LPub3D is currently being developed by Trevor Sandy.
There are many new features and some bugfixes in this new build for LPub. Among features are:

  • Integrated 3D Viewer powered by LeoCAD
  • Set ROTSTEP (step rotation) meta using 3D Viewer
  • Fade previous step's parts
  • Unlimited PLI part annotations
  • Split the BOM (divide parts over number of BOM occurrences)
  • Sort PLI/BOM by part size, colour and category
  • "Go To" page navigation and submodel display via drop-down dialog
  • Automatically generate formatted cover pages
  • POV-Ray/L3P high-quality rendered instructions
  • Customizable content page header and footer
  • Text and picture (e.g. logo) front and back page attributes
  • Print page / Print page range, export page / range
  • Border line types (solid, dashed, dotted, ...)
  • LDraw.ini additional search directories
  • PLI/BOM subsitution
  • Add Rotate icon
  • Set individual color stepnumber (bugfix)
  • Refresh ldrawunf.zip
  • PLI and Page background gradient fill
  • ... more to come!?
LPub3D can be downloaded at: