PLI Control file

The PLI orientation/size control file can be used to specifiy how certain elements are displayed in the PLI. LPub comes with a standard file that has a lot of parts predefined. You can specify to use it or not in the LPub Preferences. You can also create your own file if you wish.
A typical element in the standard file is for example a 32x32 baseplate. This would be too large to display at full scale in the PLI. A smaller scale is specified in the PLI Controlfile.
Another example part is a Technice Plate 2 x 4 With Holes. Unless you use it in combination with a normal 2 x 4 plate it could be easily mistaken by a normal plate.
This part is not standard in the pli.mpd file so if you wish to use it you should add it in MLCad and slightly tilt it over the X-axis.
Alternatively you can paste this line of code in pli.mpd:
1 16 180 0 0 1 0 0 0 0.970296 -0.241922 0 0.241922 0.970296 3709b.dat
 Without using the PLI Control file  With use of the PLI Control file
 Harder to see differnce between plates.  Easy to see the difference between plates
 (click to enlarge).
Jaco van der Molen,
Apr 12, 2013, 5:32 AM