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It is most likely that the columns or rows of a Step Group will go off the page, while there is still space left on the page. You can then add a Divider to create more columns or rows.

To do so, right-click the image of the Assembly where you want to divide the row or column and choose Add Divider After Step. Working in Columns will result in a vertical line splitting the layout into two columns. Working with Rows will result in a horizontal line splitting the layout into two rows.

You can add more dividers on a page the same way. This will result in more columns or rows divided by vertical or horizontal lines.

It is possible to change the position of steps in the rows or columns by right-clicking the image of the Assembly and either choose Add to Previous Column or Add to Previous Row depending on your choice of layout. Alternatively you can also be given the option to Add to Next Column or Add to Next Row. We will leave this for you to experiment with. Note that you can only move the first or last step in a row or column.

You can also add a divider in a Callout. This works the same, only then you right-click an Assembly that is part of the Callout.