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Mac version

LPub is also available for the Apple Macintosh.
You will need the LDraw parts library, an editor (Bricksmith) and a renderer (LDGLite or LDView) to create the images.
The parts library comes with Bricksmith and you can download either or both LDGLite and LDView by clicking the links above.

We assume you are able to download and install programs on your Apple machine.

First install Bricksmith. Make sure the program and all other content is extracted to a volume on your machine.
Next install and setup either or both LDGLite and LDView. You will need to point LPub to these applications and to the folder where the parts are. Normally this would be a subfolder of the Bricksmith folder called LDraw.
Then you will have to download the "parts.lst" and place it in the LDraw folder to let LPub know where to find the parts.
Proceed by following these steps:

Once all programs are installed, you can start LPub. The following dialog will show:
You require to point to the folder with parts. Click the Browse to LDraw Folder button.
A similar screen will show where you need to browse to the Bricksmith / LDraw folder.

Once you found the right folder click the Choose button. LPub will now start.
Next you need to tell LPub where to look for LDGLite and/or LDView are installed.
Open the Preferences dialog from the menu or press ⌘,

In the LPub Preferences dialog click the Browse... buttons and find LDGLite and/or LDView in the /Applications/ folder:

If all goes well you can now open a model file and LPub should render and create the first page for instructions.
Then everything works basically the same as the Windows version.
Jaco van der Molen,
Jun 25, 2015, 10:53 PM