Abandoned Houses

Once beautiful - built with hopes and dreams, now abandoned and decaying 

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Welcome to the Abandoned house link page.

These ruins once were beautiful, they held laughter, families, love.... and now in a state of amazing decay, we wonder what happened? Why are these places not someones home?

As some of my photo's show, ghosts of the past still walk through the buildings of yesterday that have been left to ruin and decay.

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Hellyer HouseGhost in photo 

 Hellyer House - Revisited        Ectoplasm & Orbs

Trashed House  Totally trashed! Inside and out!  **UPDATED**

Ancient Cottage  Amazing 1 room cottage ruin

 Abandoned from the outside

Collapsed House  A hidden cottage collapsed  **UPDATED* walk through the collapsed cottage!

100 year old house A little house in need of TLC  - **Featuring a SMILING ORB!**

Sutton House   An amazing old home abandoned since 1947 - includes ghost photo's 

Church like HouseIs it a church or a house... or both? Old abandoned stone dwelling!

Glencoe Station HouseOrigional workers cottage from the Glencoe Station

 Abandoned Farm House In the middle of nowhere a rustic reminder of yesterday

 The School house!Once filled with laughter and children, now stands abandoned and silent

The old Kangaroo Inn  A historic Inn with an unsolved murder

A Tiny Treasure  Abandoned 1 room settlers cottage! 

Creepy Outback Tavern History left to rot 

Eerie Farm House Invisible hospitality with doors opening by themselves!

Haunted Shearing Shed! Amazing ectoplasm photo! 

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