Abandoned Cemeteries

eThere's something about a cemetery that's been lost over time.

 Welcome to the link page of forgotten cemeteries.

Ashes to Ashes and dust to dust....

Once people came here to bury their loved ones, to mourn them, to weep and to pray. Flowers were left and the graves lovingly attended to, once upon a time.

The years have passed, a "new" cemetery is used. The old forgotten. 

This journey explores the old and the abandoned cemeteries of Australia. 

Though the cemeteries are quiet and still.... the photo's will show that some are still active in the most amazing way.    

Click on the link you wish to visit..

  • Old Cemetery at night!   3 of us girls,  set out one night, it was still and quiet and yet the photo's show - we were definately NOT ALONE.                


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