Ennerdale Lake

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Interested in fell walking at harder or medium grades? Two grades of fell walks every other Sunday, by coach. Bus fare for full or part journey: Adults £9, under 18s(accompanied by an adult) £2. These are not guided rambles.

The standard time for return journey from the walks finishing point is 4.30pm in winter and 5.00pm in summer (unless stated otherwise on the programme). Any new or returning fell-walkers are welcome.

Rambles by coach


Bus Routes

1. From Distington (near the Ambulance Station at 8.40am) via Harrington, Moss Bay, Workington (Jane Street bus stop at 9.00 am), Stainburn, Clifton with pick-ups at bus stops or lay-bys on request. The coach will approach Cockermouth, until road works are complete will pick up on Main Street but on completion will pick up at (Sullart St at 9.20 am) from Low Road and continue to the A66 via Lamplugh roundabout, picking up at bus stops or lay-bys on request. The return to Cockermouth will be the reverse of this route. Returning to Workington dropping off at Washington St bus stop then via Harrington Rd, Moss Bay, Harrington to Distington.

2. Rambles to Buttermere: Pick up at Cockermouth (Sullart St at 9.20 am) via Low Rd and turn left onto Station Rd then right onto the B5292 picking up at bus stops or lay-bys on request. The return will be the reverse of this route,

3. Rambles that start at Cockermouth (Sullart St at 8.40 am), for the south west, will be via the Lamplugh roundabout to Sullart St then Low Rd to Workington, Clifton, Stainburn, (Washington St bus stop at 9.00am) then via Harrington Rd, Moss Bay, Harrington to Distington - (Ambulance Station at 9.20 am). The return will be the reverse of this route, stopping at bus stops or lay-bys on request.

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Tuesday Evening Walks 2019 (2).pdf

Blencathra via Halls Fell Ridge and Sharp Edge

What's best about our club?

We're a friendly, sociable bunch (most rambles finish with a pint in the nearest pub for the car free journey home!)

There are a number of social occasions (quiz nights, Silly Xmas Hat Walk, New Year party, raffles) aimed at fund raising to keep the cost of bus fare down.

Cotswold Outdoor and Lake District Outdoor in Cockermouth will both offer 15% discount on presentation of a valid Workington Ramblers membership card as the club is affiliated to the Ramblers Association. (This is on full price items, it would not include any products that are sale items or special offers.)

Currently the bus fare for each walk is £9 and annual club membership is £10 in 2019. Compare this to parking on National parks car parks e.g. Hawkshead:

Up to 1 hour: £1.80, up to 2 hours: £3, up to 4 hours: £5, up to 12 hours: £7 or Buttermere

Up to 2 hours: £2.90, up to 4 hours: £4.50, up to 12 hours: £6.50

From early April until the beginning of September we have a series of short walks on Tuesday evenings (issued in March), usually of around two hours and we also do a Sunday afternoon walk on the alternate weekends to the main ramble. Both these shorter walks you have to use your own transport (or car share) to get to the start.

Have a look at the A & B Rambles 2019 programme and see what you think.

The full day Sunday A and B walks are more fell walking than rambling and we go onto the higher fells as a matter of course. If you are reasonably fit it still may take a bit of effort with aching muscles afterwards but it does get easier the more you do it (or so they say).


Under the club rules, the club, its officers, committee members and persons acting on behalf of the club cannot be held liable for any loss or injury occurring to any member of the club while taking part in its activities. Workington Rambling Club recognises that climbing, hill and country walking, and mountaineering are activities with a danger of personal injury or death. Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own activities and actions.When members wish to leave the appointed ramble route they must inform a committee member and/or a member of their group of the route they propose to take. In inclement weather members must keep together in their group(s) and ensure awareness of the whereabouts of all members of their group. Members must be at the starting and finishing points at the arranged times. The right is reserved for members of the committee to alter or cancel any item on the prearranged programme after reasonable consideration of the conditions prevailing on the day such as weather, low turnout or other unforeseen circumstances. Wherever possible a leader will be appointed for ‘B’ rambles. The leader can refuse to take any member who they think is not suitable dressed or equipped, or is not capable of completing the ramble. Suitable clothing should include a strong pair of boots, an anorak and waterproof clothing. A packed lunch should also be taken. Persons under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

It's worth a try!

We have 2 grades of walks A and B. We go fell-walking every fortnight on a Sunday irrespective of the weather and travel by coach with the route starting from Toll Bar at Distington (near the ambulance station) at 0840 am, Workington Jane Street bus stop at 0900 am and Sullart Street bus stop at 0920 am (unless stated otherwise on the programme).

The return journey from the walks finishing point is 4.30 pm in winter and 5.00 pm in summer (unless stated otherwise on the programme). We don’t ask you to become a member straight away just come for a couple rambles and see how you like it. Currently the bus fare for each walk is £9 and annual club membership is £5 in 2018.

Whatever the weather - ramblers enjoy the outdoors!

11th January
11th January: Cassbeck Bridge, Great Cockup, Trusmadoor, Meal Fell, Great Sca Fell, Knott, Great Lingy Hill, High Pike, Caldbeck. (11 miles, 2500 ft)
16th November  2014: Buttermere, Sail Beck, Sail Pass, Sail, Eel Crag, Wandope, Whiteless Pike, Buttermere
The Gruffalo and Friend

The Gruffalo and friend.

Poem for John Cartner, Chairman, by Fr Paul Swarbrick

Leave me not in the church yardwhen I am laid to rest,But carry me up to the lonely hillsthat look towards the west. Give me the heather for cover,and a slab of moorland stoneSing me the song of the restless windand leave me there alone. Give me the far horizonof the sea and the Solway skywith showers that freshen the sunlit heathand dark shadows passing by. Give me the dawn and the sunset,and leave me to be free,striding above on the changeless hillswhere I will always be.

Remembrance Sunday, Nov 2013 on Castle Crag, Cumbria

Remembrance Sunday Nov 2013 Castle Crag