Occupational dog bite prevention and dog safety

The  D O G G O N E  smart at work program is an occupational dog bite prevention and dog safety seminar for service providers and workers who may encounter dogs on the job. The purpose of this program is to provide workers with the tools they need to prevent dog bites on the job.

This program is available as an online course or a presenter-led, live training session.

This program focuses on prevention and not on defense. It is not possible nor advisable to teach people to fight a dog off or to use defensive weapons such as mace or other devices. These do not work and are likely to provoke an adverse reaction from the dog. The Doggone Smart at Work program teaches people to read dog body language, assess the risks of a situation in a logical manner and to act appropriately to prevent interactions with dogs on the job. We provide education not entertainment (although the program is fun and engaging, with lots of video and an interactive risk assessment segment).

When you choose the Be Doggone Smart at Work program you are not getting advice from just one person. You are getting the collective wisdom and experience of the Doggone Smart at Work experienced, trained presenters. Teresa Lewin is an internationally recognized leader in dog bite prevention through education.

Course Content

The topics covered in the seminar are:

  • Why do dogs bite?
  • Interpreting dog body language
  • Bite risk assessment
  • Course of action
  • The role of fear

Click on the links below for more detailed information about the course content:

One page program profile

PDF demo with working video links (must be connected to the internet)

Course Structure

This course is available as a presenter-led seminar (2-2.5 hours) and as an online course for self-study. The PDF demo described above is taken from the online course.

The online course has explanatory narration on every slide (not included in the demo) and includes a full set of course notes. Click here to enroll in the online course.


Workers who have attended a Doggone Smart at Work presentation have generally given a ranking of 4 or 5 on a scale of 1-5 for learning, enjoyment and whether they would recommend it to others. Here are some comments from attendees:

Great program and very well presented”. Meter Reader

I highly recommend this. Well done !!” Power Worker

Dog body language is very helpful and interesting”. Meter Reader

A++, a great course for everybody”. Cable Installer

Very good risk assessments done during videos”. Meter Reader

Very informative and enjoyable presentation. Thank you”. Meter Reader

Educational, great seminar”. Cable Installer

Great! Thank you”. Cable Installer

Very informative program”. Cable Installer

Good Job – very informative”. Power Worker

I really enjoyed the presentation!! Very good information!! Oh My God!!” Power Worker

Very interesting, will really help me to read how dogs are reacting”. Power Worker

Very good information. Will make you stop and think about dogs in the work area. Never really
thought about dogs when approaching work, unless challenged by dogs

thought about dogs when approaching work, unless challenged by dogs”. Power Worker

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The on-line course is $50 per person. Various pricing options are available depending on the size of your group, the length of time students need to be enrolled in the course and how you want to to pay. The per person charge can be lower depending on your needs and the size of your group. Ask for a customized quote.

Please contact us for a quote for presenter-led live sessions.