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What's on the agenda! New never before seen explorations coming up! 

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Here you can view a snippet of not yet published explorations.

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Now for "What's coming up!"

Abandoned Pioneer house!

See first hand it's amazing framework, The girls form Abandoned Australia dodging electric fences & exploring the remains of this large house


Abandoned Cemetery

We found this lost cemetery near the rough oceon, uncovered the story behind it and walked though discovering lost graves from the 1800's. It's eerie and silent, not even bird noise.


Abandoned Outback Station

We seem to have found an entire outback station. 3 large buildings, once would have been a bustling sheep or cattle station with workers, animals... now it stands silent and abandoned. You will be able to see it all!


 Hidden Australian Cave

Come and see inside this amazing cave, formed over thousands of years this natural wonder will amaze you! The girls from Abandoned Australia explored and photographed this hidden world.


 Abandoned Bush Pub

This amazing old pub would have many tales to tell, the locals didn't want us 'disturbing' the ghosts and we have to keep the location a secret, but it's all worth it once you see these amazing photographs!


 Abandoned burnt and beautiful

Don't be deceived by the look of the front of this homestead! Inside is HUGE and includes a brilliant old kitchen. You won't want to miss this one. Taken in our beautiful Mallee country, this house will stick in your mind, and even your heart.