As We See It

As We See It

As We Don't See It

As We See It & Don't See It (revised)

As We See It was published by the influential UK libertarian socialist group Solidarity as an attempt to summarise their ideas. The text As We Don't See It was later published in an attempt to make these views more clear. Both texts were later revised following the merger of the group Social Revolution with Solidarity in the late 1970s. The texts here were taken from the archive of Solidarity publications at We republish them here as we feel they explain our perspective nicely. Below is Solidarity's introduction to the original version of As We Don't See It.


When, in 1967, we first published 'As We See It' we felt it to be both an accurate and a fairly concise summary of our views. Alternatives had been discussed and every possible effort made to avoid ambiguities. We thought we had produced a fairly explicit text, acceptance of which should be the basis of adherence to a SOLIDARITY group.

Over the years we have come to realise that we were wrong, There was either something the matter with the document - or with some of those who read it. Or perhaps there was something the matter with us for having thought the text was self-explanatory. Radicals repeatedly told us that they agreed with every word of the statement ... and in the next breath asked us why we were not doing faction work in the Labour Party, or living in communes or campaigning for the T.U 'lefts', or eulogising the Black Panthers or Karume' s anti-imperialist regime in Zanzibar, or participating in the anti-Common Market agitation. Some even asked why we were not advocating the launching of a ‘real, revolutionary, leninist party’.

We now feel it necessary to dot some i's and cross some t's. What follows is an attempt to state explicitly thoughts that were only hinted at, and to formulate in writing propositions that were only implied. 'As We Don't See' would convey the general tenor of what follows. In an attempt to avoid further ambiguity we will also discuss some matters that were not dealt with in the original text.

We here reprint both texts: first the original As We See It, then our comments.