I love buildin'
Somethin' I'll always do (Hmm hmm)
Pickin' through the pile of bricks now
Looking for the four by two (Ye ah!)

Cause when I'm buildin'
I feel like freedom so free (So free!)
Check out my cool creation
I made it just by me (Nice job!)

Yeah, I'm buildin' just for practice
And I'm buildin' just for fun (So fun!)
Buildin' on top o' my buildin'
My work is never done (Hmm hmm)

Yeah I know I said the word buildin'
And I say it every time' (whooo hee!)
Builin' on top of my buildin'
And that's how I'm gonna end this ramp

"Hey friend eh, can you give me a hand over here?"
"You bet! What are ye lookin' for? Two by four?"
"No, four by two, in blue!"
"Ha! Here you go buddy!"
"Thanks buddy!"
"You got it brother!"

Pickin' through the pile of bricks now
And looking for the four by two!

"Hey thanks for your help man!"
"Any time brother!"
"Now I'm gonna raddle my tractor!"