Wide Open Spaces

By popular demand


We have received so many emails about the Australian Outback that we felt it deserved it's own section. We hope you enjoy the photographs, this section can house anything from a beautiful outback sunset to a ruin we find on a road trip.

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Windfarms - The biggest in the Southern Hemisphere!

The Old Blacksmith - A journey that led us to a town that treasures it's history

Pine Country and an old quarry house! - Wide open spaces, dense pines, an abandoned house and a homestead that's already in the ground.

In the deep dark forest at night - A dense forest, an old ruin, orbs & voices...what was this place?

There's a track winding back to an Old Fashioned Shack.. Off the beaten track stands bushland and an abandoned shack...

 Yes we have snow in Australia! Our wide open spaces snow photo's!