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Callout Setup

When working with Submodels you will often use Callouts. This is what LEGO does too in its instructions. You could see a Callout as a Step Group in a different colored box with an arrow pointing to the position where the Submodel is placed in the main model. Like the Parts List setup this dialog has two tabs too.
The settings in the Background/Border tab are similar to the other setups that have this kind of tab. Experiment with it.

The Contents tab is similar to others too.
It is recommended to uncheck the Parts List Per Step checkbox. In most cases it is not desirable to display a PLI per step in a Callout. Use the same font for the Step Number as the Assembly- and Step Group Step Numbers, but use a smaller size. Use font size 16 or 18 for the Times Used option. This is shown when the same Submodel is used more than once in the same step.
Callout Globals Setup - Background/Border

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Callout Globals Setup - Contents

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