Random Shots & a haunted cave

Random photo's we'd like to share 

Sometimes we get random photo's we'd like to share but they don't fit into any particular catagory so enjoy this snapshot of us and our work.


Shauna & the crew at 5AM



An orb on Pete, the cameramans back


  Tash did not have her hair out, the energy around her is amazing, and the hand coming from her hand

 Hearing footsteps Jo took a random photo outside the old shed and captured 2 orbs
Jo is very hard to catch on camera but she takes great photo's!


This Tourist shot of Wade in an old, abandoned jail shows a sword??? Coming out of his hand... he was carrying nothing, so what would this be?


 An orb hovers in a cave that Tash visited, another photo below:

 Ghostly orbs float freely in this cave, once it was used as a "death hole" where the bodies of both humans and animals were thrown and now is a haven for ghostly encounters...
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