Setting up LPub

You can download the latest version of LPub here:

Downloading and installing is easy and as said we assume you are able to do so.

Once done installing you can start LPub.

The first time LPub starts you have to setup some settings and the Preference dialog will show (most fields will not have content with a fresh installed copy):
As shown here you should setup the following:
  1. LDraw Root Directory: location of LDraw library of files
  2. Use PLI orientation/size control file: in this file you can define how to draw a part in the PLI. Typically you would use this for very large parts (ie. 32x32 baseplate) or special parts that are hard to identify the way the standard orientation is (ie. technic 2x8 plate with holes)
  3. LDGLite is installed: path to ldglite.exe to use as renderer (path shown is example)
  4. LDView is installed: path to ldview.exe to use as renderer (path shown is example)
  5. Preferred Renderer: if you have LDGLite and LDView installed you can setup what renderer to use
  6. Default Units: specify whether you want to use Centimeters or Inches
Once happy with your settings click OK and LPub will start.

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