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   The Official BLOG page of Abandoned Australia - find out news, views & FAQ from Australia's all female explorers! Click Here!

'This site is an absolute must ….'

Check out the above banner, I've personally asked this guy's advice on many of my featured photo's, he's a wealth of information! He's got a great site and well worth putting in your favourites folder!
Mt Gambier Ghost Tours! - A fun site showing photo's of previous tours, get in the bus and head for unknown haunted destinations! You are able to own a copy of your experience on dvd and even your own dowsing rods. The tour is Definately worth experiencing!

Modern Ruins- A really good browsing site

Dead Ohio- I found this site really interesting with some freaky abandoned places!

The Barton Mansion- This is one freaky abandoned mansion!

Quest Experiences!Tons of tips and tricks for creating amazing Old West themed parties and treasure hunts!


Ignition Car Club! - Check out these great forums!

The Abandoned Australia photo shoot! See who the girls are who photograph outback Australia and haunted ruins!

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'This site is an absolute must ….'

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