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 The person behind the camera

So who is behind the camera? 

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My name is Shauna and I live in Australia. Abandoned buildings have always amazed me. I love photographing abandoned dwellings inside and out, every now and then I accidently capture ghosts and orbs. This is not intentional, it just happens. When it does I always ask advise from Norm at Norm's NJ Ghosts

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Recently, my good friend Jo has come with me to some of the abandoned buildings, her interest started when she found out she was a direct decendant of the origional owners of Hellyer House. Jo has proved herself to be a wonderful photographer!

Update! - Joining us is also Tash, Tash is now a part of our small group, I really enjoy working with both Jo and Tash, both are incredible ladies with guts and drive!

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  This is Tash in the Haunted Shed

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