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Bill of Materials Setup

A Bill of Materials (or BOM) is a visual list of all parts and the amount used in your model. You can add this as last or first page in your instructions.
To do so you need to add or append a page, which can be choosen from the Edit menu.
To append a page you need to select the first page of your mode. To add a page, you need to go to the last page of your model.
Add the page you want and then add the BOM which can be found also in the Edit menu.
The things you can setup in the dialogs are almost the same as those for the Parts List Setup except for the Show Parts List option in the Background/Border tab and the Submodels option in the Contents tab. Therefore the dialogs are not shown here nor need any more description than we gave with the PLI settings.

If you wish to add a BOM to your instructions it is recommended to use the same settings for the BOM as you did for the PLI to preserve consistency.
It would be preferable to fit the BOM on one page. However if your model is large and uses many parts, it might be nescesary to scale down the parts for the BOM.