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 Notice to Members
Annual Membership Fees
Fees are due now
The new rules imposed by the Blacktown Workers Club require us to align our financial year with that of the club. Hence annual fees are due and payable in December for the 2017 year.
It is a Club requirement that your Workers Club card must be sighted and currency checked before we accept payment of your Boat club fees. Hence we cannot accept payment of your fees till after you have renewed with the Workers Club.
This means that the only means of payment is in person, at the lake and to one of the committee members.
A master list of members will be available at the container for your Club currency to be marked off and a receipt issued for your Boat club fees
Unfortunately we are only able to accept yearly payments. Those of you with Five year Workers subscriptions will just need to show that card each year to confirm its expiry date. If you have a five year card you can of course pay your Boat club fees at any time.
Alan Taylor

 After the unfortunate cancellation last year,

Port Macquarie Scale Model Exhibition 2017

The 2017 Exhibition will take place on the 8th and 9th July

As you may know, exhibitors are not paid a fee to exhibit, but Panthers Club usually subsidises lunch for bona-fide exhibitors on
Saturday and Sunday.
As usual, exhibitors must make their own arrangements for travel and accommodation.

If you would like to exhibit at the 2017 exhibition, please let me know:
1. what category of display?
r/c boats - outdoor
r/c boats - indoor
r/c cars and trucks - outdoor (to be confirmed)
r/c cars and trucks - indoor
r/c aircraft - indoor
railway layout (what scale and what dimensions?)
scale models (ships, armour, aircraft, motor vehicles, figures, Sci-fi, etc)
Vendor goods (what category?)
2. how many exhibitors in your group will display models?
3. How many tables do you require, if it is an indoor exhibit.
You will know from past exhibitions that indoor space is strictly limited, so I will attempt to cater for regular exhibitors in line with
past arrangements. Others will be accommodated as space permits.

At this stage there is no guarantee that your exhibit can be accommodated. As soon as details are returned to me and collated,
I will let you know the outcome.

If I receive responses promptly, then I plan to finalise exhibitors and space by 30 April.
I trust that is fair.
If your buddies have not received this email, it is because I do not have their email address. Please ask them to contact me
if they wish to exhibit.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.
David Connolly
Model boat show 23rd Sunday April
Every one is Welcome to come see and run your models.

In the main club there will be a break feast put on from 9 am.
 $16 for none members,
$10 for members
after you swipe  your workers club card 5 discount.

Lunch will be supplied  Via BBQ , gold coin donation and drinks

Boats can be displayed under awning, there will be plenty of tables and chairs.

There will also a buy swap and sell area

There is a small room were we had lower meeting where
boats can go in there as well, also there will be tables down
 at the lake to display and play,
Weather permitting.

If any one has Marques you are more than welcome to
put them up on the big concrete  area


The Sydney Model Shipbuilders Club Inc.

will be holding their annual Expo on the 26-27 August  2017

The venue once again is the St. George 16ft Sailing Club in Sononi Avenue, Sans Souci.

As in past years, your clubs have participated at these expos which has contributed significantly to their success  and assisted in promoting and giving exposure to our various clubs and hopefully, engendering interest to at attract new model builders.

We would once again, love to have your club/members attend this years event and display their craft once again and accordingly invite you to the Expo. There is no charge to your club our your members for this weekend.  Parking is available on site and access/egress for transporting models is facilitated by elevators.

I would appreciate if you might bring this invitation to the attention of your committees/individuals for their information and hopefully, that you will join us on the Expo week-end.  We would love to have you 'on board'.

Your  early advice would be appreciated to assist us in planning of the weekend.

Please advise Anelia Bennett of your acceptance or otherwise at

Best Regards

Harry Goedings

President – SMSC


Recent information about our club
 When and where
do we operate our models
 We run every Sunday at the Workers Hubertus Country Club
Address: 205 Adams Rd, Luddenham NSW 2745
Phone: (02) 4773 4444

 The main group of our club
runs every Sunday of the month
from about 9.30 - 2pm or so
We usually run Sail and Electric Models

Other groups that use this venue

Navy Arvo
from Midday on wards.

Merchant ship day 4th February
4th March
Patrol Boat Day 6th May
Night sail on the 1st July
Merchant ship day 5th August
2nd September
4th November.
Bring you grey models down for some fun (Not limited to any Scale)
3rd/4th Saturdays of the month is A class Yachts 
Every Sunday Afternoon we run Marble Head class Yachts 
Every Wednesday all Day 9-4pm we run 95 Class Yachts 
For more information about the yachts contact David 0409 609 180  
Someone to take Pictures at the venue
then send email to
Web Site so to share around.

I can only take pictures when I'm there so it's up to people

that are there on the day to send their images of the day.



Sydney Model Boat Show

has be deferred for now due to double bookings



Old shows Below

Port Macquarie 2016 Model Show

at Panthers Port Macquarie – Settlement City, 1 Bay St
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
Last week I was informed that renovation of the Panthers Club auditorium will start earlier than anticipated, making the venue unavailable for the planned 2016 event. Panthers Club have been keen to  provide other available rooms for our use, but that would mean a disjointed exhibition, on two levels, and with lesser overall space. (We already have 90 tables booked and should easily require the same space as last year). Naturally I am disappointed to cancel after all our efforts so far, but having examined the options, I am letting you know as soon as I can that the event will not be held this year. However I am looking forward to returning next year in the renovated premises, possibly in August (date to be confirmed). I hope you will also look forward to the 2017 event, with more time to prepare for it!
Contact : David Connolly