Making instructions

Once you are done creating the model and added all steps you can open it in LPub. We will now open the simple and standard pyramid model that comes with LDraw to explain some of the basics.
Choose File > Open and look for the file pyramid.dat in the LDraw / Models directory.

The screen will look like Screen A.
You can now see the various parts of the screen filled with information.

Step number
PLI (Part List Image) with parts and partcounts
 Current Page Number and number of pages
Current content of the LDraw file. Comments and Steps are shown in blue, parts in black.
Page number

Please note that LPub make a lot of use of pop up menus.  Each of the areas described above have their own kind of popup menu.
Screen A

Click to enlarge.

Jaco van der Molen,
Jan 25, 2011, 1:55 AM