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Page one is getting too big so welcome to page 2 of Abandoned Houses from Abandoned Australia.

Please click on the links below to visit a house or dwelling:  


Consadane House! Built in 1863 come with us and visit it's many rooms and it's old church! *Strange aura photo* 

The Haunted Shearing Shed at Night! *Amazing ghost photo's - the scariest place we've ever been!*

Dead since 1975   Abandoned in 1975 the death bed remains with the head mark in the pillow, this is one of                                       the places we took a film crew!

Forbidden House   Very old, very big and very abandoned..... 

Mansion of Decay   Hidden behind a dead hedge, prickle bushes and swarms of beens stands a  massive house with furniture and rotting floors               

Abandoned Jail   An abandoned jail with orb and stunk of urine

Revisiting the Past! Hellyer House does it again! Lost for 4 generations we are contacted and     reunited with family, *ghostly ectoplasm photo's* when we took our newly found relatives back to where it all began... We weren't the only ones in this lonely abandoned house...

The Old McIntyre Homestead A very old homestead lost in time in the middle of a pine forest, so isolated away from all civilization this was extremely eerie! We captured 2 orbs in photographs, we've pointed out one but seem to have lost the other! If you can see it please email us and point it out.

Abandoned Cheese factory!In the middle of the bush, see the old cheese factory built in approx 1886 that once was a busy working factory but now is a decaying mass of junk. We have orb photo's from this one as well as some amazing relic's and the biggest beehive we've ever seen!

Creepy Abandoned Strange!  Strong feelings of suffocation and nausea, strange orb like objects and the strangest abandoned house! Who lived here?

The Desolate Vine House! An amazing house with kitchen utensils, orbs, furniture and it's pitch black inside!

Abandoned House of Sorrow! A legend, a Haunting, a hanging and a drowning... you won't beliueve your eyes!

The Kangaroo Inn - At Night!  By popular demand! A night investigation of the Old Haunted Kangaroo Inn! Orb and Ectoplasm photos!

The Haunted Bridge! It's not a house but it is a dwelling, a haunted bridge that hosts spirits of the past that haven't moved on

Abandoned House in W.A Fantastic photo's of inside and out of an Abandoned house in Western Australia. Thanks to Julz for sharing these photo's.

The Oat Mill Mansion! An amazing old Oat Mill as big as a mansion! orbs galore!

Abandoned Hospital!  Come for a tour inside an huge abandoned hospital, spirit person and orb photo's, this old place is about to be demolished and it's very dark, very creepy and very dangerous! You don't want to miss this one!



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