Worked All North Carolina

Welcome to the Worked All North Carolina Award

Available to Radio Amateurs and SWL’s worldwide who can provide proof of 2-way contact with all 100 counties in North Carolina.


  • CW
  • Phone (SSB, AM, FM)
  • Mixed
  • Single Band (2m through 160m)
  • 5 Band (10m, 15m, 20m, 40m and 80m)



  • All QSO's must be 2-way using the same mode. No repeater or cross mode contacts allowed.
  • QSO’s on 12m, 17m and 30m count for the All Band Award but not 5 Band.

Fee:    There is no fee.


  • All applications for the Worked All North Carolina (WANC) Award must be submitted on the WANC application form along with a County Record sheet showing call sign of station worked, Date, Time in UTC, Band, Mode and County.
  • Submission of QSL cards is optional. QSL's can be verified using the GCR (General Certification Rule) by 2 non-family Amateur Licensees, General class or higher, and signed on the application sheet.
  • USA-CA or MARAC holders need only submit an application form along the award number.
  • If you are using your USA-CA or MARAC number, it must be for the same mode for which it was awarded. If it is for a Mixed award, cards must be submitted and the GCR rule will apply to it.
  • The WANC Manager reserves the right to spot check any QSO's for validity by contacting any of the applicants claimed stations.
  • Applications and county record sheets can be obtained by sending a self addressed, stamped, business size envelope (4x9) or via E-mail file attachment to the addresses listed below.

Send completed application and county sheets to:

Ed Swiderski KU4BP
108 Tori Lane
Lexington, North Carolina

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