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Resize PLI and BOM

Depending on the layout of your page and the amount of parts in a PLI or BOM it can be wise to resize (or reshape) the PLI and BOM. You can do this by activating the PLI or BOM.
A. Select using left-clicking on and empty space.
B. A handle (little sqaure) will apear in the middle of the bottom border.
C. Left-click and then drag the mouse up and down to reshape.
LPub will instantly recalculate, order and redraw the contents of the PLI or BOM. When happy release the mouse button. 
 A. Click...                                                          B. Select                   C. Drag 
Possible shapes of the PLI.
 Drag down once
 Drag up once
 Drag up twice
Reshaping the BOM works exactly the same.