What is LPub?

LPub is part of the LDraw System of Tools and used to create your own LEGO building instructions.
This is the official online manual. On this website we will teach you how to work with LPub.

For more information on LDraw go to http://www.ldraw.org.

Though we use the Windows version of the program in this manual, there is also a version available for the Apple Macintosh.

For working with LPub you need some orther software too:
  1. a full LDraw parts library installation;
  2. an LDraw model authoring tool (likeĀ MLCad or LDCad);
  3. a renderer (LDView or LDGLite);
  4. and of course the latest version of LPub4 (currently or try the new LPub3D!)
We assume that you:
  1. have a working LDraw installation and all above mentioned software,
  2. know some basics and terms of LDraw and related software,
  3. can work with a model authoring tool like MLCad or LDCad to create the models of which you want to create building instructions (basic tutorials on http://www.ldraw.org/article/58 and on the LDCad website),
  4. have some basic computer skills
To create comprehensive building instructions it is wise to study original LEGO building instructions, but you being a LEGO fan, either AFOL or kid, of course you know how LEGO instructions look like. Though documenting your MOCs can be quite time consuming and tricky, the effort is worth it.