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Assembly Setup

Though there is not much to setup here it can be essential to change some settings when working with large models. These settings are Global which means they are applied to all pages and only to those with only one step. Pages with more steps use settings from the Step Group Setup.


An image of a single step is what we call the Assembly. The Margin is the space around that image and you can leave that at 0.0500. Of course you can experiment with other values. You cannot change the individual left, right, top and bottom margins. The left value is for the left and right margin of the Assembly. The right value is for the top and bottom margins of the Assembly.

The default value of the Scale is 1,000000 which means 100%. In theory if you print your building instructions, 100% means that your printed model will be the same size as your real model.  For models that are larger than your paper, you will need to change the scale to less than one. Again this is a global setting so if you change the scale here the scale of all Assemblies is changed. You can also change the local scale which means you can change the scale of an individual Assembly on a page. This will be explained later.


The settings for the Step Number here are the settings for a single Assembly on a single page if you create instructions with one page per step. However this is almost never the case. You can change the Font, size and color of the Step Number. You can change the Step Number on pages with multiple steps in the Step Group Setup which will be explained later.
Assembly Globals Setup

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