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.Latest pictures from members

30th July 2017 from Joe
Recent Images from Oran Park 
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Someone to take Pictures at the venue
then send email to
Web Site so to share around.

I can only take pictures when I'm there so it's up to people

that are there on the day to send their images of the day.

Come on people where are the pictures?
For the people asking why no updates?
Please understand if I don't get and news from the club,
then as far as I know everything is going smooth and
no updates need to be made.

Recent information about our club
 When and where
do we operate our models
 We run every Sunday at the Workers Hubertus Country Club
Address: 205 Adams Rd, Luddenham NSW 2745
Phone: (02) 4773 4444

 The main group of our club
runs every Sunday of the month
from about 9.30 - 2pm or so
We usually run Sail and Electric Models

Other groups that use this venue
3rd/4th Saturdays of the month is A class Yachts 
Every Sunday Afternoon we run Marble Head class Yachts 
Every Wednesday all Day 9-4pm we run 95 Class Yachts 
For more information about the yachts contact David 0409 609 180 

Navy Arvo

from Midday on wards.
Merchant ship day 4th February
2nd September
4th November.
Bring you grey models down for some fun (Not limited to any Scale)


Old shows Below