would expect, it is possible to reorder the command lines. You can only do this manually. Take a look at the contents of the LDraw File and look for the red command lines starting with !LPUB. Re-order them by cutting and pasting. Then redraw the page:

Clearing the Cache

When changing either global or local settings, generated pages with instructions can sometimes not result in what you expect. Sometimes generated images are not overwritten. This can happen if you have been working on a file in LPub, edit the file in MLCad and open it again LPub. You could then try to Clear Parts List Cache and Clear Assembly Image Cache. You can do this in the Tools menu or at once (both Parts and Assemblies) by clicking the Redraw button. See above description.