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Step Group Setup

If you use multiple steps on a page (which is the case for most of instructions) you can set things up here. You should use the same settings here as you did with the Assembly Setup to keep pages consistent.
The Margins are those around a complete step including its PLI and possible one or more Callouts. Leave at 0.0500 or experiment.

A Divider can be used to separate steps on a page if necessary. How to add one will be explained later. A divider is often used in a layout that has two or more columns and Callouts.

Leave Assembly margins at 0.0500 or experiment.

You can uncheck the Per Step checkbox for showing one big PLI for all steps on a page. However this is not recommended for readability or clearness of your instructions.

The Step Number font and color should be set up the same as you did with the Assembly Setup.
Step Group Globals Setup

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